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Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Published on 7 months ago

Bonnie & Taylor Sims, from Everybody Loves An Outlaw, perform their viral hit 'I SEE RED' at Washington's in Fort Collins, CO.

Filmed & Edited by Kevin Gregory

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Vocals: Bonnie Sims (YT @bonniesims443)
Lead Guitar: Taylor Sims
Writer: Robbie Nevil

chelle patino chelle patino . 6 days ago
I like this but the Kristen cruz version is better. Grittier and angrier. This is too soft for the lyrics imo
I just discovered this group. I love it. Their music is pure energy... Although I saw the AGT show and the girl who sang this song and I quite liked it. I have to admit that I will always prefer the originals.
Sandra Lazaro Sandra Lazaro . 1 week ago
Ela n tem voz pra esta música
Nem pensar
Samamtha Durbridge Samamtha Durbridge . 2 weeks ago
This is all you baby girl!!! Your the one who sings this song with soul,conviction, and honestly❤❌⭕🇨🇦
jasondean88888 jasondean88888 . 2 weeks ago
2:02 Find someone that looks at you like this.
TZB 997 TZB 997 . 2 weeks ago
I HAVE NEVER CHEATED ON A GF.....personal experience is one thing...but don't do guys like that...dude with the guitar didn't get the lyrics I'm guessing...
Chantel Pardon Chantel Pardon . 2 weeks ago
I love the original however, my jaw dropped to the floor when Christine Cruz on AGT sang this I was truly amazed,.she slayed this song!!
Pumpkin Puna Pumpkin Puna . 2 weeks ago
Kristin Cruz AGT audition brought me here !!!❤️👍💕
Miss Independent Miss Independent . 2 weeks ago
Wow! Thank you to the person who hurt you.
Steph Braz Steph Braz . 2 weeks ago
Hella solid performance.
J T J T . 2 weeks ago
A 19 year old on AGT just superseded this performance big time. This song needs grit and she provided that.
chunter3882 Hunter chunter3882 Hunter . 2 weeks ago
This song was just on AGT. I never heard this song before. Great Song!!
B.B krueger B.B krueger . 4 weeks ago
Wow! this vocal... perfect.
Dana Kot Dana Kot . 1 month ago
O - M - G !!! I'm REDLY in LOVE 😍
Kamelia Radeva Kamelia Radeva . 2 months ago
Wow, what a powerful performance!!! And the song itself...I love it
El Inca DecimoQuinto El Inca DecimoQuinto . 2 months ago
Bonnie = Janis Joplin del Siglo XXl
Tami weeks Tami weeks . 2 months ago
Wow that was amazing!
veritas aequitas veritas aequitas . 2 months ago
amazing song
Asheq Sulaiman Asheq Sulaiman . 4 months ago
Boat scene!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing
dagogilein dagogilein . 4 months ago
I just heard your song for the first time. It is absolutely amazing. And the perfomance was outstanding. This was for me the best wow moment for a long time on youtube. This have to had far more views.
carlos humberto alves de moura carlos humberto alves de moura . 4 months ago
Freaking cool. I like it.
Antonio Antonio . 5 months ago
Love your voice, passion, power when singing, greetings from perú
Leonie Hatfield Leonie Hatfield . 5 months ago
The power. I could like this a thousand times over.
Jennifer Cain Jennifer Cain . 5 months ago
Such a powerful voice!!
Kristelle Sharma Kristelle Sharma . 5 months ago
Would love to see a official video clip to this song with a country vibe
Давид✡️Еврей🔯Шалом Давид✡️Еврей🔯Шалом . 5 months ago
365 дней 🔯✡️✡️✡️🔯🔯🔯🔯
Londiwe Rossi Londiwe Rossi . 6 months ago
Love this song 💔💔❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gabriel Santos Gabriel Santos . 6 months ago
paola bissoli paola bissoli . 6 months ago
Voce fantastica
!? !? . 6 months ago
with love from Russia
Sojourner Truth Sojourner Truth . 6 months ago
Amazing performance! I am always so sad to look up a live performance, only to find out the talent is mostly studio tricks, especially the vocals. Thank you for being real ones! ❤️
y a n a 🖤 y a n a 🖤 . 7 months ago
Love it! <3
María Christina Mecola María Christina Mecola . 7 months ago
HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SONG 💗, and this perfom, the way of interpretation ☝☝☝
jessica mendoza jessica mendoza . 7 months ago
I love it every time you sing it 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Omnya mohammed Omnya mohammed . 7 months ago
Incredible sweetie ,😩🖤
Omnya mohammed Omnya mohammed . 7 months ago
First 🖇️🖤

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