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Published on 2 weeks ago

Gutfeld and guests discuss the suppression of free speech and how much of the media has ‘shut down’ discourse over comments on ‘Gutfeld!’

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valerie avellanet valerie avellanet . 11 hours ago
He should have googled supermarkets in my area.
Harry Tuttle Harry Tuttle . 22 hours ago
Soto is a Token , her decisions have been overturned more than rocks on Mars , or pancakes at IHOP .
VLD VLD . 24 hours ago
What is that FREAK BRUCE JENER DOING ON THIS SHOW? Keep it up I'LL stop watching!
Timothy Dudley Timothy Dudley . 1 day ago
Well you woke people soto miyor just showed you can disagree but still be freinds and be nice to each other!!!!
A New Creation A New Creation . 2 days ago
Philippians 2:11
“And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
D R D R . 2 days ago
She looks like a million bucks... thanks to inflation 😂
Roxann Geler Roxann Geler . 2 days ago
All DEMOCRATS must die
Martin Cobb Martin Cobb . 5 days ago
Idiots still in masks. {{{{Eye roll}}}}
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor sounds about as crazy as her name soda in her ear. What she said was a bunch of gaslighting BS that she tried to make it sound as if it was a compliment. Who put this liberal witch on the bench anyway Bill Clinton. Or maybe George Bush that idiot. Liberals are such pretentious people that don't have sense enough to pour pee out of a boot.
Marta Tavera Marta Tavera . 6 days ago
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Brain Rush Brain Rush . 7 days ago
Adult behavior among adults horns alot... just not I'm the media... it doesn't sell.
BIG TIMBO BIG TIMBO . 7 days ago
Hey, if the Clown Show can say Trump tried to choke out the Secret Service and somehow grab the steering wheel from the very back of The Presidential Limo where he sits, you can sure say You had 4 Billion Viewers!!
Gary Carter Gary Carter . 1 week ago
I Love her!!!....Gutfeld too....
The Corrector The Corrector . 1 week ago
Heh heh
Donald Hitman Donald Hitman . 1 week ago
Finally a Trans that can take a joke and not just be one.
David Shipes David Shipes . 1 week ago
Jenner's BF
David Shipes David Shipes . 1 week ago
Funny how Demarcates can find anything to try take attention of real issues and push stupid crap
David Shipes David Shipes . 1 week ago
Sonia you need to disappear
Head banger555 Head banger555 . 1 week ago
LOVE this show but cannot stomach looking at Bruce. What a freakshow! Get rid of him.
Tammy Mercer Tammy Mercer . 1 week ago
With TRUMP2024 we won't need alot of media. Just the good ones like you all! Thank you!
Sherry Pyburn Sherry Pyburn . 1 week ago
It's hard to believe that she wants to fire the Supreme Court when she follows Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt politicsAlso is a junior minority supposed to be what is the Constitution she supposed to uphold or the people that she serves not against usAlso you gotta be ashamed yourself AOC your BOC whatever you call yourself but anyway who is your disgrace along with President want to sound America out to China
Tricia Hoogendoorn Tricia Hoogendoorn . 1 week ago
Absolutely love this show!! Laughter, opinions and politics all in one. Makes my day to watch this. Thanks Greg and comrades!! We all need laughter..especially the past 2 years with this administration
MrSonicAdvance MrSonicAdvance . 1 week ago
Caitlyn Jenner is about as conservative as Chairman Mao. How is anyone fooled by her act?!
Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack *FingerSnap* Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack *FingerSnap* . 1 week ago
4:57 thats right i am.
Brian Checketts Brian Checketts . 1 week ago
WOW! Greg mentioned me on his show! And apparently 10 other people... Thanks Greg!
Angie Angie . 1 week ago
Paul Brinkman Paul Brinkman . 1 week ago
Another point-of-view:


In longer and longer
Patience intervals
The thought to be myself.
Emotions arise,
From the mish-mash forest
Of a thousand voices past,
Which our mind is still
Sorting out,
Or, just trying to get back.

We need to learn
To hear them at last,
For we haven’t yet figured
Their spin,
Much less who they are,
Or where they’ve been,
The meaning of within:
Mother, father,
Pastor, brother.

To get a handle,
We need to place you away,
Inside our inner eye;
Ourselves as well,
And be very still;
To watch the play….,
Or change the stage,
With a past-reaction update.

To find your strength,
To find your strength,
For the self-bestowed treasure
Projects through the gate--
Or, just cancel it,
And say good-bye.
And with much practice fit,
The forest will appear then,
Without you having to try.

This poem has the added benefit of showing people how to get control of their own inner thought processes, by separating present-based awareness from the tumult of our usual, scattered thought processes. And THEN, one’s suggestions have much greater focus and potency – for freeing oneself from one’s own negative thought patterns, attitudes,
Patrick Wentzell Patrick Wentzell . 2 weeks ago
there is still humanity in the world let's help it grow much bigger now .
Andrea G Andrea G . 2 weeks ago
My cats loved my pit bull ❤️
Duffimus Prime Duffimus Prime . 2 weeks ago
She looks like a million bucks!
thanks to inflation🤣😂
Matt Miller Matt Miller . 2 weeks ago
Love how Sonia's background still have their face muzels on.😆😆😆😆😆😆
T.B.A.R.R.O. T.B.A.R.R.O. . 2 weeks ago
Will Colbert be charged as the Master Mind, or as a brainless dumbass?
roach2go roach2go . 2 weeks ago
Great show
Matt Webb Matt Webb . 2 weeks ago
Greg throws the white power sign at 3:09. He disguised it while holding his glasses. Soy!
Douglas Nelson Douglas Nelson . 2 weeks ago


TO THEM THE HeLL of Earth.
Satans place The PIT.
Deborah Thompson Deborah Thompson . 2 weeks ago
Sounds just like marriage 😁
A. Keyboard A. Keyboard . 2 weeks ago
6:57 Oh bloody hell, I'm leaving...
bob mendez bob mendez . 2 weeks ago
Copernicus was wrong Believe some moron who never left the surface. or Mr Picard that went up 10 and a half miles and so I flat Earth would turned up edges meaning Antarctica holding in the oceans
Lisa Feck Lisa Feck . 2 weeks ago
Congratulations Gutfeld! 4 Billion, impressive.
Jose Dorsaith Jose Dorsaith . 2 weeks ago
Fox runs cover for the steal once more.
KingOfNewYorkCity KingOfNewYorkCity . 2 weeks ago
SpongeBob anyone
Poppy Dillings Poppy Dillings . 2 weeks ago
I’m sooo over Greg Gutfeld, he’s the male version of Joy Beyher and Whoopi Goldberg all rolled into one moron.
mary zolner mary zolner . 2 weeks ago
You can't use gender pronouns but you can say "woman's rights" ? You want gun control to save lives but you support abortion? If I vote the way you want it's great , but if I disagree with you I'm corrupt? I'm confused
BB BB . 2 weeks ago
Congratulations You deserve this award. You have a great show
You have honest and laughter and never a boring show. All the people who are on this show regularly are also great. Thsnks for standing up for this leftist generation. They never stop speeding out the hate that they have for the right. We know good always conquers evil in the end. GOD BLESS KEEP giving your best ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Robin Branco Robin Branco . 2 weeks ago
Congratulations I had to cancel cable and sell my tv but always watch on my phone
Rebecca Herschman Rebecca Herschman . 2 weeks ago
Greg is funnier than the late night guys I used to watch him at 2 am when he was on red-eye
Dave R Dave R . 2 weeks ago
NIce; "In this case it's a size 3".

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