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The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Yes, you read the title right. The dinosaurs in Jurassic World and Jurassic Park are NOT dinosaurs. Today we are going to break down what exactly they are. You see, the way they brought them back from extinction was... unique. Would it work? And what does that make these so called dinos?

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Zach Stewart and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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XAORESS XAORESS . 8 hours ago
In fact, I perfectly now than making Dinnausores will be result by deception. If you want to make a jurracic world, you can at least create *something looking like a dinnausore, you won't be able to re-create it, due to the awful quality of the discovered DNA, but do it as you thing they look like.
Kreeze Kreeze . 8 hours ago
Most of the big dinosaurs weren't actually feathered, the body size was a big factor as feathers was mostly used for thermal insulation so a Rex wouldn't be needing it the same way elephants do. Some dinosaurs were confirmed to have featheres but t rexes weren't found with feathers and have been confirmed to be found scales and even skin impressions of a t rex has confirmed they had scales. People thinking the t rex had feathers was just a hasty irrational conclusion.
Kari B Kari B . 9 hours ago
4:50 whoa amber from before the entire universe was even created
Jasper Van Dijck Jasper Van Dijck . 9 hours ago
at 6:49, showing a compsognathus when talking about a velociraptor?
Poor form...

though mostly kidding, nice vid
Lois Grace Lois Grace . 10 hours ago
This theory is great! love the new movie, to. Also, I would LOVE more stranger things theorys! Also, Mat Pat, i`m inside your walls.
Thiago Vidal Thiago Vidal . 10 hours ago
4:39 Nope. T rex was not covered in feathers whatsoever.
Khaled Faraj Khaled Faraj . 11 hours ago
Actually it’s been proven lately that trex was actually scaly and maybe some feathers not covered
Zachariah Spies Zachariah Spies . 12 hours ago
lol this channel
Zachariah Spies Zachariah Spies . 12 hours ago
well obviously there not gonna film dominion and all the other Jurassic movies with real dinosaurs are they? they where all emotronics
TaZeD_FPS TaZeD_FPS . 12 hours ago
tbh a lot of what u said isnt true, when u show dinosaurs like velociraptors or trex and say they arent real dinosaurs thats obviously not true, in the movies they dont look exactly the same but they still look really similar and are 100% real dinosaurs that arent made up. When u say they had no idea whats dinos looked lke thats untrue they had an idea and showed it in jurassic park 1, most things we know about how they look now is after the first film also they did mention they used frog DNA to fill in the gaps. tbh these films are so great because its things we have never seen before, we dont know how the acted or 100% how they looked like and they were way before us so its cool to see these huge prehistoric animals so i think pointing out everything they missed which a lot of it isnt their fault is kinda pointless
Cory Wallace Cory Wallace . 15 hours ago
Plsss do peppa pig
Kids time yay Kids time yay . 16 hours ago
So?? Who cares if the the Dinos are fake good movies
Marta Lalova Marta Lalova . 16 hours ago
Ok, as a person who has watched all six movies I will follow the movie universe logic + add some real science. JPMU: The dino DNA was sourced from jurassic mosquitoes and missing gene sequences were sourced from modern reptiles. The "dinosaurs" are in deed fictional hybrids. Fact vs. fiction: The animatronics and CGI are in deed super dramatic and unrealistic next to paleontological finds. For example, the raptors we love are in reality tiny next to the ones in the movies and theorized to have feathers. A recent find in the US may be what is pictured as a velociraptor but it's again feathered. I had a basic genetics course in high school and college and you see, even if you are able to replicate the karyotype/genotype, unless you replicate the environment (flora and fauna), you are destined to fail in dino cloning. Jurassic Park/World is pure entertainment and worth it for the visuals but nothing more. What it did in the 90s was raise interest in paleontology and that is a win in my book. Michael Crichton was brilliant when it came to blending science and fiction, and I guess his medicine degree was used in the best possible way in his case.
Jan Mac Jan Mac . 18 hours ago
The T. Rex chasing Grant's group away doesn't automatically means it wants to eat them. It could easily be that it just wants to chase them away, like large predators do when scavengers are close to the food item.
Mrinal Patel Mrinal Patel . 22 hours ago
My man did all the work for future, thnx man
sun chips sun chips . 1 day ago
Matpat=modern bill nye
Hide and seek challenger pros Hide and seek challenger pros . 1 day ago
Yo man fnaf animatronics
TheDarksaphira TheDarksaphira . 1 day ago
I do apreciate all these thoughts about real dinosaurs here. Like, many of these things I wouldn't ever have thought about to be perfectly honest.
Jack Barker Jack Barker . 1 day ago
Did you know dinos didn’t have the part of the brain that made good decisions? It’s why left what they were doing when they saw the humans.
ComparatorClock ComparatorClock . 1 day ago
sooo.... the island of Ixalan is a better Jurassic Park than Jurassic Park? lol
the-artsy-introvert the-artsy-introvert . 2 days ago
I really loved the idea of putting dinosaurs in giant terraria's with a built night and day thingy
=Spencer= =Spencer= . 2 days ago
Your just ruined my life...CONGRATS
JV N JV N . 2 days ago
I guessed a swan!!
Alicia Doe Alicia Doe . 2 days ago
The dinosaurs in the movie are robots but have some animal characteristics from the animals the put the genes inside the robotic smart like creatures
000Infinity888 000Infinity888 . 2 days ago
I wonder how far we're off on how dinosours really look
FionaM001 FionaM001 . 2 days ago
Uhh… matpat, I think you’re missing one crucial detail here: the Dinos in the JP series have ALTERED DNA. It would why they don’t have feathers or anything else that would scientifically accurate (and even what we currently know about dinosaurs are constantly changing, so it’s hard to keep up). In Jurassic Park 1, both in Book material and movie (and even somewhat in Jurassic World), they have stated that they filled the genetic code (even with what little the had) in with frog DNA. Now realistically, this kind of thing would be, basically, impossible since DNA could only go so long before it fades into nothing, but this isn’t reality. This is a fictional universe where the ideal conditions were there and the people in that exploited it.
The Mesocene Official The Mesocene Official . 2 days ago
Ya done goofed!
Tyrannosaurus is closer to humans than it is the Stegosaurus on the timeline!
Therefore, it shan’t eat the Stego!
Mr. Galaxy roblox Mr. Galaxy roblox . 2 days ago
They said that they weren’t fully dinosaurs
Mestre Do Contexto Mestre Do Contexto . 2 days ago
The oxygen level during the Cretaceous is very likely to be higher than of what we have nowadays. The reason being the existence of giant insects and their direct correlation with oxygen levels since they breath through their skin! This means: less oxygen = small insects; more oxygen = they get to be big boys.
Oops! I’ve made a mistake. The reason isn’t their existence… IT’S THEIR ABSENCE! From the end of the Carboniferous period all the way to what was about the end of Jurassic and the start of the Cretaceous, giant insects got extinct (well, they actually evolved to get smaller, but you get the idea). This means that the oxygen levels were lower then… right? WRONG! Even though their size depends on oxygen levels, it isn’t the only thing they need to be worried for!
Suddenly in history the rise of a relentless insect predator was starting to pack their punch (actually kicks, slashes or pecks, because they can’t punch). I’m talking about the rise of the infamous winged creatures we call BIRDS! Which happen to appear at the same time as the giant insects were going extinct! Birds evolving and having well developed wings were the giant insects doom! Not lower oxygen concentration in the atmosphere! And since there wasn’t a big climactic change between those periods, I believe and confidently affirm that the oxygen levels were higher than they are nowadays!

I don’t know how this could help MatPat with his Theory… But hey, it’s just a Theory! A JURASsic? Cretaceous? Climactic? Entomological? Ornithological Theory? I honestly can’t decide 🤷‍♂️
Myles Welnetz Myles Welnetz . 2 days ago
Then that begs the question. If the “dinosaurs” in Jurassic Park aren’t dinosaurs, what are they?
Emperor Shadow Emperor Shadow . 2 days ago
Another solution would be to have the whole park be one giant terrarium, and if guests want to go in to see the dinosaurs, they have to put on oxygen masks and tanks to breath in the new environment
King Of the Beast King Of the Beast . 2 days ago
do not talk about accuracy when you call an apatosaurus a brontosaurus 💀
dolita windo dolita windo . 2 days ago
Now that I've watched the video, re-engineering dinosaurs accurately seems like a horrible investment.
Bowtech2 Bowtech2 . 2 days ago
Lot of bad info in this video.
BM-13 Katyusha BM-13 Katyusha . 2 days ago
DominicDoesStuff DominicDoesStuff . 3 days ago
“That means that the T.rex, Velociraptor-“
*Shows an image of a Jurassic park compsognathus*
Ratholomew The Rat Ratholomew The Rat . 3 days ago
The dinos, are protecting their territory, like kills and their baby.
you probably know more about science than be but I'm just sayin.
Connor M. Connor M. . 3 days ago
This video destroyed any arguments that the earth can't warm itself
Malik Kombani Malik Kombani . 3 days ago
dinosaurs had feathers
Meatwad Meatwad . 3 days ago
I love how you spent this entire video basically explaining the modern reptile hobby XD
Aidan Pixels Aidan Pixels . 3 days ago
i disagree with this video because... the scientist made a dinosaur egg in Jurassic park and thay made Dino DNA So Matt patt is wrong the dinosaurs in Jurassic world are real
Ashiel03 Ashiel03 . 3 days ago
Wow wow wow there! You telling me that back then global warming was a thing without the help of MAN!!!
TheGamingRaptor TheGamingRaptor . 3 days ago
Actually the book of Jurassic park came out 3 years before the film
EllyElly EllyElly . 3 days ago
I love that they called it "all yesterdays" as a nod to "all tomorrows"
Jeff D Jeff D . 3 days ago
But wouldn't the Dinos be used to the higher or lower O2 in the air because they grew and hatched in today's atmosphere and wouldn't their metabolism speed up to account for the cooler temps of today? I would bet that the nocturnal Dinos would start to switch their sleep cycles if they were fed during the day. They'd probity won't stay awake all day but maybe be more like cats who are most active around sunset and sunrise.
KT Mansfield KT Mansfield . 3 days ago
I had to pause at the T-Rex partying down south with the penguins because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH.
MrFallen1ne MrFallen1ne . 3 days ago
Why go after people when cattle farms would be essentially a T-rex pantry.
werewolf God werewolf God . 3 days ago
Can you please tell us to Mr popo is

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