Play / Download Mike Tyson gets revenge for Muhammad Ali 🙌🐐
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Fighting Centre

Fighting Centre

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Fighting Centre Fighting Centre . 3 weeks ago
Watch the longer version here ⬇️
Cocknball Cocknball . 35 minutes ago
He dead
123 Hockey 123 Hockey . 2 hours ago
keep in mind, when ali lost he was showing major signs of parkinson’s and was way past his prime
Brian Robinson Brian Robinson . 4 hours ago
And he got him
Adil A Adil A . 4 hours ago
Ali called the hit lol RIP🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
Paddy Robinson Paddy Robinson . 5 hours ago
i feel like if i grew up with ali i’d be way more into boxing
garba sulyman dare garba sulyman dare . 6 hours ago
This man loves Ali too much ❤️❤️❤️
yoda branch jedi life yoda branch jedi life . 6 hours ago
Rock on mike!
shavonne hudson shavonne hudson . 6 hours ago
And he did.
Anang Syaifudin Anang Syaifudin . 7 hours ago
I love you mike 💪
MM MM . 8 hours ago
Holmes was far from a bum!he is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.excellent fighter in his day.great jab and great right hand.i honestly dont know if ali would have been able to beat ali in their prime!it would have been a really close fight!really don't know who wins!for sure a better fighter than tyson.everyone knows that jolmes was done by the time he fought tyson!not a fair assessment.
77Wolf 77Wolf . 8 hours ago
They must mean Cassius Clay
Magda Lopez Magda Lopez . 8 hours ago
Wao This is a legendary story🔥 love it ❤️
Joe Milner Joe Milner . 9 hours ago
God, mike is the epitome of what it means to be human. Every sentence he speaks convinces me more and more. He speak his truth always and so humbly. We all have a lot to learn from this man
Dum Dum Dum Dum . 9 hours ago
Man Ali would have been rooting for me too I won't want to put him down too
New Name Who Dis New Name Who Dis . 9 hours ago
I wonder why the hell Hollywood didn't make mike tyson movie
Thanh Bo Thanh Bo . 9 hours ago
When the Goat said: “get him for me”, the other Goat appeared.
Sarthak Singhal Sarthak Singhal . 9 hours ago
"Get him for me" gives me goosebumps🥵
whyimustusemyrealname whyimustusemyrealname . 10 hours ago
damn I feel Tyson sadness
Sirrichard Iozia Sirrichard Iozia . 11 hours ago
Great story champ 🏆 👏 thanks for doing that for Ali.
TAF TAF . 11 hours ago
MacettePhil42 MacettePhil42 . 11 hours ago
I always wondered what Ali said to him in that exchange. And he'll yeah, beat that ass! Goat passing the torch to another goat
Loretta Ortiz Loretta Ortiz . 11 hours ago
Mike turned super Sainte
taha javed taha javed . 11 hours ago
Ali: Get him for me
Tyson: Let me destroy his career 😈
Vickram Narine Vickram Narine . 12 hours ago
Put homes where ge belonged on jis back.bumb
FlipSide_Drip84 FlipSide_Drip84 . 12 hours ago
Lamal Mattiex Lamal Mattiex . 13 hours ago
He was old
chris cobain chris cobain . 14 hours ago
I love how Mike shows so much love and respect for Ali! He really cared about Ali you can tell every time he speaks of him, he speaks fondly 💪🏾💯
عبدالله مريع عبدالله مريع . 14 hours ago
محمد علي رحمه الله عليه اصطوره في الملاكمه والاخلاق العاليه لن تتكرر
Bhavya mishra 12G-13 Bhavya mishra 12G-13 . 14 hours ago
Why Im hearing Larry homes in song🥲
Luis Rodrigurz Luis Rodrigurz . 14 hours ago
Only greatness
glizzy goblin1922 glizzy goblin1922 . 15 hours ago
Id hate to be larry holmes that night, man stood 0 chance this fight was over as soon as ali lost to larry. Larry fighting mike tyson loses, larry fighting mike tyson on a path for revenge after ali just said "get him for me" mans was dead
gerald edang gerald edang . 15 hours ago
And holyfield beats you to restore holmes honor also🤣
Gottfried Kremer Gottfried Kremer . 15 hours ago
Vans Vans . 16 hours ago
They are legend
Jinkuku Hitacu Jinkuku Hitacu . 17 hours ago
Beautiful enough to make a grown man cry
Dream Dream . 17 hours ago
Mike tyson got him for Ali💝
All Sports All Sports . 17 hours ago
Get him for me gives me goosebumps ❤️
Didit ARN Didit ARN . 17 hours ago
Muhammad Ali,Mike Tyson,Larry Holmes,Joe Frazier,George Foreman,Evander Holyfield are the best boxer i've known.
SecretPookie81 SecretPookie81 . 19 hours ago
That's so emotional and beautiful ❤️ also when everything goes mad max style I want Mike Tyson and his pet tiger 🐯 on my side lol 🤣
Blue King Blue King . 19 hours ago
True champion with a big heart 👍🏿💯
Jessu Paul Jessu Paul . 20 hours ago
Truly uncle Mike Tyson....Your WHY was greater then the punch and knockout. May your soul rest in peace uncle Ali.
Ps. To uncle Ali & uncle Mike Tyson.
You guys are still the greatest of our time. GBU
Lext3n Un11 Lext3n Un11 . 21 hours ago
Wow😲 Tyson and Muhammad. The Greatest
Simple Covers Simple Covers . 22 hours ago
Ok .... But why is everyone hating on Larry Holmes ..... ? He's fighting to win like everyone else ....
Naiae Vang Naiae Vang . 23 hours ago
“Get him for me”
Mike: proceeds to start up “Mike Tyson’s punch out” on NES and hands over a broken NES remote to his opponent.
God would support womens rights God would support womens rights . 23 hours ago
What song is that someone help plz
God would support womens rights God would support womens rights . 23 hours ago
Omg 😳 I love this
Matthew Blaine Matthew Blaine . 23 hours ago
Iron might
PandemicGuitarist PandemicGuitarist . 23 hours ago
The difference between waiting for a match and waiting for the moment
ahmed gamal ahmed gamal . 23 hours ago
The best thing about mike Tyson is Mohammad Ali

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