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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Led by Stephen Curry’s 34 PTS, 7 REB and 7 AST, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 6, 103-90. Andrew Wiggins added 18 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST, 4 STL and 3 BLK for the Warriors in the victory, while Jaylen Brown tallied 34 PTS and 7 REB for the Celtics. With the victory, the Warriors have secured the franchise’s 7th NBA title and their first since 2018.

Ricardo Hamilton Jr Ricardo Hamilton Jr . 2 hours ago
Jashaun Green Jashaun Green . 2 hours ago
they really came to Boston and embarrassed them for the chip
Kellen Lake Kellen Lake . 12 hours ago
Celtics never had a chance
Kent Isaiah Kent Isaiah . 1 day ago
May I ask what is Stephen Curry's shoes here? Ty.
YearAroundMeditation YearAroundMeditation . 1 day ago
Curry certified
Zini Mustafovski Zini Mustafovski . 1 day ago
These are not real nba champions. This a 3 point team that somehow through a lot training found ways to score. This shouldn’t be NBA’s future. You will see in the future NBA itself will be embarrassed by GS being a champion for few times. Just watch.
Finston Howard Finston Howard . 1 day ago
What made it even better is that the Celtics loss on their own court.
Finston Howard Finston Howard . 1 day ago
f course as a Lakers fan I am happy to see the Celtics lose.
switchglocks switchglocks . 1 day ago
@ 9:28 Boston fans had enough😂 raised that trophy on they home court 🌟Warriors came for the kill! After that early first qtr timeout they never looked back
triodesrbetter triodesrbetter . 2 days ago
OPJ with some big time shots the entire series. Gonna be missed.
Anelagam Lasabac Anelagam Lasabac . 2 days ago
Dub Nation is the best 👌 👍 😍 ❤️
Baja Brand Baja Brand . 2 days ago
RyGuy Adventures RyGuy Adventures . 2 days ago
Im a Warrriors fan and i was so happy when we won the series when it was once 1-0 and 2-1 and they still won 4-2 for the nba championship
Luke 4:14
And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.
One Infinity One Infinity . 2 days ago
KD back to the Warriors, that’s cap
Ehan Ehan . 2 days ago
This was the amazing game that I ever seen!
Selina Salinas Selina Salinas . 3 days ago
Shut those massholes up
Kenneth Zinke Kenneth Zinke . 3 days ago
Although the Golden State Warriors are NBA champions and joined the Super Bowl 56 champs Los Angeles Rams as state champions, here are those college and professional sports teams with state championships.

1972: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Lakers/Oakland Athletics/UCLA Bruins men's basketball
1973: (CALIFORNIA): Oakland Athletics/UCLA Bruins men's basketball/USC Trojans football
1974: (CALIFORNIA): Oakland Athletics/USC Trojans football
1975: (CALIFORNIA): Golden State Warriors/UCLA Bruins men's basketball (PENNSYLVANIA): Philadelphia Flyers/Pittsburgh Steelers
1979: (PENNSYLVANIA): Pittsburgh Pirates/Pittsburgh Steelers
1980: (PENNSYLVANIA): Philadelphia Phillies/Pittsburgh Steelers
1981: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Dodgers/Oakland Raiders
1982: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Lakers/San Francisco 49ers
1983: (PENNSYLVANIA): Penn State Nittany Lions football/Philadelphia 76ers
1984: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Raiders/USC Trojans women's basketball
1985: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Lakers/San Francisco 49ers
1988: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Dodgers/Los Angeles Lakers
1989: (CALIFORNIA): Oakland Athletics/San Francisco 49ers
(MICHIGAN): Detroit Pistons/Michigan Wolverines men's basketball
1990: (CALIFORNIA): San Francisco 49ers/Stanford Cardinal women's basketball
1993: (TEXAS): Dallas Cowboys/Texas Tech Red Raiders women's basketball
1994: (TEXAS): Dallas Cowboys/Houston Rockets
1995: (CALIFORNIA): San Francisco 49ers/UCLA Bruins men's basketball
1997: (FLORIDA): Florida Gators football/Florida Marlins
1999: (TEXAS): Dallas Stars/San Antonio Spurs
2002: (CALIFORNIA): Anaheim Angels/Los Angeles Lakers
2003: (FLORIDA): Florida Marlins/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2004: (CONNECTICUT): Connecticut Huskies men's basketball/Connecticut Huskies women's basketball
2005: (TEXAS): Baylor Bears women's basketball/San Antonio Spurs
2006: (FLORIDA): Florida Gators men's basketball/Miami Heat
2007: (FLORIDA): Florida Gators football/Florida Gators men's basketball
2009: (PENNSYLVANIA): Pittsburgh Penguins/Pittsburgh Steelers
2010: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Lakers/San Francisco Giants
2012: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Kings/San Francisco Giants
2014: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Kings/San Francisco Giants
(CONNECTICUT): Connecticut Huskies men's basketball/Connecticut Huskies women's basketball
2016: (PENNSYLVANIA): Pittsburgh Penguins/Villanova Wildcats men's basketball
2017: (SOUTH CAROLINA): Clemson Tigers football/South Carolina Gamecocks women's basketball
2018: (PENNSYLVANIA): Philadelphia Eagles/Villanova Wildcats men's basketball
2020: (CALIFORNIA): Los Angeles Dodgers/Los Angeles Lakers
2021: (FLORIDA): Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Tampa Bay Lightning
Ronald Crawell Ronald Crawell . 3 days ago
Hi Hi . 4 days ago
I really hate that people ignored that the reason they lost in 2019 finals was injuries, they started criticizing the warriors right away, but the reason are the injuries of important players. In 2019-20 season, people also ignored that steph and klay are injured, all of them are saying that they are nothing without kd, they are the worst team in the league, while the reason is steph and klay are injured whole season that's why. And finally in the 2020-21 season they ignored once again, that klay is injured and steph doesn't have help, they judged them by saying again, they are nothing without kd, steph can't carry a team, but the real reason are the teammates and injured klay. They always ignore the truth, because they always see what they can only see.
Josh. Josh. . 4 days ago
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ot34t ot34t . 4 days ago
All the major sports finals this year and next, will be just recycled/rehash
TreezyStayLit TreezyStayLit . 4 days ago
that was cute the celtics thought they was gon win, my warriors will always win, wen was the last time the celtics won back wen paul peirce played haha 😂 celtics trash
Jeremiah Davis Jeremiah Davis . 4 days ago
When it was the 3rd quarter and curry shot that three and made it 70 -50 I knew it was over
TWS The Dalles TWS The Dalles . 4 days ago
Kush Father Kush Father . 5 days ago
Layson Latum
Paulino Mullon Paulino Mullon . 6 days ago
Trade Damion Lee to Gary Payton II.
baste plays army baste plays army . 6 days ago
mary ann catani mary ann catani . 6 days ago
Hi Hi . 6 days ago
Imagine always running like you're in a marathon by just guarding a player lmao. You're already tired chasing steph around and while chasing him, you need to avoid hard screens all the time. You can just feel passing out, because of fatigue.
Hi Hi . 6 days ago
Looking away from steph curry just a split second is still dangerous, because when you look back he's gone lol. Just like the others even though they are not guarding steph, they just look at the guy their defending and when they look back a shot goes in, just like jayson tatum in 5:47
This is supreme This is supreme . 6 days ago
Juan Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez . 6 days ago
NBA to black racist
Tidal Waves Tidal Waves . 6 days ago
Jamaal Dickerson Sr want to be a worrier
Mamiiibrii Mamiiibrii . 6 days ago
ChampionShip was crazy lol!
Up is Down Up is Down . 6 days ago
Wiggins made every 3 that Barnes missed in 2016.
Alexander D. Dunetz Alexander D. Dunetz . 6 days ago
We MUST remain HUMBLE .
We should extol the virtues of our vanquished adversaries and demonstrate appreciation of their enhancement of the value of our NBA championships.
If us W fans abide my instructions , we avoid the "karma drain" by not boasting or exuding superiority complexes.
Let us bow our heads with humility and goodwill to increase our chances of retaining another NBA championship next season.
freddy greg freddy greg . 7 days ago
being a long-time warriors fan the loss against Toronto hurt. But to come and win against Boston!!!
Marcnel Metellus Marcnel Metellus . 7 days ago
When you realize that the warriors never really played at full strength until game 1 of the playoffs 👀
Scar G Scar G . 7 days ago
8:33 did he just push tatum?
Bron is still the best player on the planet even though Steph got his 4th ring.
Emman Bagacina Emman Bagacina . 7 days ago
im alone at my house
chipzaroy chipzaroy . 7 days ago
alex pastor alex pastor . 1 week ago
congratulations to the Warriors!!!!! great performance!!! great champions!!!!!! if healthy they should do it again!!!
Meridel Burlat Meridel Burlat . 1 week ago
Warriors to win
MSB MSB . 1 week ago
SQ6687 li SQ6687 li . 1 week ago
wow,warriors have better mindset
U GotArbysVag U GotArbysVag . 1 week ago
Looking back at this game, I will NEVER forget how much of a pussy Marcus Smart is on defense. Flopping and always doing the most for a foul call like it’s fifa.
emmma emmma . 1 week ago
We are the champions by Queen song?
GocyGrace GocyGrace . 1 week ago
Kamote, ang ganda ng laban

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