Play / Download Caught son washing our car 不 #shorts
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The Trench Family

The Trench Family

Published on 3 weeks ago

Arcangel Leon Arcangel Leon . 6 hours ago
All your cars are orange
G Mustang G Mustang . 11 hours ago
Lmao; good job! 不儭劾休綾
vnkl03 vnkl03 . 19 hours ago
塈堻 堮塈堻
Takudzwa Chaidzwa Takudzwa Chaidzwa . 21 hours ago
Aw the way he says"its dirty!" Haha
Shawn Milligan Shawn Milligan . 24 hours ago
Ruben Zarco Ruben Zarco . 1 day ago
Cause we got hoes
Haydenn Haydenn . 1 day ago
Is that bad
Eric Eatrada Eric Eatrada . 1 day ago
Girl youre baby is so smart and to small to clean the car and I bet your boyfriend turned on the holes for him and was not paying attention to him 唐唐
iejsyruejrueu iejsyruejrueu . 1 day ago
Dont say hell
Aaniyah Pinchback Aaniyah Pinchback . 1 day ago
How did get the hose and turn it on
Arthur Sherman Arthur Sherman . 1 day ago
So u call your son BRO,??? Good parenting
onyah onyah . 2 days ago
I'm the middle of a drought! But go ahead let him waste water all for a short
Gedieyon Tewede Gedieyon Tewede . 2 days ago
only woman can act like that be happy he is not doing some wrong let him work and be proud af and stop screaming kids hate that
john doe john doe . 2 days ago
Like i want the mother of my child to say like like this like all the time like for real its so attractive like i cant even like anymore than i like
Me dance to stupid songs Me dance to stupid songs . 2 days ago
Ok son mom wants to film something so go outside and hose down the car and Ill give you 10 bucks ok?
Emily Fuentes Emily Fuentes . 2 days ago
Steven M. Steven M. . 2 days ago
If thats the problem i had to worry about what my kids was getting into my life would be easy
Brooke Mitchell Brooke Mitchell . 2 days ago
Its dirty!!; That's why!!!! Lol smart boy 荊荊踢踢踢踢 give baby boy a cupcake shoot 不不荊踢踢踢 good job bubs
G Huff G Huff . 2 days ago
Go back in house
Sheila Pearson Sheila Pearson . 3 days ago
That's what he surposed to do man stuff
Laperrla Lashawn Laperrla Lashawn . 3 days ago
Ayo how bro
german alaya german alaya . 3 days ago
He has some high IQ.
Maria Alonzo Maria Alonzo . 3 days ago
He said it was dirty 不不
HeadM0use HeadM0use . 3 days ago
Nah he/she know he/she can get
Talia French Talia French . 3 days ago
Why did she sound so mad when she asked him what he was doing?
melon twist melon twist . 4 days ago
That's great but don't you guys have a water shortage
ImGodsSon89 ImGodsSon89 . 4 days ago
Ummm so what's the problem again仄
C S C S . 4 days ago
Zaden Bates Zaden Bates . 4 days ago
Isn't a nice thing to do right
LegitLoft LegitLoft . 4 days ago
Son quick, hold this hose
Daniel Fuimaono Daniel Fuimaono . 4 days ago
He is such a good boy
Mark Oliver Jr Mark Oliver Jr . 4 days ago
How jyou have a son so caml
Garrett Schofield Garrett Schofield . 4 days ago
Kias..! Wtf his name is kias you people!
Kameronb779 Kameronb779 . 4 days ago
say tank yu
EvoEvan Nismo EvoEvan Nismo . 4 days ago
As adorable as it is someone needs to watch that little boy.
Ziyah Byers Ziyah Byers . 4 days ago
How many orange cars y'all got
juan juan . 4 days ago
spiderman642 spiderman642 . 4 days ago
Too cute
MAB Tv MAB Tv . 5 days ago
Weird flex
Leonardo Matz Leonardo Matz . 5 days ago
No way I have that shorts
Joshua Cosme Joshua Cosme . 5 days ago
And the fact that he said is dirty bc he trying to say ur never cleaning lol不不不
kita7843 kita7843 . 5 days ago
So cute 弘
GamingNate006 GamingNate006 . 5 days ago
Video ends :

Kid : Wheres my McDonalds
   樹#23DaysTillbday 樹#23DaysTillbday . 5 days ago
Carlos Loya Carlos Loya . 5 days ago
He look like a young Boba Fett
Aaliah Cable Aaliah Cable . 5 days ago
Team work make clean work
Tiffany Johnson Tiffany Johnson . 5 days ago
Smart guy.. wants to play with water but doesn't want to get into a lot of trouble..
I'll wash the car for mom and splash myself too 弘 just the cutest
CammyG橘 CammyG橘 . 6 days ago
You saying it like its a bad thing
YT Ankaboot YT Ankaboot . 6 days ago

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