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Jess & Jake

Jess & Jake

Published on 1 month ago

SubjectCode0 SubjectCode0 . 3 hours ago
Yeah.... This shit is gonna be done in about 10 years....
Joshua Jahnke Joshua Jahnke . 7 hours ago
Bruh what kind of work are you even doing
Shrekus Shrekus . 9 hours ago
Why don’t you buy a old scamper for your pick up? or a camper? Just sell that junker and work on something worthwhile.
armedsamaritan armedsamaritan . 9 hours ago
Can somebody explain why they're gutting this bus anyway?
WhiteBocolate WhiteBocolate . 9 hours ago
You had to wait for one half to dry before starting the second.. Why wouldn’t you just start on one side and work your way out? Or since it’s weak ass caulking just walk on it lol.. Yall needa work on an actual site. You’ll learn soooo many tricks and get this thing done a million times faster.. I can’t imagine wasting an entire day filling in tiny ass holes which should take about an hour if that..
A.D.Prayer A.D.Prayer . 10 hours ago
He’s really getting his ninja turtle fantasy on with that wood
Kyle Sawicki Kyle Sawicki . 11 hours ago
Wait, I don't understand why you had to wait for one half to dry. There's doors on both ends, couldn't you just go back to front in one straight shot?
Jack Spencer Jack Spencer . 12 hours ago
Why an 8 hour work day though? 8 hour work days are for when you are working for someone else, not for when you're trying to get stuff done!
RecoveryBassin TV RecoveryBassin TV . 12 hours ago
Some of those small pieces are needed for support and you shouldn’t have removed some of them things
MonSUSSY MonSUSSY . 12 hours ago
i have seen more men with nail polish than women smh
Chris Stitz Chris Stitz . 14 hours ago
At this rate I can't wait to see the final reveal in 2059 !!!
Jabez525 Jabez525 . 16 hours ago
Are yall gonna widen the bus too?
Amenhofis Ruiz Amenhofis Ruiz . 1 day ago
Why so many people saying that this took them 8 hours? I think they meant 8 hours work as in jobs
MrNickyDalenz MrNickyDalenz . 1 day ago
Damn, I wish my days were that easy.
Talat Karvinkar Talat Karvinkar . 1 day ago
Can't wait to see something fall on someone's head.
Dorm Dorm . 1 day ago
Joseph Hill Joseph Hill . 1 day ago
Why don’t you just burn the wood
WhiteMageDende WhiteMageDende . 1 day ago
Yall take forever. All day to caulk some holes and remove a couple panels. Ive put roofs on 3 houses in less time than it took for you to do this
Navneet Kumar Navneet Kumar . 2 days ago
lol america
gunztommiegunz gunztommiegunz . 2 days ago
Dude has painted fingernails that’s all I need to know
Izzaac Alley Izzaac Alley . 2 days ago
It took you multiple...8 hours fill holes with caulk? I think I might be dead once this gets finished at that rate.
Lawrence Osborne Jr Lawrence Osborne Jr . 2 days ago
I'm more curious of how sound is. Because outside is so close, is there a way to keep yourself from hearing outside? Doubling windows?
nuclear games nuclear games . 2 days ago
Talk about hippies in my right
Ragerius The Overlord Ragerius The Overlord . 2 days ago
Wait until they find out mechanics and auto body mechanics have to do this under 3 hours just to make 60 dollars
Trav Mak Trav Mak . 3 days ago
Also why would you clean you still have to make a mess first
Trav Mak Trav Mak . 3 days ago
You did absolutely nothing. Matter of fact you did less than nothing the most you did that day was drive to get ice tea. It look like you just took a bunch of 3 sec clips of you "working" on the bus. Lazy bastards
Hayden Britt Hayden Britt . 3 days ago
Hope y’all know a guy with a tractor to pull your bus out of the ground 😂
Flynno Flynno . 3 days ago
This was a painful watch lmao
BklynBorn23 BklynBorn23 . 3 days ago
Not gonna lie, she got phatty....🤪🤪🤪
Dr Idiot Dr Idiot . 3 days ago
Joey Williams Joey Williams . 4 days ago
What about all the joints y’all burned throughout the day….. you didn’t show everything you did!
Cade McDermott Cade McDermott . 4 days ago

Suns position in the sky makes me think they are half-job heroes
Jose M. Jose M. . 5 days ago
Spent more time opening up the bus windows, and editing video than actual working
N H N H . 5 days ago
I work at a Thomas bus dealer ship and you don’t touch those support beams if they are damaged or loose in any way you total the bus.
Ohyeah!!! Ohyeah!!! . 6 days ago
Not gonna attach the back roof frame ..can't wait to see what's next..
Debbie Aguirre Debbie Aguirre . 6 days ago
I can’t imagine being your neighbor and walking out to see a Big Yellow Bus everyday!
Summit Sivels Summit Sivels . 6 days ago
I always see people working on the inside. People don't tell you about the automotive nightmares that come when you try and move you new rv
sbap 1012 sbap 1012 . 6 days ago
Take all your trash to a big trash place you pay like 5$ and you can unload as much trash as you want
Greg Givens Greg Givens . 6 days ago
im glad yall dont do this kind of stuff professionally....your work system is awful...set up...lunch break...tear down...did about 2 hours of actual work...
Yota Yota . 6 days ago
Maybe you should lose some weight
Carmen Dunn Carmen Dunn . 6 days ago
I'm wondering,? Where are the seats????
that gaming dude that gaming dude . 6 days ago
Good luck you need it
Mammoths _ Mammoths _ . 6 days ago
So basically you did nothing
Soapy Tuna Soapy Tuna . 7 days ago
Richard Bowman Richard Bowman . 7 days ago
So not much done ?
Pierce Schwenk Pierce Schwenk . 7 days ago
Look all flat tires that's gonna cost you over 1k
Elmantukas Elmantukas . 7 days ago
Basically fukall
Robert Nosal Robert Nosal . 7 days ago
does this bus run cz all the tires are flat
Yusriyah Bagheri Yusriyah Bagheri . 1 week ago
8 hours for this?

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