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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Published on 2 weeks ago

American swimmer Anita Alvarez lost consciousness during a competition in Budapest and was rescued by her coach Andrea Fuentes, who pulled her out of the water and performed CPR until medics arrived.

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reighn hkgdvk reighn hkgdvk . 1 day ago
kendall_ kendall_ . 4 days ago
Is there not a full video of it or something? i wanna watch it
Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury . 5 days ago
Coach is amazing. I do have a question: when one faints, do they stop breathing? I would think that once she passed out, she would have gasped for breath…which would have been really bad in this situation. Can anyone clarify?
Dizzle Dizzle . 5 days ago
Of course a man had to jump in to help the lady coach pull Anita to the service.
dolita windo dolita windo . 5 days ago
saving her life. May she continue to recover and win her event.
Adrian Lee Adrian Lee . 5 days ago
This same coach also dive into the pool to save one of her other student before last year...(check out link below at 0:56 mins) Is our athletes falling to the ground after the jab? It seem this kind of thing is happening more often nowadays?
MisterCool MisterCool . 5 days ago
1. Was Anita Alvarez vaccinated?
2. Was Mary Mara vaccinated?

EDIT: Ms. Anita Alvarez was vaccinated against Covid-19 at least twice. I still don't know Mary Mara's vaccination status.

Ms. Andrea Fuentes is a hero!
so proud kaliwat camiguinong
RESITA ARELLANO RESITA ARELLANO . 5 days ago proud of u..and your mom..
Michael Sanchez Michael Sanchez . 6 days ago
To bad they don’t hire lifeguards….. or was someone not doing their job? Probably a gay person that’s why they not in trouble almost letting her drown
Sugarshack758 Sugarshack758 . 6 days ago
Great job coach. Happy she is fine
NAC OK NAC OK . 6 days ago
MẠC CỬU - Channel MẠC CỬU - Channel . 6 days ago
I am DANH THAI Group 5 , Xuan Binh hamlet, Thoi Quan commune, Go Quao district, Kien Giang province Ads TV Samsung 😊
Romeo J Romeo J . 6 days ago
This is her second time, go find another sport
Michelle Gomes Michelle Gomes . 6 days ago
Useless lifeguards…
Davi T Davi T . 6 days ago
The way the coach is telling the story is super cute! Such a great person! I am happy they are both ok!
Miguelernesto Tovar Miguelernesto Tovar . 6 days ago
The pool is treated with pool chlorine
Miguelernesto Tovar Miguelernesto Tovar . 6 days ago
Awesome save
CocoaTi CocoaTi . 6 days ago
I find it disheartening that the life guards were not involve at all with the rescue!
niddg viiut niddg viiut . 7 days ago
What a terrifying situation... Both the coach and the other competitor did an amazing job!
Lucky Jackson 2020 Lucky Jackson 2020 . 7 days ago
fuck it
Charles Ndung'u Charles Ndung'u . 7 days ago
That's not just a coach, that's a mentor and a role model for them.
Michael Bates Michael Bates . 7 days ago
The Lifeguards should never be able to lifeguard again.
MPR MPR . 7 days ago
T.J. Holmes is so annoying! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Cactus Flower Cactus Flower . 7 days ago
Like a boss!
BC C BC C . 7 days ago
wow, jut like all the athletes who have fainted or dropped dead in the last year.... HMMMMMMM... I wonder what they all have in common. This message brought to you by Phiz-r
Carlos P. Jr Carlos P. Jr . 1 week ago
Well thank God that they're lifeguards on duty 😏
Coach Fuentes is a legend and a hero.
bilishu aliss bilishu aliss . 1 week ago
Thank God that this coach treats her swimmers like her own!! She was vigilant
Hope Soosai Hope Soosai . 1 week ago
swimming isnt dangerous, taking medicines for health is dangerous
sarahjanetefft sarahjanetefft . 1 week ago
I’ll bet she’s vaxxed
Cherie de Paris Cherie de Paris . 1 week ago
Bless the Lord! Thank you Coach for your great awareness and reaction.
Jesus Casiano Jesus Casiano . 1 week ago
DaiLy fun DaiLy fun . 1 week ago
This is spectacular
Mehtab 43 Mehtab 43 . 1 week ago
News anchor looks like a mix hybrid between Kevin Durant and jamie foxx.
Compost Oracle Compost Oracle . 1 week ago
did she get the clot shot? 🤔
Good morning beautiful humans Good morning beautiful humans . 1 week ago
Post jab?
Chiamaka O Chiamaka O . 1 week ago
God bless her in Jesus name, amen.
me me . 1 week ago
God bless them both!!! Glad they are both okay🙏🏾
Kopie Kopie . 1 week ago
These sport needs like a portable emergency oxygen for cases like these.
Louisa Sevier Louisa Sevier . 1 week ago
I was a competitive synchronized swimmer in high school and this was something my coaches were always concerned about. What we often did was swim through our routine and then immediately do a 50 sprint to get our bodies used to working hard for longer than the length of our routine. But I had a few times at competitions where I almost passed out and had to lay down on the pool deck. I'm glad her coach took such quick action.
ELier Peraza ELier Peraza . 1 week ago
They should have a diver under water at all times close by if this happens that often!
North444 North444 . 1 week ago
Im Sorry some people are just Stupid. Theyre Basically competing too see who can hold their breathe underwater before you pass out, lol Thats the "Game" They play. Keep tempting The Most High all you want.
Jena4Rae Jena4Rae . 1 week ago
Coach is a HERO.
Quinn Batiste Quinn Batiste . 1 week ago
God bless but we really dont value Life?
OT OT . 1 week ago
Job well done coach ! You deserve the highest reward for saving a life.🥇🥇🥇
Gina Defonte Gina Defonte . 1 week ago
Thank you Jesus Christ for letting this beautiful young lady to see another day 🙏🙏🙏
dailyjerk Daily dailyjerk Daily . 1 week ago
Mary Mary . 1 week ago
Kudos to that coach for her quick thinking/ response. If this swimmer passed out last year, maybe she want to re-think this sport.

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