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Published on 3 weeks ago

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OH those Planning People

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Track 1 is by "Droids Osaka" and called "Youth8500" its a "Look Mum No Computer song they have covered and do a grand job.
"Youth8500" by "Look Mum No Computer"

Track 2 is called "Why Do i" by "Wash Park"

Track 3 is called "Cheap Hotel" by "Three Divorces"

Thrack 4 is called "Gasoline Machine" by "Krackers and Koolaid"

Track 5 is called "Not So Fast" by "Julian Fulco"

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colinfurze colinfurze . 3 weeks ago
Sorry this has took so long but needed to get an aswer from the council before release and also been busy with some other things which will come to late in the not to distant future. Enjoy and see you in the next one. Keep your questions coming as next one will be about the next stages as the hand Digging is about done.
Nautilistic_ Nautilistic_ . 1 hour ago
What would happen if you moved out?
Jonathon Henderson Jonathon Henderson . 3 hours ago
Just the 811 people screaming
Captian Morgan Captian Morgan . 3 hours ago
How much have steel priced increased since you started?
Wemue Technology Wemue Technology . 5 hours ago
Getting the town council and whoever involved just raised your taxes
Chazeaux Things Music Chazeaux Things Music . 5 hours ago
How do you keep your back from hurting?
Nate's Travels Nate's Travels . 10 hours ago
My question is How did you get your wife to approve of this?
David Roberts David Roberts . 16 hours ago
When's the grow Starting 🀣
J Mills J Mills . 17 hours ago
Good job Colin, what next... Second floor to bunker.???
TheJagjr4450 TheJagjr4450 . 1 day ago
If the Germans attack England ever again you are set... What is the cost per foot of tunneling, support, and concrete?
Lord fondue 23 Lord fondue 23 . 2 days ago
You should put a pulse jet motor on that shark
ThirstyThursten ThirstyThursten . 2 days ago
Alright I got a great question for you Colin! πŸ˜› How was your Wife/Partner okay with you tearing up the whole pantry, kitchen and yard? πŸ˜› I think my wife will just stand there laughing at my face if I would come to her with the idea alone already! πŸ˜‚
Susandwyer Susandwyer . 2 days ago
This project (that I only discovered a few hours ago and binge watched) is terrific.

How does/will it affect the value of your... errrrm... your hmmm, kingdom, castle, or whatever it is now?
ZA Gamer ZA Gamer . 2 days ago
As a geotechnical engineer im just curious as how close you are to water table and if you have taken seapage into consideration? What is the tunnel like during a big storm?
Daniel Erdogan Daniel Erdogan . 2 days ago
"tore the carpet up .... giggdy" lmao
Flores Guillermo Flores Guillermo . 2 days ago
We will fight on land and air wanna see William
Blue Bowser Blue Bowser . 3 days ago
0:40 "the work contiunes"

*Dyslexica intensifies*
Peter Vanwyk Peter Vanwyk . 3 days ago
Is there a colinfurze playlist cause his music taste is delicious
tom stone tom stone . 3 days ago
How tall are u?
Monkey Milk Monkey Milk . 3 days ago
the awesome think I how does it keep it clean?
Dan Forbes Dan Forbes . 3 days ago
Nice! Last lap,it seems. Glad you got the Seal of Aproval from one of the councils! :)
Ernst de Roo-Straatemans Ernst de Roo-Straatemans . 3 days ago
The drawing would make for a great t-shirt
Janey πŸ”₯F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-leπŸ”₯ Janey πŸ”₯F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-leπŸ”₯ . 4 days ago
id like to imagine the neighbour going home to his wife and saying β€œ You’ll never guess what colin is doing now.”
β€œHe’s building a f*cking tunnel”
CFO CFO . 4 days ago
Dig a tunnel in sneakers πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸΌ
Eric L Eric L . 4 days ago
Quartz crystallization is a precursor formation of gold amalgamation. When prospecting I always sink exploratory bore holes around quartz formations, they routinely indicate the presence of gold.
Elena πŸ‘ˆπ“•**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• πŸ’— Elena πŸ‘ˆπ“•**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• πŸ’— . 4 days ago
The big boss of youtube susan needs to give you an award for embodying what youtube was made for. This and your entire channel is what youtube is all about, just pure creativity
shadow5115 shadow5115 . 4 days ago
What do you do with all of the rock and dirt that you remove?
T0biasCZe T0biasCZe . 5 days ago
17:40 ah, the good ol child labor!
Sean David Sean David . 5 days ago
I love that Collin makes ya not wanna skip the ads, they’re always funny πŸ˜„
niddg viiut niddg viiut . 5 days ago
should also tell you more about what kind of fossils to expect
Yessir Yessir . 5 days ago
Secret tunnel!!
football football . 5 days ago
i love your channel and what you do
bilinas mini bilinas mini . 5 days ago
should also tell you more about what kind of fossils to expect
Ronald Weider Ronald Weider . 5 days ago
Can't be secret if u ask permission
Caleb Frost Caleb Frost . 5 days ago
This has probably already been said, why not just put a grate over a "crack" or two you said you have one every meter or so. That, in theory, should give some nice fresh air. Really just an uneducated thought, but awesome work I love your channel.
christopher bray christopher bray . 6 days ago
the bed gave wallace and grommit vibes
doliio volay doliio volay . 6 days ago
The wait was worth it as always great job colin
Charles Manfred Charles Manfred . 6 days ago
What do u do with all of the soil, rock, and dirt?
Zack B-Wheal Zack B-Wheal . 6 days ago
i dont think anyone would have a problem with approval for this @colinfurze you are well known and even tho some ideas are crazy you did make the first hover bike ..... so i think its save to say ya pretty knowing at what ya doing
Pat rick Pat rick . 6 days ago
Colin is why YouTube is great. Keep the creativity going pal!
NotoriousEgg89 NotoriousEgg89 . 6 days ago
In Canada if I tried to do this and apply for permits late I would probably be deemed a terrorist and thrown in prison..
Sativic Sativic . 6 days ago
Eres un grande! gracias por compartir.
hazzard outdoors hazzard outdoors . 6 days ago
Impression of council worker, mint, should have followed an acting career.....
Mad Hatter Mad Hatter . 7 days ago
Typical town council. Thing is a town council is answerable to no one, there's no right of appeal and no ombudsman . Luckily they don't give planning permission, they only give opinions. Sadly they can take my allotment off me. I'd build a tunnel under that if I could.

But go on, do tell what their objection to a tunnel in your own garden was?
Blaz3 YT Blaz3 YT . 7 days ago
Mycr0bi Mycr0bi . 7 days ago
You should have theme song: Dig it! Just dig it! :D
AlTheEngineer AlTheEngineer . 1 week ago
Amazing, even though this is taking a long time, you're still faster than Elon's Boring Company :) haha!
Andrew Humphreys Andrew Humphreys . 1 week ago
Kill dad worms spinosate lives
Andrew Humphreys Andrew Humphreys . 1 week ago
Make alternates x2 freewheel electricity wheel
Axim Gaming Axim Gaming . 1 week ago
12:22 Jesus Christ, Marie, they're fucking minerals!

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