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The Tire Doctor

The Tire Doctor

Published on 3 weeks ago

The Tire Doctor The Tire Doctor . 3 weeks ago
melonman melonman . 6 hours ago
how did that happen
Jaheim Sinclair Jaheim Sinclair . 9 hours ago
very smart sir
Brett Norman Brett Norman . 12 hours ago
Wait so you dented the rims so you can then steal them and sell them?? 😂
jorge taranto jorge taranto . 13 hours ago
Caiu no buraco aq da rua de casa.
TerribleTx TerribleTx . 1 day ago
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Robert Houston Robert Houston . 1 day ago
I’ve been cussed out by drivers for laying rims on the group like that. Always carried a mud flap around to change them on
therosebro 5062 therosebro 5062 . 1 day ago
So how you hit it there in the first place if you couldn't hit it back
TheWoodWord TheWoodWord . 2 days ago
Jesus, what did he run over? A lead safe??
iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX . 2 days ago
ExXo TIX ExXo TIX . 3 days ago
Schrott leider
Rppgaming Rppgaming . 3 days ago
"Now I can take all the Nuts off" 😳 🤨
James Jones James Jones . 4 days ago
The rims were trued up at a shop.
Mai vàng 7 Ty Bình Định Mai vàng 7 Ty Bình Định . 4 days ago
Not garager but pass it. Very good
Charlie Charlie . 4 days ago
Dude changing the tires like that is HELL
John Doe John Doe . 4 days ago
I should say that the possibility of all that pressure in such a small surface area may indelibly lead to that bottle jack becoming a non-ordnance missile...
Christopher Maynard Christopher Maynard . 5 days ago
If I had to listen to the narrator everyday I hang myself
せめ せめ . 6 days ago
Mineforlife4 Mineforlife4 . 6 days ago
"Now I can take all the nuts off"

Bro what💀💀
#1 critter #1 critter . 6 days ago
For all those worrying about Tire doc reusing the compromised aluminum, he clearly replaces the dented rims with shiny new ones.
Mark John Mark John . 6 days ago
Amateur hour
Just Stopping By Just Stopping By . 6 days ago
Couldn't be as hard as putting on Lego tires
Janira Jaques S Jaques Janira Jaques S Jaques . 6 days ago
Calvin Doster Calvin Doster . 6 days ago
Julians Roadside Julians Roadside . 6 days ago
Nice bro I'm subscribing
Nate Salyer Nate Salyer . 6 days ago
Why would you stock good tires
Eff Taroza Eff Taroza . 6 days ago
Using that bottle jack to push the rim back out was very Mcgyver-ish good job tire doc!°
Jesse Martin Jesse Martin . 6 days ago
Perfect 👍 awazing
Jourdan Jourdan . 7 days ago
Sounds about right
Andrew Rico Andrew Rico . 7 days ago
Oscar Gil Oscar Gil . 7 days ago
Hat Bird Hat Bird . 7 days ago
quality tires?! never on stock, made in china only here
Dakota Allen Dakota Allen . 1 week ago
Take the what off 🌚
Lone Monaro Lone Monaro . 1 week ago
Your idea using the hydraulic bottle jack, has given me the solution to fix another project of mine, without using heat and sledge hammer. 👍
Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian . 1 week ago
Better get those tires for free. Or at least $10 a tire.
I'm batman I'm batman . 1 week ago
That job looks fun lol
български националист🇧🇬 български националист🇧🇬 . 1 week ago
"Great now i can take all the nuts off!"
Rob Earth Rob Earth . 1 week ago
If you hit the rim in the first place then why can’t you just hit it again to fix it? That’s because you didn’t hit the rim with the hammer. You drove that who knows how many ton vehicle on the rim lol
David Thurmond David Thurmond . 1 week ago
Like those tractor tread tires be nice on a log truck
Yeo 5265 Weitak Yeo 5265 Weitak . 1 week ago
Sam Sung Sam Sung . 1 week ago
You didn't bend that rim.
LPRTO LPRTO . 1 week ago
Yeah if I was the driver I wouldn't feel so bad either because your paying for the damaged wheels
Angels Elite Auto Detailing Angels Elite Auto Detailing . 1 week ago
Love your metal polishing but mine is better in all cases
Agoodpaddlin Agoodpaddlin . 1 week ago
Your sledge did that, did it? 😂
joel garza joel garza . 1 week ago
Is this Canada
Mÿėßhã Çhårdæ Mÿėßhã Çhårdæ . 1 week ago
Tire 🛞 p
Jatinderpal Singh Jatinderpal Singh . 1 week ago
Trie doctor thinks on his feet so it means that actual doctor implanted his brain on feet 🙃
Johnny Capps Johnny Capps . 1 week ago
Why couldn’t you just put his Michelin tires back on and change the rim
V V . 1 week ago
Cheese forever guardian!
tire doc makes it look so easy

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