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Fab Rats

Fab Rats

Published on 2 weeks ago

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More Progress on Ed's Golden Nugget LJ20! We got a ton done, but in order to get things to fit properly, we had to cut the brand new paint in the dash. Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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NVGun40 NVGun40 . 8 hours ago
Ash tray is my vote. Stereo would be nice, but I do not see Ed listening to music much while driving. Also, having owned one myself, with the general construction of those LJ's; there are no speakers made that you can put anywhere on that vehicle that will actually produce good sound. Because of the thin metal, even the best most expensive speakers will sound with a tin vibration even with sound dampening material.
Dee Bee Dee Bee . 18 hours ago
Smoking is bad for your health so Radio makes sense!
nickster0007 nickster0007 . 1 day ago
Preview of the completed gauge-cluster at 3:51 while the wipes were going in. LOL
cleandiesel cleandiesel . 2 days ago
Postscript. This time, SUZUK Ijimny is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 2 days ago
17:05 Michelle would make an absolute fool of me in a "Name the part" challenge.
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 2 days ago
Immaculate work. (it took me longer to spell this than I would like to admit.)
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 2 days ago
So dang clean. 100/10. Absolutely impressive. 6:01
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 2 days ago
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 2 days ago
3:26 What did this man even just show me? Lego motor!? (How to bully adults: 101) I feel absolutely embarrassed by his level of engineering.
gerrym52 gerrym52 . 3 days ago
Your techniques show a huge amount of talent and experience. I thought watching Matt's crew was fun.... you gents are just awesome! When is the next progress video coming out?
Chuck Johnson Chuck Johnson . 3 days ago
You guys are doing amazing work on that. Ed is going to freak.
Blaine Bainter Blaine Bainter . 4 days ago
I think an ashtray would be appropriate but honestly on this one I’d ask Ed if he would want a radio or ashtray
Albert Orozco Albert Orozco . 4 days ago
Fabricating and engineering πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
de de . 5 days ago
Ed definitely seems like an ash-tray kind of guy hahaha!
Dalton Feasel Dalton Feasel . 6 days ago
19:59 Now do one where the men guess the vegetables
dalton langlois dalton langlois . 6 days ago
Leave the ashtray and fab in a little radio with 2 door speakers. Will bring it all together id say
Willa Putney Willa Putney . 1 week ago
Dan Brooks Dan Brooks . 1 week ago
Nuggets lookin good
Nathan Rasmussen Nathan Rasmussen . 1 week ago
Nice work on the nugget. Are the missionaries hanging out on their P-day?
BodyKnight BodyKnight . 1 week ago
Just to say that zinc plated bolts and stainless steel bolt looks awful put together.
yuoop noke yuoop noke . 1 week ago
confidence and ambition. This is fun.
The Adventure Zombie The Adventure Zombie . 1 week ago
Dry erase pens take permanent marker off, and they are a lot cheaper. Your welcome :)
Forest Kirk Forest Kirk . 1 week ago
Ash tray probably, personally I don't like to have the radio on. Unless I'm really tired and need it to keep me awake.
Clyde Balcom Clyde Balcom . 1 week ago
The more I hear Randall talk, the more I like him.
The Nugget is looking better and better.
mickeys best mickeys best . 1 week ago
Has anyone ever told you that you kinda sound like barney from Andy Griffith show?
C Mac C Mac . 1 week ago
Hi , Paul , you are a pretty good fabracator , and fixer . you make a lot of good parts out of old used parts that work really good .just thought I would give credit were credit is due .
Gary Young Gary Young . 1 week ago
where is the Terry's hardware store you went to? what town is it in?
Nicholas Baker Nicholas Baker . 1 week ago
Michelle is such a hottie
Mike Mallory Mike Mallory . 1 week ago
Is that an old street sign you're going to make speedometer cover with, lol.
Working on all our fire equipment (because we are a volunteer unit) I figure if I don't draw blood I have not had a good day, and my assistant is the same way. So whom ever draws blood first it the best man of the day
Nick Lenarz Nick Lenarz . 1 week ago
SAFETY GLASSES!!! Doggone it, man, we like watching your channel! How much of this work do you think you can do if you ain't got no EYES?! You even got that box of gift glasses from another viewer not so long ago! Land sakes, who cares about your comfort, PROTECT THEM EYES!
Life with Lilah Marie Life with Lilah Marie . 1 week ago
How does Ed know your building this , doesnt he watch youtbe?
Shane Black Lord Shane Black Lord . 1 week ago
I have never seen Ed smoke anything ever, he might enjoy music, but I seriously douhbt he has any use for an Ashtray.
Richard Jensen Richard Jensen . 1 week ago
'Bash to Fit, File to Hide, Paint to Cover.' (About 16:00)
Todd Kesler Todd Kesler . 1 week ago
You can use duct tape as a gasket to keep the dust going in between the instrument cluster and the dash
michael Enewold michael Enewold . 1 week ago
Some fender flares on the nugget would help keep Robby's premium paint job protected from flying rocks. I would cringe seeing Ed drive that on gravel.
Dave Smilie Dave Smilie . 1 week ago
Steve D Steve D . 1 week ago
It takes some 'bush mechanics' but I have done quite a few for those with classic cars- getting an old original non functional radio, and fitting new 'guts' to them to have a fully functional modern sound system that looks 'original'- Bluetooth, FM the works... its a bit of a 'niche market' but great for someone that doesn't want a 2022 looking radio in a classic car...
koh Kood Divers koh Kood Divers . 1 week ago
When is the next VDO the boys before made a VDO almost daily we want content please update
Jeffrey Shier Jeffrey Shier . 1 week ago
Thanks for leaving the text up longer.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
REDONKK REDONKK . 1 week ago
David Hussain David Hussain . 1 week ago
Ashtray! Also this is some professional shit Paul. Great work. Michelle saying 5 legged thingy was hilarious
bilishu aliss bilishu aliss . 1 week ago
I swear if Ed doesn't cry when he gets the Nugget I'm going to cry! This is awesome that you guys are doing this for him! I love itπŸ‘πŸΎ
Richard Guse Richard Guse . 1 week ago
RADIO! Please forget the ashtray. Appears to me that Fab Rats and Robby are doing the work and Matt is....where?
Al Vanner Al Vanner . 1 week ago
Howdy Paul
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protested in
Ben Johnson Ben Johnson . 1 week ago
S and K Workshop S and K Workshop . 1 week ago
gioyu comi gioyu comi . 2 weeks ago
When Ed gets the Suzuki back, It would be nice to see a 1/2 hour beginning to end montage of all the work done and all the people who worked on this for Ed.
Josue Lopez Josue Lopez . 2 weeks ago
I say an ashtray. But add an analogy stereo that detaches for in car and off road/ outdoor use. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸ½
debb reed debb reed . 2 weeks ago
I think Robbie missed painting or cera coating those windshield wiper arms, black would look so much better.

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