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Published on 3 weeks ago

''Jimmy Cooks' (feat. 21 Savage) by Drake from his new album ''Honestly, Nevermind''

Naim Naimi Naim Naimi . 5 days ago
Thank you
Naim Naimi Naim Naimi . 5 days ago
TrashGamer42 TrashGamer42 . 1 week ago
All that shit and then this banger at the end of the album, and 21 is the only feature. Drake gotta be trolling
Hemanth Babu Hemanth Babu . 1 week ago
Man this is too much I'll vibing in my sleep too
Marcus Simelton Marcus Simelton . 1 week ago
Drake broke out two Memphis classics in this song . Playa Fly - Just Awakin Shakin and Gangsta Blac - Life's a Bitch

Dj's can say thank you in the comments here's your blend
Chace Webster Chace Webster . 1 week ago
This my fav song. Its also my neighbors fav song whether she likes it or not
tvr.ftbl_ tvr.ftbl_ . 2 weeks ago
this song makes up for how mid the whole album is
Adrenelyn Adrenelyn . 2 weeks ago
Did a remix to Jimmy Cooks on my channel, would love if you guys could check it and give some feedback♥️♥️
JonathanRC JonathanRC . 2 weeks ago
Ive been a die hard drake fan and tbh this album is the worst album from drake :/ but this ssong right here fam , best song on the album🔟
Christopher Smith Christopher Smith . 2 weeks ago
Wooooh 🗣Ric Flair voice
Mert Kumak Mert Kumak . 2 weeks ago
r e v e l a r e_ XVII r e v e l a r e_ XVII . 2 weeks ago
The whole song is what we wanted the album to be.
Ugine Mulahoo Graham Ugine Mulahoo Graham . 2 weeks ago
I don’t care about peoples business or how much people they fuk or how much drugs they do , that’s your business but when you start judging me , & trying to call police on me I’m gonna fuk you up.
Owna Maye Owna Maye . 2 weeks ago
I don’t like they way you talk, fake af!!! Always stealing lyrics! And beats!
BlueMagicRT BlueMagicRT . 2 weeks ago
21 part garbage
rayman3282015 rayman3282015 . 2 weeks ago
"I can't stress about no b**** cause I'mma timid soul" - Aubrey Graham
Billy-Bob Thornton Billy-Bob Thornton . 2 weeks ago
I only listened to this song
BIG DRIS BIG DRIS . 2 weeks ago
This nigga Drake about to turn the dark side like Anakin
Itsme Itsme Itsme Itsme . 2 weeks ago
Maybe I'm missing it but chopper came with a compressor? Is he meaning a suppressor. Let me know if I'm just missing the bar
Malik J Malik J . 3 weeks ago flamed on Drake's "Jimmy Cooks" beat 🔥🔥👏🏾
Ricardo Banuelos Ricardo Banuelos . 3 weeks ago
Dread talkin to you hittas, like I’m J Cole !
Hakim Wilkins Hakim Wilkins . 3 weeks ago
I Haven’t Given My Review On the Album Yet I still Have Hope😂💯 Drizzy Got bangers doe
Dayne Hidalgo Dayne Hidalgo . 3 weeks ago
Better than Steppin’ or nah?
miguel ramos miguel ramos . 3 weeks ago
dis the best song off da album, thaks for the song daddy drizzy
Jaffe Feddi Jaffe Feddi . 3 weeks ago
Peep my boy Eman new video no I’m not a bot I’m really here trying to get my boy some traction anything will do RIP keed love
Mr Influential Mr Influential . 3 weeks ago
Love that Playa Fly Just Awaken Shaken sample. Best track on the album.
4cemars 4cemars . 3 weeks ago
You know what… this world didn’t need another album of rap. That’s the only upside I can find to this situation
nathan nathan . 3 weeks ago
I love you drake but try harder next time
Lord Antiii Lord Antiii . 3 weeks ago
Oh they thought it was Sweet
Spank em DRIZZY on SLIME
enzoski enzoski . 3 weeks ago
this song's 🔥 but the album was mid tbh
Atlantic Moyo Atlantic Moyo . 3 weeks ago
This album is really top tier everyone who says otherwise is no Drake dayone. They can't fathom the father.
️Dawg36 ️Dawg36 . 3 weeks ago
RIP Keed & Ms Wayne 🙏
LPowell Powell LPowell Powell . 3 weeks ago
R B R B . 3 weeks ago
21 with the carry
Wavybray Wavybray . 3 weeks ago
J Phx J Phx . 3 weeks ago
celso celso . 3 weeks ago
Why can't he drop whole album like this.
Miami Marlin real Miami Marlin real . 3 weeks ago
Only track I like on the tape
Obama_ Yo_Mama Obama_ Yo_Mama . 3 weeks ago
Wait... this is the best song in the album? No wonder people are calling it a shit album already.
All tech house lovers! I made a slapping remix out of Drake ft. 21 Savage - Jimmy Cooks if you want to listen to it go to my channel! Would love some support or feedback <3
Tsegi G Tsegi G . 3 weeks ago
#1 So Far from This Album. Drake 💙
Flex King Flex King . 3 weeks ago
Playa Fly!!!!
AyyySample AyyySample . 3 weeks ago
should have just featured 21 on the whole album
insane JG insane JG . 3 weeks ago
Playa Fly sampled!!!!!!!!Memphis sh!+
Cameren Kirk Cameren Kirk . 3 weeks ago
21 savage carried
K_nn_th._ K_nn_th._ . 3 weeks ago
"if i was will smith id smack him wit a stick" funniest shit ever
Peter Oryem Peter Oryem . 3 weeks ago
21 savage always !!!🔥‎‍🔥‎‍🔥 will never dissapoint
Harry Modi Harry Modi . 3 weeks ago
Had to scroll the whole album to get what I was looking for specifically, the whole album is lit but this track just nailed it
BeyondThisLife BeyondThisLife . 3 weeks ago
Dat playa fly sample tho🔥🤧🤙🏾
Jay Butani Jay Butani . 3 weeks ago
If I was Will Smith I woulda slapped him wit a stick 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾🔥🔥🔥😂😭😭

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