Play / Download Steven Adams learning from CP3 😁 #shorts
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GD's Latest Highlights

Published on 2 weeks ago

via @gdfactoryclips (TikTok)
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Drake Shepherd Drake Shepherd . 2 hours ago
God damn tht half court shot was smooth asf everything ab that shot was smooth
Carson Powell Carson Powell . 4 hours ago
Hello NFL , yup that’s him right their
Kedarius toney Kedarius toney . 4 hours ago
What’s this song
Joshua Zust Joshua Zust . 4 hours ago
Cold vid
Yusuf Yusuf . 8 hours ago
Music name
Debbie Amory Debbie Amory . 13 hours ago
Don’t shake your arms like that because steph Currie does that
Júlio César Monteiro Júlio César Monteiro . 16 hours ago
Tony Starks Tony Starks . 21 hours ago
Is that aqau man
Black Ops 4 Black Ops 4 . 23 hours ago
Imagine if this becomes a actual play one day
Edar Arzamendi Edar Arzamendi . 1 day ago
Miss his energy at Okc
Bryan Viloria Bryan Viloria . 1 day ago
nice shot "AQUAMAN"😂
K Jensen K Jensen . 1 day ago
Strongest man in the NBA right there.
Tobin Tobin . 1 day ago
Coolest thing was Chris Paul giving him the rock to make that shot with time running out!
crz crz . 1 day ago
Там была пробежка...
Kavone Snipes Kavone Snipes . 1 day ago
Hof dimer meets hof lucky 7
NegronJL1 NegronJL1 . 1 day ago
Guy threw it like a handball. 😂
Juan Garcia Juan Garcia . 1 day ago
He did this way back then CP3 Ain’t teach him shit
Wetty Fap Wetty Fap . 1 day ago
Humble guy
Meteorite Meteorite . 1 day ago
DJnoshos Clipz DJnoshos Clipz . 2 days ago
Bro just threw the ball from 60 feet like it was nothing
polo wiz polo wiz . 2 days ago
The magnets are on y’all gotta wake up
Alexander Garcia Godoy Alexander Garcia Godoy . 2 days ago
The master
Gabi🇪🇸 Gabi🇪🇸 . 2 days ago
alex frias alex frias . 2 days ago
Chris Paul 😂😂😂🦾
Chris Smith Chris Smith . 2 days ago
Bitch that was dumb luck dont hype this up
Dreland Dreland . 2 days ago
He literally just tossed it like he was throwing paper in the trash can
Dudley GT Dudley GT . 2 days ago
He should be playing football tbh
jaylen braddy jaylen braddy . 2 days ago
Imagine him throwing a football more than 180 yds with effort but 90 without effore
Rafael Feletto Rafael Feletto . 2 days ago
Adams one best player
Ka Reta Ka Reta . 2 days ago
Good one hand shoot from Jason Mamoa
clwzbtw clwzbtw . 2 days ago
Aqua man be different bro
Dude is a Monstar.
M&M M&M . 2 days ago
Aquaman can shimmy...
Grande Golson Grande Golson . 2 days ago
Coach Cp3 doing what he does best
Mat Tar Mat Tar . 2 days ago
Takie śirednie
Javier Hernandez Javier Hernandez . 2 days ago
Song pleace!!!!
Le premier du nom Le premier du nom . 3 days ago
Imagine il fait de ufc
Green Hills Custom Lawn Care LLC Green Hills Custom Lawn Care LLC . 3 days ago
He just flicked the wrist from 60 😆
Massage ASMR Massage ASMR . 3 days ago
he makes it

becuz of chris paul
alien wierdo alien wierdo . 3 days ago
steven adams the best teamate to have
REEF GMG REEF GMG . 3 days ago
oh here a fun fact no cap please beleive me: steven adams is my uncle no cap
Random Edits Random Edits . 3 days ago
CP3 : "Throw it like your trident"
Areion Dixon Areion Dixon . 3 days ago
karibu karibu . 3 days ago
“Throw dat bitch like your trident”
-Djmeechymeech probably
Lil_Q-ManFIy With A Plan Lil_Q-ManFIy With A Plan . 3 days ago
One piece cp3
Alexandre A Alexandre A . 3 days ago
Kick me out of court again boy
SmoKKeR SmoKKeR . 3 days ago
А как трек называется?
Vincent Bryant Vincent Bryant . 4 days ago
Cp3 really a teacher
Ricardo Costa Silva Ricardo Costa Silva . 4 days ago
O Aquaman da nba

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