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Published on 2 weeks ago

These Are The Top 20 Plays of Steph Curry's Career..

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Random Zay Random Zay . 4 hours ago
Susan Peters Susan Peters . 4 hours ago
This vid is mad sus
Zerg Zerg . 5 hours ago
This dude also can’t see think about that
Raonak Naicker Raonak Naicker . 5 hours ago
I don't care about y'all goats. Because Curry is the best basketball player I've ever seen.
Davisto Davisto . 6 hours ago
this dude made mike Breen say bang twice for one 3 pointer. legend
Ethan Dooley Ethan Dooley . 7 hours ago
Bro as I was watching this I made a half court 3 with curry in nba live mobile
Ricardo Rodrigues Ricardo Rodrigues . 8 hours ago
Hard to choose the best ones, there are so many. But, I believe you did a great job and finished #1 not only with a recent information, but the MVP Finals that perhaps he should´ve won it before. Congrats dude. Earned my Like.
Asaf Pelleh Asaf Pelleh . 9 hours ago
How didn't put the press conference when he said they're gonna take it this year?
jargalsaikhan dambadorj jargalsaikhan dambadorj . 9 hours ago
Lei Bee-Em Lei Bee-Em . 10 hours ago
Stephen Curry you earn The golden trophy because you’re a legend
Lucas Althage 23 Lucas Althage 23 . 10 hours ago
I was watching his game winner live on YV
S G S G . 10 hours ago
Great Video...
Funny & Entertaining Narration
Tanner Tanner . 10 hours ago
Curry be insane💦🔥
Monica Brown Monica Brown . 11 hours ago
Cool! Great vidoe!Thx for video!))
Grinds Grinds . 20 hours ago
When people said the warriors are done
Klay Curry Poole Wiggins and green: Are we alll jokes to you?
Proceeds to win the finals again
Sensei Inverse Sensei Inverse . 21 hours ago
Have a blessed day and know that Jesus loves you ✝️💪🏽
DX14 DX14 . 22 hours ago
“He just clapped Kyle Lowry’s cheeks” has me dying laughing 😂😂
FoxSteve HotShot FoxSteve HotShot . 1 day ago
Legend 😎
Gonzo Madden Gonzo Madden . 1 day ago
I like jimmmmmmyyyyyy GOAT!!!!
PrettyBoy Banks PrettyBoy Banks . 1 day ago
Why you got to say the gay shii
Jelena Mitic Jelena Mitic . 1 day ago
8:03 "
Steph is a different breed"
Beans Beanser Beans Beanser . 2 days ago
What makes the play against Jaylen Brown even colder, is that the Warriors won the 2022 NBA Finals against the celtics in 6 games.
draco the anime lover draco the anime lover . 2 days ago
this man only shooting green in irl
Esther Okure Esther Okure . 2 days ago
Curry made Gorbert dance like a Ballerina at number 15, funny as hell
Angel Medina Angel Medina . 2 days ago
What curry did 2 chris Paul should've been top 3
Sunny Sun Sunny Sun . 2 days ago
Curry is the best now
Argellis Sanchez Argellis Sanchez . 2 days ago
They do have a timeout decided not to used it. I was watching that game 🐐🐐🐐🐐
StrykerViper 711 StrykerViper 711 . 2 days ago
Those in doubts... BELIEVE...
Dambirog TV Dambirog TV . 2 days ago
After 3 years..he won another title and the MVP finals..these guys should apologize to Steph...and as usual these basketball commentator, critics etc get their prediction wrong and worst thing is, they don't correct themselves..
Rashad Jaccson Rashad Jaccson . 2 days ago
Now 1 could truly argue that Steph is better than lebron! 🤦
Musketeer Elite! Musketeer Elite! . 2 days ago
Goat goat goat🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Victor Maitland Victor Maitland . 2 days ago
Curry was just spectacular the Finals this year.
The gamers Arcade The gamers Arcade . 2 days ago
I am 19 and I never really played basket ball do you think I can start and get good ?
Thesby Tolbert Thesby Tolbert . 2 days ago
Wardell and them strange funny moves to the basket but they are very effective!😄😄
Thesby Tolbert Thesby Tolbert . 2 days ago
Wardell can dunk! MMMM I've never seen that happen! Well he's 6'2" tall and that is supposed to happen!😄😁
Ransom Boondox Ransom Boondox . 2 days ago
U didn't mention Draymond but it was a good vid
Jahongir Temirov Jahongir Temirov . 3 days ago
He is a real life anime character.
gamer Dude76 gamer Dude76 . 3 days ago
Steph curry is small compared to the defenders.
mpho modingoane mpho modingoane . 3 days ago
LeBron is better than Curry
Nazar Layu Nazar Layu . 3 days ago
What this song? 0:53
wt yase wt yase . 3 days ago
leave it to Perkins, let him predict your future and itll go the opposite way
Tito Garcia Tito Garcia . 3 days ago
Just earned a subscriber
Pxndalol Pxndalol . 3 days ago
What are they gonna say now
Nick Wright Nick Wright . 3 days ago
That was a close game! Can't wait to see how next season goes!!
Huwaylaan Huwaylaan . 3 days ago
If Warriors got the same healthy line up for the next two years, we're going to see a "Three-Peat".
Theman Theman . 3 days ago
how do u not have his shot over Matt in his first finals
KenJohn KenJohn . 3 days ago
Awesome vid!
Royce Jr Royce Jr . 3 days ago
Steph the goat
Emmanuel C. Tuazama Emmanuel C. Tuazama . 3 days ago
Your commentary made this video more amazing.
Steph Curry, he's just so special🔥
Not everyone loves Steph Curry
Steph Curry revenged🔥
3pts King🔥
Man, he proves them wrong🔥
Mann, he's just so special🔥❤️
Corbin Waite Corbin Waite . 3 days ago
Those added sounds were amazing

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