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Drew Talbert

Drew Talbert

Published on 2 weeks ago

Aaron may be dumb, but he’s not stupid

Inspired by an idea from janameszapos on Instagram
Co-created w/ Andrea Kelley

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Pelican KockLover Pelican KockLover . 8 hours ago
I've done this, and it works.
JayDFlay4809 JayDFlay4809 . 1 day ago
I was thinking Aaron was the manager’s relative or something tbh
MiikaTheStoryteller MiikaTheStoryteller . 2 days ago
The winery I used to work at would tip us tasting hosts 5$ each time a positive TripAdvisor review mentioned our names. It was terrible. It created such a nasty workplace environment where everyone would be trying to one-up each other and steal guests in order to give their little TripAdvisor card to them. We'd all be resenting the one or two hosts that ended up getting all the reviews, and not seeing that extra bit in your paycheque really hurt morale. Not only that but we weren't technically allowed to accept cash tips, so (only when asked) we tell guests we prefer positive reviews to tips... weren't allowed to disclose we got cash for them. Artificially inflated the winery on the site. It wasn't a bad winery per se, but definitely didn't deserve all the reviews. Only one outta my four managers was a decent person, rest were clearly shaped by the every man for themselves thing going on.

Idk reminded me of that little anecdote and I felt lime sharing. If you read this far I hope you have a wonderful week 🖖
TuxedoKitteh TuxedoKitteh . 2 days ago
Why do I keep wanting to see the next episode? I can't believe how invested I became... ... roll tide
P FP P FP . 2 days ago
She's such a bully. I love her. 😆
VaporJpg VaporJpg . 2 days ago
More lore
Crispy Ranch Crispy Ranch . 3 days ago
I have to try this lol
PowerStation 087 PowerStation 087 . 4 days ago
I hate to say it but I was Aaron for a long long time (and still even now sometimes). Anxiety is a bitch, and learning to control it is pantomime to being a good server.
Gabriel Kahaian Gabriel Kahaian . 4 days ago
Yes I am 😅😅😂
Adrienne D Adrienne D . 5 days ago
Ahhhhahahagaga I literally am a decent blonde that works in a high volume restaurant, I just sent this to 2 of my coworkers. We might actually do this tho…
Nobody Nobody . 5 days ago
That actually sounds genius 🤣🤣
Acecat Storm cloud Acecat Storm cloud . 6 days ago
i think you mean Eren jeager
C Early C Early . 1 week ago
OMG R was this guy and I swear I didn't know how he kept his job with us!!! He was up to this shit 😂
Derek Euchner Derek Euchner . 1 week ago
And here I am writing borderline insulting emails so that people get used to mebeing an asshole.
matchezz matchezz . 1 week ago
FreddyFrazbear_ FreddyFrazbear_ . 1 week ago
The end is truly the icing on the cake
Memerrobloxian Memerrobloxian . 1 week ago
Plot twist: it’s undercover boss
LokiPrepper LokiPrepper . 1 week ago
Whelp, he’s not totally stupid.
Mason Walton Mason Walton . 1 week ago
When we were understaffed to hell and still open till midnight, i would go onto website for reservations and fill in late night reservations so we wouldnt get anyone so late in the night who randomly booked a table. Never got caught since the website didnt need an account. Just needed you to put a name and a phone number for the reservation
Bear 3232 Bear 3232 . 1 week ago
Poor aaron. He shouldn’t have said anything to her.
ultimate big brain helth ultimate big brain helth . 1 week ago
How does the long hair work on him
Winternacht Winternacht . 1 week ago
This why some people suck
Insult_Inbox Insult_Inbox . 1 week ago
Cool I was thinking nepotism
Aaron Ryze Aaron Ryze . 1 week ago
He's right you know
Jaziel Nevarez Jaziel Nevarez . 1 week ago
I was gonna guess owners son. But damn that’s wild
FrankN Stein FrankN Stein . 1 week ago
They got me.
Avakin Life User Avakin Life User . 1 week ago
As long as the store you work at gets more and better reviews than the other ones your manager will be happy and will encourage this type of behaviour.
radioactive buglauncher radioactive buglauncher . 2 weeks ago
Bro one of my managers is named Aaron
Jake Younes Jake Younes . 2 weeks ago
Nicole:It’s gonna be about a cute blond
Aaron: wait so not about you
IBEX KING IBEX KING . 2 weeks ago
Aa Ron may be a fuck up but he is a genius
Jisatsu Jisatsu . 2 weeks ago
man i love aaron, he's so adorkable.
Photofreak56 Photofreak56 . 2 weeks ago
I mean considering the fact that service workers don't get paid a lot the job is demanding and oftentimes degrading Aaron doing this is probably the big brain move that most people should do
aaronl19 aaronl19 . 2 weeks ago
Solvita Zerne Solvita Zerne . 2 weeks ago
“Yes I am” at the end 😅
ღ Toraphire ღ ღ Toraphire ღ . 2 weeks ago
I was gonna guess he was smashing the boss but this is way better
FriedChickenWang FriedChickenWang . 2 weeks ago
ThePeople Podcast ThePeople Podcast . 2 weeks ago
I literally use to do this lmao
Anonymous Anonymous . 2 weeks ago
You'll only get punished for doing bad if your the one they expect will do good
𝒦𝒶𝓉 𝒦𝒶𝓉 . 2 weeks ago
I thought he was together w/ the boss—
Always Keep Exploring Always Keep Exploring . 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂i do this for my gf
lolomixed64 lolomixed64 . 2 weeks ago
Gangalee Gangalee . 2 weeks ago
Roll tide!
Big G Big G . 2 weeks ago
No reason to fire him in my opinion
Ralunix Ralunix . 2 weeks ago
They all play darts while Aaron plays 3023 chess.
Iced Iced . 2 weeks ago
Hes pretty good at playing a girl
Elle Bell Elle Bell . 2 weeks ago
Btw this actually works for ANY job. If you work in an office an email is better instead of yelp
lextasy786 lextasy786 . 2 weeks ago
How many emails does Aaron have???
mon amour mon amour . 2 weeks ago
create…✍️ yelp account…✍️ write …✍️ reviews…✍️
Foxlover_Customs Foxlover_Customs . 2 weeks ago
I thought he was sleeping with the boss. 😐
ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ . 2 weeks ago
I had a manager/waitress do this at my job, but it was overly obvious af. She would write shit like "I really liked the spagetti you guys have, and oh, btw, that waitress of yours I had this morning was great! Why isn't she a GM yet? She'd be the perfect GM for your store!" and it'll be on 10 different "reviews" that came in during a one week span. Lol

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