Play / Download Building A Abandoned Yamaha Blaster Part 3! #pitbike
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Liam Reid

Liam Reid

Published on 1 month ago

Jessica Dias Jessica Dias . 6 hours ago
Eu. Não. Entendi. Nada
Erik T. Erik T. . 15 hours ago
Это обычно делают перед хранением
Dhfa 10 Dhfa 10 . 17 hours ago
ProbablyTim ProbablyTim . 20 hours ago
Pretty neat idea, my own blaster blew up in the past year (not literally, the engine just gave out.) and I’ve been working on rebuilding it. Some pretty useful tips here.
I have atv
*I'd make it full electric*
Michael Isbell Michael Isbell . 5 days ago
You putting in the work dude, I gotta sub
Mohammed banshee 350 Mohammed banshee 350 . 5 days ago
D3 Maze D3 Maze . 5 days ago
I like to call that a rusted and busted lol
Believe in god Believe in god . 6 days ago
I was on my atv
jakethreesixty jakethreesixty . 7 days ago
Lmaooo I had an FMF Powerecore 2 on my Blaster 😆
Eric Pillow Eric Pillow . 1 week ago
Rhode Island Truth Seeker Rhode Island Truth Seeker . 1 week ago
I miss my blaster. Awesome quads
Kenny Dyal Kenny Dyal . 1 week ago
My hubby's done litterally hundreds of rebuilds like yours. He's been building for at least 35 years loves things like this
hjv7gdywxzhhGabbriella Chupurdy hjv7gdywxzhhGabbriella Chupurdy . 1 week ago
I have one that will not work
Hélio pattaro Hélio pattaro . 1 week ago
Ficou como nova meus parabéns 😃👍🇧🇷
John Arquitte John Arquitte . 1 week ago
It is supposed to smoke it's a 2 stroke
Man can you do something like this with a kawasaki bayou 300
jt Ashfield jt Ashfield . 1 week ago
Thought you said you were gonna take it completely down? 😭🤣 this generation takes forever to do shit 😭
RIPITkid RIPITkid . 1 week ago
My dad has a blaster
Xkhristmas Xkhristmas . 2 weeks ago
Malcolm Bell Malcolm Bell . 2 weeks ago
You in Dallas Tx
GraymanVR GraymanVR . 2 weeks ago
Can I have it
Amanda Langley Amanda Langley . 2 weeks ago
It’s not a quad it’s a four wheelers
George Jung George Jung . 2 weeks ago
It’s so easy when u have all the tools 🛠 u need for a rebuild to a garage to store it while you have time to do it ahhhh the great life !!
Jerry Gala Jerry Gala . 2 weeks ago
It’s good to see someone that was just like me when I was a kid rebuilding a Blaster.
Jack Benjamin Jack Benjamin . 2 weeks ago
That things needs at least 50 psi of compression
NoMuff 2Tuff NoMuff 2Tuff . 2 weeks ago
I just finished rebuilding my blaster! I actually finished mine though ;)
ford88mustang ford88mustang . 2 weeks ago
Brah it's a simple two-stroke.
Could have had a new top end in in the time you took the plastic off.
kykingz78 kykingz78 . 2 weeks ago
This dude has his priorities all fucked yo
Joe Bone Joe Bone . 2 weeks ago
Blown up means just buy a new motor way cheaper then rebuilding a blown one
keylay keylay . 2 weeks ago
Why can't I find a free f'ing quad?
hi hi . 2 weeks ago
Yamahas are amazing but I have a kawasaki
Furret Furret . 2 weeks ago
this is one of the few examples of a parted series that makes sense, yes i subscribed to see more
Foggy Raccoon Foggy Raccoon . 2 weeks ago
Это далеко не лучшая идея мыть байк мойкой высокого давления. Ты просто зальёшь водой все внутренности и это не приведёт ни к чему хорошему
Maga Garage Maga Garage . 2 weeks ago
Rebuilt because the engine smoked? Or is smoked.. blasters are two stroke engines and they smoke.🤣
Ed Man Ed Man . 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know how to find this series ?
Hbk Meach Hbk Meach . 2 weeks ago
sand the rust off the wheels and paint them white
Chris Dugan Chris Dugan . 2 weeks ago
Can I have the FMF
MoonCricket MoonCricket . 2 weeks ago
If you didn't already this should be a regular video on YouTube instead
Shawn Jacks Shawn Jacks . 2 weeks ago
Rebuilding things are easy I bought a xr50 no compression and rebuilt it for around $100 it started 2nd try I never buy running stuff I'd rather buy it dirt cheap and rebuild
PopPop PopPop . 2 weeks ago
Thats our OCD. I normally clean anything before working on it. And I'll take it apart to detail it.
Chris Chris . 2 weeks ago
This was also the same stuff from part one. Wtf...
Cha Man Cha Man . 2 weeks ago
Nice shop
rob b rob b . 2 weeks ago
Can't hear shit because of the retarded loud music 🙄🤷‍♂️
Q R X HAMDAN Q R X HAMDAN . 2 weeks ago
Take care of the blaster because it is so rare 👍🏽
Austin Rich Austin Rich . 2 weeks ago
This is like the same video re edited three different ways show us the rest allready chezzz gotta have that content even if it make people leave
Car kid Car kid . 2 weeks ago
Cool quad I have a banshee
MBNR MBNR . 2 weeks ago
If you got no compression would you check out the valve lash before tearing it down? Might also just be a stuck valve
Murphy Rebolo Murphy Rebolo . 2 weeks ago
I'm working on rebuilding my 2003 honda trx 300 ex the piston is fucked but the head is fine so that is a good sign so far I'm probably going to get an upgraded piston and make it around a 350

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