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Fox News

Fox News

Published on 2 weeks ago

Fox News host Jesse Watters and the panel on 'The Five' react to the president's weekend bike ride spill, economic predictions and green energy promises #foxnews #thefive

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Rob Williams Rob Williams . 3 hours ago
Thank You Lord! He'll only be elected once!
sandra koker sandra koker . 3 hours ago
BIDEN you can do some prying now but I’m not sure god’s grace will be done ✅
Smiling Skull Smiling Skull . 11 hours ago
Fake news, hoax and witch hunt.
Nick Nick . 13 hours ago
Baraks....I'll fundamentally change America
Daniel Abbott Daniel Abbott . 15 hours ago
We are already in a recession. oh wait! They changed the definition of what a recession is again I forgot, silly me.
Juan Vargas Juan Vargas . 19 hours ago
Democracy equals tragedy, republican equals God’s country.
White Wizard White Wizard . 1 day ago
He’s lost it!!!!
JJ Garet JJ Garet . 1 day ago
Biden needs training wheels and an escalator up all stairways!
tommy fay tommy fay . 1 day ago
Joe Biden and his flunked are as a bunch of little girly girls
Mike Price Mike Price . 2 days ago
Look at the 25th amendment we can get him out now.
Mike Price Mike Price . 2 days ago
Time to impeach Joe Biden now get him out of office he is ruining this United States.
Al Milligan Al Milligan . 2 days ago
Biden just told you what this whole shut down and WW3 is bout; a transfer to renewable energy. He is Merkin Murphy. Anyone who buys the baloney sandwiches of Climate Change is simply not thinking. Those who promote it maybe well meaning but the results are going to be destruction and chaos. You can’t control the climate. It is a Tower of Babel and will end the same way. Biden needs a prison cell not apologists for this insane policy. But even that is not going to stop the deep state from their vision of a one world government. Stop the climate change propaganda.
johnny mac brown johnny mac brown . 2 days ago
Some people can't ride a bike and chew gum at the same time
Joshua Leffler Joshua Leffler . 2 days ago
Continuously the American people are hearing this information. Simply being informed of the communist snake that is swallowing us. When do people stop takking and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!
asunnydayinthesouth asunnydayinthesouth . 2 days ago
things will turn around as soon as Biden and his cohorts are gone
Saint M Saint M . 2 days ago
He doing a great job proving his followers wrong and destroying the economy.
Rick Jonez Rick Jonez . 2 days ago
Fox is the biggest Rino, Time to move on to a real conservative news channel,
Paulywauly Paulywauly . 2 days ago
Come on it's so obvious, the truth seems to be just the exact opposite of what this gov says.

Resist ✌
Olive Handerson Olive Handerson . 2 days ago
We need to make Nancy extinct.
lakecrab lakecrab . 2 days ago
RESIGN Brandon.
Faith Fedor Faith Fedor . 2 days ago
No they can't lie their way to the next election...... they will cheat their way through it like 2020😡
carolyn pederson carolyn pederson . 2 days ago
He's nothing but a puppet
Allen Scott Allen Scott . 2 days ago
He's f.i.n.e.
Carolyn Ross Carolyn Ross . 2 days ago

"It's a joke" = I meant it, but didn't mean to say it out loud and don't want to be held to account for it.

"I'm not joking" = I'm making this up as I go/I'm lying through my teeth.
Z Z . 2 days ago
What do you expect when you have someone in the white house who doesn't even know where he is from one minute to the next he is virtually not there it's time to resign Joey
Charles Jacklin Charles Jacklin . 2 days ago
Bunch of self proclaimers sickening to listen to these moribund dough heads this is news? It's a loser scenario all around never watch clowns again
Christine Toye Christine Toye . 2 days ago
Perfectly said Jesse!! Do you think it would work if we went to Joe and said “It’s not you, it’s me” he would go away quietly?
Coty Richardson Coty Richardson . 3 days ago
next time...i truly hope....with every fiber in my being....joe falls down next time and has a stroke....but survives that....then has a heart attack....but lives...and after that he falls into a mud puddle and drowns.....
Timothy Dudley Timothy Dudley . 3 days ago
She just said last week it was! huh they dont no where they stand one day to the next either way they lie so much its to the point what ever they say cannot be trustedthey think americans are so dumb the even contiue to lie one after the other and even the words they use are exactly the same per batom like a script they are just handing one after the other to read then its past to the fake news when their done with it or their just handing out the exact copies to each other and the press! What are the chances of 15 people and the news repeating every statement word for word the exactly the same word for word its highly unlikely unless its scripted!
joshua condon joshua condon . 3 days ago
Hell yeah Joe. Run again, everyone will vote for you and kamala.🤡🤡🤡
William Griffith William Griffith . 3 days ago
The best edition of the Five EVER.....go Jesse!!
D Carey D Carey . 3 days ago
When all you have is bs. Joe's your guy
Sync Pessor Sync Pessor . 3 days ago
46 knows but cannot admit nor change the policies without crediting 45 for being right at times. That cannot and will not happen.
Rebekah Cyphers Rebekah Cyphers . 3 days ago
Can you imagine a president like General Dwight D. Eisenhower falling off a bicycle?
Carol Northrup Carol Northrup . 3 days ago
Free cable
greyballer1 greyballer1 . 3 days ago
Love that he thinks calling someone a republic is I call people libs as an insult...
Baby Jesus Baby Jesus . 3 days ago
I love joe Biden
He’s such a great president
Biden 2024 !
Teri Reischman Teri Reischman . 3 days ago
Boone would ever elect biden.he didn't win in 2020.everyone knows that to.
CanUhandleTHEtruth CanUhandleTHEtruth . 4 days ago
We're already in a recession and have been since Biden " THE A$$HOLE" took office!!!
Roni Watson Roni Watson . 4 days ago
Biden needs to step down he don't no what he's doing before he became president he was so humbled now he's a monster destroying the economy
James Burton James Burton . 4 days ago
Gutfield needs to go.
Saco Cheio Saco Cheio . 4 days ago
Vai ver mais umas semanas ele vai estar chamado urubu de meu loro.
Tony Asti Tony Asti . 4 days ago
I love Judge, she’s 1000% right.
Tony Asti Tony Asti . 4 days ago
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Recession is happening right now, WH idiots.
A. Joe Gevara A. Joe Gevara . 4 days ago
At least O'Biden wears Ray-Ban aviators...
Eddie Eddie . 4 days ago
Julius Cochran Julius Cochran . 4 days ago
Please lord trump needs to be the potus can someone answer is he going to run
Julius Cochran Julius Cochran . 4 days ago
Is trump going to run

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