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FOX 5 New York

FOX 5 New York

Published on 2 weeks ago

There have been several arrests in connection with the shooting of the rapper Lil TJay in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong.

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HyprXNation HyprXNation . 20 hours ago
from the video i just watched wit lil tj in it he got back stabbed set up by his chick
Dick Lee Dick Lee . 2 days ago
Sickening to hear this shit every fucking day.
Chicken Boy Chicken Boy . 3 days ago
Still wannabe a gangster?
YS The Creator YS The Creator . 4 days ago
Smh that's a nice ass neighborhood too, I be around there a lot
Jeremy bike life Jeremy bike life . 4 days ago
This happens just a blocked away from my house
KingoHighlight KingoHighlight . 5 days ago
How many times was he shot?
FREeZY FREeZY . 6 days ago
Bro thank god he is ok ❤️
Badda Road Badda Road . 7 days ago
Stay strong lil tjay
Dj spacejam Dj spacejam . 7 days ago
Rappers need to be really careful and which out how they move in the streets. I understand they miss being in the hood but the hood not the same no more...
Patricia Jefferson Patricia Jefferson . 1 week ago
Lil taj
Sebas Jimenez Sebas Jimenez . 1 week ago
Hope he gets better
Cal Wardhil Cal Wardhil . 1 week ago
He was definitely set up
Tanique Squire Tanique Squire . 1 week ago
this is not right im so tired of these dum as people killing rappers you got people out getting murder people got to watch out i hope you ok im your big fan of you love you❤️❤️❤️❤️ good🍀🍀
Van Damage Van Damage . 1 week ago
stop trying to live in this garbage subculture. This crap destorying minorities lives. The big wigs know this, Hence put terrible people in the lime light.
Ahriannas YouTube channel Ahriannas YouTube channel . 1 week ago
Wow liltigay 🥺🥺
Anna Smith Anna Smith . 1 week ago
I hope you ok
Killian H Killian H . 1 week ago
No!!!!!! Don't take him away too 💔😭
Jack facts Jack facts . 1 week ago
Jack facts Jack facts . 1 week ago
Send prayers
Jack facts Jack facts . 1 week ago
Tjay please pull through I miss listening to you music
idgafff idgafff . 1 week ago
Lil tjay u snitch straight up
Francine Delery Francine Delery . 1 week ago
SMH 💯🙏🏾💜‼️
andy o andy o . 1 week ago
so this lilttle punk brought trash to this area. sad.
classy 2.0 classy 2.0 . 1 week ago
Rip 😇🙏🥺
V. P. N V. P. N . 1 week ago
Head shot
Frozt Frozt . 1 week ago
Ion know if this is true, but the shooter was claimed to be A Boogies homeboy. This beef WILL escalate and I mess with A Boogie heavy but he better watch out.
Bob Bobbi Cryptogranny Bob Bobbi Cryptogranny . 1 week ago
Jillian Gomez Jillian Gomez . 1 week ago
Damn that bullet was as jim carry would say in the mask smoking
Sergiu Sergiu . 1 week ago
imi place acest clip inteleg abolut tot ce spun acesti oameni imi place mult rau de tot
Bruh Man Bruh Man . 1 week ago
Legends never die.
Cuauhtemoc Morisco Cuauhtemoc Morisco . 2 weeks ago
Rappers need to stay off the internet and let the label do advertising for them cuz they dying out here when they post their shit on social media.
Derdenlegend 03 Derdenlegend 03 . 2 weeks ago
I've been listening his song for 4 years when brothers came out his legendary song fake fans please be respectful you weren't even know him
We are with you tjay prayers up for you 😱
Lovingkobe4life Lovingkobe4life . 2 weeks ago
free tjay get better
Sbonga Nxumalo Sbonga Nxumalo . 2 weeks ago
Thank god lil tjay is good
Rohn Schutsky Rohn Schutsky . 2 weeks ago
One rapper down 100 more to go
Rohn Schutsky Rohn Schutsky . 2 weeks ago
Bye-bye a little TJ
Diactivated Diactivated . 2 weeks ago
Man, y’all niggas sicken me. Every couple months another rapper shot. Shit old
maze gaming maze gaming . 2 weeks ago
They tried to take another legend after von
Reality.12k VEVO Reality.12k VEVO . 2 weeks ago
Thank God my fav rapper is ok i dont know what i would of do 🙏🏾❤
Esther buchner Esther buchner . 2 weeks ago
Jealousy envy hate
Badkidivy Badkidivy . 2 weeks ago
We love you
sh0rtyb0yp1mp sh0rtyb0yp1mp . 2 weeks ago
its not being a rapper its acting tough and saying certain things , living life as you are untouchable . will smith never had these problems as a rapper but pac biggie and all those who are dying are living this gang live by the gun die by the gun life . saying oh we out here and i dare u to snatch me chain type of thing that will get you shot and robbed real quick
Dunnie Dondidit Dunnie Dondidit . 2 weeks ago
I love you t jay bro 💯🦍🥷🏿
Kiki Bernard Kiki Bernard . 2 weeks ago
You gotta keep your eyes open even in the nicest neighborhood always be on guard and also being flashy ain’t even called for all the time makes you a target especially y’all just sitting in a car but hope he gets better
Kabasa Mugisho Kabasa Mugisho . 2 weeks ago
😓 this so sad 😭
nombeko poni nombeko poni . 2 weeks ago
I hope he comes out with no disabilities or anything coz that would suck
DA BoYGhz DA BoYGhz . 2 weeks ago
Nooooo we lost Another Rapper😭❤🙏🙏🙏
Tomi B. Tomi B. . 2 weeks ago
Lil Tjay is a legend. I've really loved his music ever since he did collaborations with Pop Smoke. This is heartbreaking truly.

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