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Dereck Reacts

Dereck Reacts

Published on 2 weeks ago

#firsttimereact #firsttimebeyonce #beyonce #breakmysoul
Hi all welcome back to another video Dereck Reacts back at it again! This time around we take a look at another First Time Reaction with yes Beyoncé..who saw that coming?!? First time indeed and it doesn't come in a better time with her new song "Break My Soul." Beyonce brings back 90's house dance rhythms, with little tweaks here and there. She manages to pull out my banana! Find out why now!

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#firsttimereact #firsttimebeyonce #beyonce #breakmysoul

blackkatt777 blackkatt777 . 1 week ago
This is 90's House/Dance.
The sample she is using is by Robin S.' Song SHOW ME LOVE. And Big Freeda is using a sample from one of his own original songs while he does his rap.

This song is absolutely uplifting and a dance floor must.

I hear this and immediately: 1.Want a spot light and a runway.

2.Watch the baddest bitches in the drag Queen world go toe to toe battle with this song.

3. Transport back to the club scenes in the 90's.

It was so freeing once you got on the floor after a drink or two. ..And when the dj goes hard on that house music, everything bad about my world just falls away...and that feels so good to dance with your soul and not just your feet.

I also forgot to say that every decade always goes retro by jumping back 2 decades before it's time.
The 90's were simultaneously going 70's retro and futuristic with the whole Matrix and dominatrix style of sleek wardrobe.

Well, something happened to the 2010's because they dropped the ball.

Urban music has been murdered and replaced by body snatching wannabes.

Mumble rap is a disgrace to its origin roots. Music studios got the basic, most mediocre talent they could find, and handed them a mic.

I am ready for a wave of 90's inspired sounds to come my way. I love the energy and the feel good positivity of it all.

Even Crystal Waters made a story about a homeless woman a whole mood and a bop. Lol 🤣
rob evers rob evers . 2 weeks ago
She samples Show me love from Robin S and she does it well ❤️
Liquid Ninja Liquid Ninja . 2 weeks ago
Disappointed you went bananas for this bullshit
Liquid Ninja Liquid Ninja . 2 weeks ago
It’s like Crystal Waters without melodies
Liquid Ninja Liquid Ninja . 2 weeks ago
Her voice sounds awful on this
Liquid Ninja Liquid Ninja . 2 weeks ago
Ugh she sucks and is so overrated
Wallison Guedes Wallison Guedes . 2 weeks ago
heattb heattb . 2 weeks ago
Loved your reaction!!! ✨✨This song grew on me!! Every listen it gets better!! Beyoncé is coming with something different with this album!!

This Act i btw! ✨✨
Shaun Howard Shaun Howard . 2 weeks ago
Not a fan.... And I love dance and disco music hard.... But Beyonce can't pull it off, she's no Donna Summers or Kylie Minogue..... It's like a beside sounding track of a Rihanna song
MaximusOfficial MaximusOfficial . 2 weeks ago
Aqueerius Aqueerius . 2 weeks ago
The song is a BOP!
Ricci DC Ricci DC . 2 weeks ago
she just run out of steam very repetitive btw Gaga has revisited 90s before her but remember the Queen of the Moment is the Phenom that is Kate Bush.Period
chillbrutha82 chillbrutha82 . 2 weeks ago
If you like this try: Go All Night by Jennifer Hudson, Finally by CeCe Peniston, or Show Me Love by Robin S. These songs have the same style and better lyrics.
Sarah Ali Sarah Ali . 2 weeks ago
Dont like it and won't be listening 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Yias Seane Yias Seane . 2 weeks ago
If you like this then something like RADIO, SWEET DREAMS from I Am sasha fierce or 6 INCH from lemonade might get you. Do you agree with me beyhive ?
Rubis Cat Rubis Cat . 2 weeks ago
Hi Dereck, I wanted to suggest a French song for you. Corneille is an absolutely fabulous artist from Quebec but he has had to surmount mountains to get where he is at. He lived through seeing his whole family murdered in front of him in Rwanda. I would strongly suggest the song "parcqu'on vient de loin" from Corneille. It was a hit in the French speaking community. 💗
Marita St. Marita St. . 2 weeks ago
Queen B is Nr. 1 . Great song
Sad Sad Sad Sad . 2 weeks ago
Nul. Toujours pareil.
Pierre -Alexandre Lapie Pierre -Alexandre Lapie . 2 weeks ago
Hi derek can you put the subtitle?
Tommy Morgan Tommy Morgan . 2 weeks ago
Listen to Show me Luv a UK and European hit. Beyonce never been an LGBT alley. Know ur history.
jackie_jrml79 jackie_jrml79 . 2 weeks ago
It’s so 90’s but I’m kinda bored. This isn’t very exciting. She just repeats the same thing 4x. I must be a terrible person. Maybe it will grow on me. 😂
Sanna Olsson Sanna Olsson . 2 weeks ago
I hope you react to more songs from her because you're missing out. She's not just one style, so if you don't like one you can most likely find sonething else from her that you'll like. She's especially amazing live.
Gittoplo Gittoplo . 2 weeks ago
UK Garage vibes. They are finally catching on. 20 years too late... ;)
Stephen Thomas Stephen Thomas . 2 weeks ago
It is a good song, but a bit repetitive/flat. It is the message/lyrics that have power.
sanyrub sanyrub . 2 weeks ago
I don´t like it. Sounds absolutely dated. And the look on that photo too tacky. It´s not that she is looking for a 90s sound and that´s it. You always have to find something new. Gaga or The Weekend have found ways to make 80s music sound new and so good and innovative for example.
josee benoit josee benoit . 2 weeks ago
Soooo 90's omg it brings me back in time. Queen B did it again 😍

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