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60 Minutes

60 Minutes

Published on 2 weeks ago

Lesley Stahl speaks with "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah about growing up in apartheid-era South Africa and his career as a standup comedian.

"60 Minutes" is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10.

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Stephanne San Nicolas Stephanne San Nicolas . 36 minutes ago
He's a great boyfriend.
Jelway311 Jelway311 . 44 minutes ago
Leslie stahl on the train tracks please
Riben Inua Riben Inua . 1 hour ago
To combine jokes with intelligence is masterclass comededy, and that's what TN is, a master comedian. His intelligence came from his reading so many books in his early years. Read, read, read.....
Bob Masucci Bob Masucci . 2 hours ago
Franklyn James Franklyn James . 2 hours ago
LOVE EVERYTHING about this genius!! THANK YOU for this interview!!
Nicholas Orr Nicholas Orr . 3 hours ago
One of the most perceptive, eloquent, compassionate but also most hard-hitting social commentators we have in the West at the present time. He always comes across so humble (and you can tell it's genuine), but I truly believe he's one of our generation's great treasures. Mad respect!
Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller . 3 hours ago
Love trevor....I got to meet him and I will tell u what you see is what you get..genuine and funny
tahiti1 tahiti1 . 4 hours ago
Not only the funniest man on the planet, but one of the most intelligent and humble.
Candi the Great Candi the Great . 7 hours ago
His perspective on which side are you looking at the line and whether or not you crossed it is brilliant. He truly does see both sides of the argument and understands its just that... with personal perspective everyone thinks they are right and the other side wrong. Im so glad he said this as it may have enlightened a new way of thinking for some. My opinion of course.
Ilhaan F Ilhaan F . 9 hours ago
He loves his mom, grandma and his roots so much and that's what I like about this guy
They only thing they found in South Africa is a comedian 😂😂😂,
Now they expect us to make this guy a role model of our children, come on.
Why don't they interview Julius, Floyd, or any other person
1truek 1truek . 11 hours ago
What an awesome person 💕
Branch Branch . 11 hours ago
That wasn't 60 minutes :(
Fabien Pawloff Fabien Pawloff . 12 hours ago
love this man so much
Fishing For Candy Fishing For Candy . 14 hours ago
Great Boyfriend
Cecilia Faustin Cecilia Faustin . 14 hours ago
Brilliant man! Keep cracking the jokes Trevor and make us look beyond the laughs :)
Ritchie R Ritchie R . 19 hours ago
Trevor Noah is an enigma of excellence
Lourelyn America Lourelyn America . 20 hours ago
You cross the line depends on which side you are looking. Lololols
Ana N Ana N . 1 day ago
Ugh… old people need to stop asking about a person’s desire to procreate. It’s rude and invasive. Raising a child DOES NOT define a person’s existence.
Thordur Hognason Thordur Hognason . 1 day ago
America is truly a *hit hole of hate but Trevor is truly brilliant
RaeL RaeL . 1 day ago
He low key looks like the weeknd
bernadetha bukuru bernadetha bukuru . 2 days ago
Smart man
Jessica Anthony Jessica Anthony . 2 days ago
I would love to meet Trevor someday! I truly admire everything about him. Handsome, intelligent, funny, humble, mysterious, down to earth. He is simply the best!
Ranz Ali Ranz Ali . 2 days ago
Man that joke near the end made me laugh so hard. 😂
Jessica Hijarunguru Jessica Hijarunguru . 2 days ago
I love how he explained how "poverty" is perceived by those who grow up with it - brilliant
Evejer Creations Evejer Creations . 2 days ago
he knows how to cook jokes out of minor to major issues out anything airhostess, his dog fuffi, politics so many very diverse. he is in a class of his own brilliant!!!!!
Evejer Creations Evejer Creations . 2 days ago
super funny beings so contagious
Robert Thomas Robert Thomas . 2 days ago
Can someone name an active comedian who is better than:

1) Dave Chappelle
2) Trevor Noah?
Brianne Brianne . 2 days ago
Thank you for being open about ADHD.💙💜🤎🖤
Amapiano | Dance Moves Amapiano | Dance Moves . 3 days ago
Loved this
Tony Camilleri Tony Camilleri . 3 days ago
I grew up watching Hey!Arnold when I was young and he was always to me the epitome of the voice of reason for when the situation is such that it calls for it.

The personalities that are like this are those born under the Pisces star sign and the people that come to mind are George Washington and now Trevor Noah.
sabz sabz sabz sabz . 3 days ago
He is funny and clever
Beverly Blockmon Beverly Blockmon . 3 days ago
Trevor @ he is amazing.
Yeony Myodunghwa Yeony Myodunghwa . 3 days ago
what makes this interview great is how the interviewer asked and how Trevor reaponded in a very brilliant and genuine way.
Salubo Bryan Salubo Bryan . 3 days ago
How could you not like this man? He's damn smart in life.
Nemar Nemar . 3 days ago
Ididnt knw Trevor has ADHD
I recently came to knw that i have ADHD as well
Rashid Khan Rashid Khan . 3 days ago
He is smart ,good looking,cute ,clever ,intelligent ,humble ,calm and an amazing human being ....a lots of love from India...
luchochang luchochang . 3 days ago
I love Trevor. He’s definitely funny, but he’s especially bright and very insightful. He has a lot to share and to teach us.
NotYourTypicalComment NotYourTypicalComment . 3 days ago
This dude was funny, then he became so main stream liberal, jokes are so predictable and lame
Xia Pong Xia Pong . 3 days ago
He is the reason so many privileged folks like himself get away with so much; Including frauding people into thinking their privilege is suffering.
Wendy Sharpe Wendy Sharpe . 3 days ago
Very disappointed with Leslie’s comment regarding Trevor’s perception of the US. His assessment is spot on.
Pinoyakarino Pinoyakarino . 4 days ago
The western world committed so much crime!
Jen K Jen K . 4 days ago
I found this reporter to have a negative stance, which Trevor took in his stride. He responded with class and style not allowing her out dated thoughts to impact him. I'm happy for his well deserved success 🙌 🤩
Officially Denise Officially Denise . 4 days ago
He’s a sell out.
Watson Pike Watson Pike . 4 days ago
Oh god really?
Patrick McGovern Patrick McGovern . 4 days ago
He's right. There is a lot of hate in America, especially right now. We're living in difficult and frightening times and people are looking for someone to blame. Our anger is dividing us when we need to be coming together, and helping each other. This man is wise beyond his years and I appreciate his insights.
ha.royalmajesty ha.royalmajesty . 4 days ago
He is a great boyfriend 🤍🤍🤍pure gold statement these guys are also comedians 👌👌👌👌🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Sibongile Mbuli Sibongile Mbuli . 4 days ago
Angelo Basso Angelo Basso . 4 days ago
Wonder why Trevor is near the bottom in TV ratings, and Gutfeld is Number One, but 60 minutes chooses the bottom dwellers to interview! Kinda like Colbert!! It Is really funny as we remember Lesley Stahl with Jussie Smollett

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