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Benny Soliven

Benny Soliven

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Priscilla Sandoval Priscilla Sandoval . 12 hours ago
Issy2Luv Issy2Luv . 1 day ago
4:00 I'm getting the chills!!!! maaaaan.... youtubers!! FOLLOW HIS ACTIONS!!! I'm getting the chills!!! Denny!! GOOD FREAKING JOB!!!!! best video of yours EVER!
Aniseta Larsen Aniseta Larsen . 2 days ago
Yessss!!! This is what it’s about giving back to others!!!! 🙌🥰👍🙏🏼
Arlene Elle Arlene Elle . 2 days ago
You’re truly a blessing! You & Alo 🙏 May God bless you guys.
Stevie Alva Albany Stevie Alva Albany . 3 days ago
Bro this is it right here Benny
Jackie Aguilar Jackie Aguilar . 6 days ago
Awww thanks Benny for doing that guys are the best 🔥🔥keep it up
Afsoon Safi Afsoon Safi . 1 week ago
Benny is so generous, i hope i get to meet you guys & hangout with yall some day! 😭
Jessica Monserat Jessica Monserat . 1 week ago
Lol literally if you from the bay and can’t drink henny you ain’t really from bay 🤣🤣🤣
Got Crazy Got Crazy . 1 week ago
Ofc she wants more plastic lmfao poor benny 😭
Ci Ci Ci Ci . 1 week ago
Your planting good seeds bro….
sophia sophia . 1 week ago
I’m tearing up 🥹🥹 the lady in the blue shirt… god bless eve
Ashley Sanchez Ashley Sanchez . 1 week ago
So proud of you Benny ! This warms my heart blessings for you and your family ❤️
Sofia Mata Sofia Mata . 1 week ago
“Thank you my friend” hit a littler different 🤍🙏🏼
Cecilia Rivera-Morales Cecilia Rivera-Morales . 1 week ago
God bless you Benny. This made me cry especially with the lady and her son. You really don’t know what someone is going through. This video made my day❤️❤️ god bless you and your family ❤️❤️❤️
Crystal Duran Crystal Duran . 1 week ago
Benny ur a good dude
delila gonzalez delila gonzalez . 1 week ago
Was that the two free Hawaii tickets you both got 🤦🏽‍♀️
Vanessa Arroyo Vanessa Arroyo . 1 week ago
I love seeing videos like this when YouTubers giveback to the ppl. This is so AWESOME!!
Samantha Juliana Samantha Juliana . 1 week ago
the fact that all those people didn’t know they were going to be blessed that day 🥹❤️
Amber Guerra Amber Guerra . 1 week ago
This has me in tears. Benny such a amazing person. Beautiful soul! He was raised right by wonderful woman. So humble, caring and quick to give and never take. Alo and Legend are extremely blessed. 🥹🙏🏼❤️
Sovannarei C. Sovannarei C. . 1 week ago
Love this. Good deeds! Benny is such a ppl person.
Ziarah Ziarah . 1 week ago
I love this , my crybaby ass would’ve be bawling bc i haven’t fully filled up my tank since the prices went up 🥲
Jessica Mendez Jessica Mendez . 1 week ago
The couple that just got married aaaah 😍🥹👏🏻🫶🏻
The life of Jamie & Adam The life of Jamie & Adam . 1 week ago
That cruise looked awkward AF! Y’all needed some henny to get it crackin’ 🤣 Edit: I was smiling watching you help everyone at the gas station. You made their days for real!
Safe Place Safe Place . 1 week ago
He said" hell yea " my same reaction if someone out of nowhere came to help me with some gas 😂
Gas is expensive 😩
Evangelina Ledezma Evangelina Ledezma . 1 week ago
Benny, thanks my guy for helping out. Yes, gas is way to expensive now its a shame. God Bless you and the family 😊❣️❣️
Sharon Alvarenga Sharon Alvarenga . 1 week ago
Omg how is this not trending this is awesome
t t . 1 week ago
Perro I always be giving back to my people and never record
I guess maybe because it's part of your YouTube job too record things but you're doing something US THE PEOPLE DO EVERY DAY
Tami Lynn Tami Lynn . 1 week ago
That's what's up!! It's all about helping people out.
Juanita Guzman Juanita Guzman . 1 week ago
I didn’t realize that Benny was a yo no sabo kid but like makes sense cause I’ve never seen him speak a convo in Spanish in any of his videos 🤔
Briannna Saldana Briannna Saldana . 1 week ago
sitlaly rosas sitlaly rosas . 2 weeks ago
You guys are so natural at giving.. you can tell its not for followers but something you’ve always wanted to do! 💕 blessings to you guys 😘
Yazmine Yazmine . 2 weeks ago
The bay got baddies
Sunny Bermea Sunny Bermea . 2 weeks ago
Aww Benny you're such a sweet soul
Yazmine Yazmine . 2 weeks ago
Dam it’s crazy how you never know what someone goin through any kind gesture goes a long way this is the only true reason I would want to be rich to help others
Jarincy Tapia Jarincy Tapia . 2 weeks ago
God will always help you and your family benny🫶🏽🤍🙌🏽 btw come to Elgin Illinois we need the hook up lol
Ave Fam Ave Fam . 2 weeks ago
Mama francis Benny ya tu sabes is not normal carne asada😂 I don’t like the food the plate empty😂 like to se baby Benny in videos alondra mama he sead tata😂 love you guys nice vlog 👏💖💙
Ana Leslie Ana Leslie . 2 weeks ago
Bless your heart bens🫶💙
Sandra Lopez Sandra Lopez . 2 weeks ago
verdel386 verdel386 . 2 weeks ago
I know how it feels to be in that position of not having nothing God bless benny u that man stay up homie
tinavarela1 tinavarela1 . 2 weeks ago
When he said thank you Mijo 😩😩😩😩
Santana Santana . 2 weeks ago
Aw Benny your so sweet 😇
Alicia Avalos Alicia Avalos . 2 weeks ago
Aww benny because of this It reminded me of why I like to watch you. Your a good person. I wish you and your family the best. You deserve all the good things coming your way.
Andy Munguia Andy Munguia . 2 weeks ago
55? Wtf I spend like 130$ on my Durango 2015
ROSIE MIL ROSIE MIL . 2 weeks ago
I was at that same charter gas station that day ! SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol but thanks for helping a little especially in your hometown ❤️
Ashley Victoria Ashley Victoria . 2 weeks ago
Awh Benny you’re the sweetest helping all those people with gas. God bless you!
Alexis Foster Alexis Foster . 2 weeks ago
I love Benny and Alo's relationship. Bless it forever God ❤️ so genuine.
none yo business none yo business . 2 weeks ago
Heeeey in my hometown!! Love you guys !!! You guys always a Mood! ❤🔥🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Isaac Flores Isaac Flores . 2 weeks ago
Omg my grandpa is on 5:43
adrienne roper adrienne roper . 2 weeks ago
Love it benny.. thats very awesome
Reyna Perez Reyna Perez . 2 weeks ago
“Our buddy right here 🤣😂” “hey wassup wyd”

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