Play / Download Jan 6th Hearings Get Crazier, Trump Screams About Equal Time & Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Dumb Take
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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on 3 weeks ago

We had another unbelievable day in Washington as the January 6th hearings are getting so crazy it’s hard to believe they aren’t scripted, we’ve been hearing a lot about the lawyer who was pushing Trump and Pence to short-circuit the certification of the votes, we are learning more about the heated phone call between Trump and Pence on the morning of the 6th, Donny was on Truth Social screaming about “equal time,” Georgia Representative Barry Loudermilk is under scrutiny for giving Trump Supporters a tour of the Capitol right before the insurrection, Garbagy Taylor Greene was outside during the hearings complaining that the criminals who broke into the Capitol are being treated like criminals, Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker is having a difficult week after being caught in a number of lies, Beyoncé is releasing a new album, and Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo is lending his voice to a new project with the folks at Disney+.

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Bruce Devine Bruce Devine . 7 hours ago
You and your program are just as fake as CNN and your "so called" argument with Matt's Old!! You must be seriously twisted to support Biden. Clearly your dollar that is weakening doesn't bother you as you are filthy/disgustingly rich. I'm from Zimbabwe and can Clearly see your pathetic attempts to support your left wing lies and corruption. I've seen people like you all my life.
Paul Chadbourne Paul Chadbourne . 12 hours ago
Shmulik Anglister Shmulik Anglister . 4 days ago
Why isn't Trump in prison yet?
Tara Deleeuw Tara Deleeuw . 4 days ago
I want them all talk for hours too
Tara Deleeuw Tara Deleeuw . 4 days ago
As they orchestrate
Tara Deleeuw Tara Deleeuw . 4 days ago
Rolling the dice
Tara Deleeuw Tara Deleeuw . 4 days ago
Went for lunch
Tara Deleeuw Tara Deleeuw . 4 days ago
Nothing surprises me
Nancy Small Nancy Small . 4 days ago
That woman is mentally challenged, I don't know what scares me more to look at her and listen to her or to know that people actually believe her.
Bolin Bolin . 5 days ago
5:10 lmao
James Rowan James Rowan . 5 days ago
Margie leaves a slime trail shen she slithers.
Ford Ken Isaacs Ford Ken Isaacs . 5 days ago
MTG has a lot in common with the the proud baby boys and the oak eaters as Kimmel stated, they filthy, no haircuts, unshaven , disgusting, in filthy disgusting conditions and no tampons, she should be with them
Macadoo Crue Macadoo Crue . 1 week ago
I guess people are too stupid to realize the DOJ and FBI already cleared Trump. All this is nothing, won't do anything. Now, they could charge him, but they won't becuse they will have to hand over all evidence to the defense team. Which will implicate government agencies, along with congressmen on both sides of the isle. It's amazing the crap people still keep believing. Remember, if the media and governemnt are saying the same crap, 90% of the time it's a lie.
Terrance Evans Terrance Evans . 1 week ago
equal time connected to a lie detector, under oath.
Richard Shirley Richard Shirley . 1 week ago
Guillermo, you are a ⭐️.
leepicker67 leepicker67 . 1 week ago
Trump destroying White House tableware is a violation of Title 18 USC Section 1361. Penalties even where destruction is less than $100 can be as much as $100,000 and/or one year in jail.
sh4rkbyt3 sh4rkbyt3 . 1 week ago
Trump can have equal time, the committee is just waiting for him to show up and testify, the same as everyone else!
g francis g francis . 1 week ago
thank you for making us laugh
Marie Porter Marie Porter . 1 week ago
Crocodile DUM-Dee.😄😂
margaret johnson margaret johnson . 1 week ago
big surprise there!
Richard Pierpoint Richard Pierpoint . 1 week ago
I know I'm a wee bit late with this comment but ol' Marjorie Traitor Greene* really is, quite breathtakingly, stupid - I mean, which of these arseholes had a policeman HAD A POLICEMAN KNEEL ON THEIR NECK FOR NEARLY NINE MINUTES?

Just saying...

* Why can't it just call itself "Marjorie Greene" - I mean, Alexandria's surname is hyphenated and it is, by no stretch of the imagination, another JFK, RFK or LBJ, is it?
Ralpho The Great Ralpho The Great . 1 week ago
Jimmy is so deep in China's pocket. So is his network, that's why he has a job.
John Cooper John Cooper . 1 week ago
I give a dam if they weren't in there I would be pissed! Dam right they deserve it stupid traitor you should be in there with them!!!!!
Linda G Linda G . 1 week ago
trumpf is incapable of speaking truth, so under oath or not does not matter…
Charles Platt Charles Platt . 1 week ago
Chetto boy won't testify in New York let alone DC
Charles Platt Charles Platt . 1 week ago
That's an insult to Crocodile Donede
Winniewera Winniewera . 1 week ago
Why is trump not in jail??
Nancy DeCoste Nancy DeCoste . 1 week ago
I can just picture HIS perp walk on world wide news..The Orange man in an orange jumpsuit.
Nice guy Rick Nice guy Rick . 1 week ago
Kimmel's jokes and show have become both stale and shallow, like Joe Biden's Presidency. Here's some advice Jimbo, stop being a living breathing Democrat talking point and fire all your joke writers, "they don't seem to like you"
Lonnie Brady Lonnie Brady . 1 week ago
You have become a CNN sidekick ha we are not stupid nice try Lonnie ray
Colleen Hall Colleen Hall . 1 week ago
Well trump should testify if he wants equal time. But that would just be a day of “ I plead the 5th”
Wayne Smith Wayne Smith . 1 week ago
Can you imagine being this stupid to vote Republican
Ravenesque Ravenesque . 2 weeks ago
They're in jail/prison because they're TRAITORS, Moron! You are advocating coddling, giving aid to the enemy, which will do so many good never hearing your discordant voice again in the Capitol.
Shirley Ramsey Shirley Ramsey . 2 weeks ago
Margaret Atwood
Me Me . 2 weeks ago
It would be cool if Matumbo did the voice work for one of the cars.
Samuel Morris Samuel Morris . 2 weeks ago
Can't MTG get a better deep sanding job on her skin, troll on the make up? Wear a bandana? Those pits and pock marks are SO distracting!!! (Just me being bitchy as she) or maybe it was the Jewish space Lazers
Douglas Lam Douglas Lam . 2 weeks ago
Watching this loony bird tells me why are country is jacked up.
Xtoriez Novel Xtoriez Novel . 2 weeks ago
So, with absolutely no evidence, the Democrats can complain every, single, day for four years that Russia stole the 2016 election, but when Trump says that Democrats stole the 2020 election the Democrats cry "No Fair!" Trump was hired to CUT government and he did just that! Democrats need to see a political diet as a good thing. Go Trump, Go!
Busta Knutt Busta Knutt . 2 weeks ago
Can't get past them ears though - nightmare ish
Shelli Mendoza Shelli Mendoza . 2 weeks ago
Jimmy 😂
Shelli Mendoza Shelli Mendoza . 2 weeks ago
Drumf will go to jail!
Indie Sindie Indie Sindie . 2 weeks ago
Filthy, dirty, and disgusting just like Marjorie Taylor Green!
k S k S . 2 weeks ago
MTG is vile.
Rob Pelick Rob Pelick . 2 weeks ago
Kimmel and Colbert are merely shills for the democrat party. How on earth did these two morons end up as late night talk show hosts?
nina jones nina jones . 2 weeks ago
Love Jimmy
Yousif Qazi Yousif Qazi . 2 weeks ago
We went for Tacos
Rick Baker Rick Baker . 2 weeks ago
"Filthy, dirty and disgusting"

and that's just her webbed feet
Puppet Master Puppet Master . 2 weeks ago
The wench of Georgia
Kenneth Nash Kenneth Nash . 2 weeks ago
Hey MTG when you commit a crime, you lose your rights.
Kenneth Nash Kenneth Nash . 2 weeks ago
No we demand equal time. He has been spouting his garbage for years. Hard to counterbalance his constant lies with actual facts and evidence.

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