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Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Published on 2 years ago

#theboat from 365 Days/365dni? Psh, here's #thevoice from #ISeeRed

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Vocals: Bonnie Sims (YT @bonniesims443)
Lead Guitar: Taylor Sims
Writer: Robbie Nevil
2nd Guitar: Kyle Donovan
Video + Set: Jason Innes
2nd Camera: Nikki Nichols

Everybody Loves An Outlaw Everybody Loves An Outlaw . 2 years ago
Ducky Ducky . 13 hours ago
Kristen Cruz brought me here
Vampires Vampires . 3 days ago
Always loved this song very intoxicating also blood on a rose
Sarah Trower Sarah Trower . 5 days ago
Here because i just seen this with a young girl on A.G.T she was amazing so came to see who sang this song and wow amazing love it and your voice..such an exotic song 😁👌
Jelena Stankovic Jelena Stankovic . 5 days ago
OMG I just crazy with this voice and ridam 💖🍀💖🥰💔😭and cry💔😭oooooo
Cris Costa Cris Costa . 5 days ago
ididntknowwhattoput ididntknowwhattoput . 6 days ago
She ate his neck like hes a cookie or smth
Nikki Haze Nikki Haze . 7 days ago
Mother Ship Mother Ship . 1 week ago
Goes perfectly with every Johnny depp video/reel/edit/duet on instagram, TikTok, YouTube and beyond!! Just beautiful!
John and Christina DeRocker John and Christina DeRocker . 1 week ago
Absolutely love this song and your voice.
B Renee B Renee . 2 weeks ago
Raw! 🔥
MO’S ART MO’S ART . 2 weeks ago
Wow….what a powerful performance…🙏I can feel the raw emotion and energy in her voice….a true artist and a great vocalist….👍☮️🌏Ⓜ️MO= Melbourne
Luwangli Luwangli . 2 weeks ago
What was that???
Narq Narq . 2 weeks ago
Holy shit! Chills...
Steve Cain Steve Cain . 2 weeks ago
Girl on Agt 2022 Kristin Cruz sings it much better......this one sounds like a Billy goat
RK Malone RK Malone . 2 weeks ago
I do love this song. The lyrics are fantastic, the power behind their meaning is fantastic. But the power behind the vocals needs to be increased by a lot. As well as having some true soul infused into it.
Akshay Nikky Akshay Nikky . 2 weeks ago
I see reeeeeeeddddddddd.. 💥
yamur yamur . 1 month ago
Pili Martin Pili Martin . 1 month ago
TWD ADDICT TWD ADDICT . 2 months ago
This is so powerful..
No joke, one of the greatest talented woman I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard a lot)
clutch302tc clutch302tc . 2 months ago
this song is soooooooo badasss the lyrics hit hard and WOW! just blows my mind...
Arlene Laurentino Arlene Laurentino . 2 months ago
Felicia Whitfield Felicia Whitfield . 3 months ago
🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’m in love with this song
Braxton Rodeman Braxton Rodeman . 3 months ago
my sister likes this so di and my sister makes nightcore songs from the first songs and chages thee beat and the tone of the persons voice and the channles names Zenangle
Shadow Beats Ec Shadow Beats Ec . 4 months ago
Adrianna Nicole Adrianna Nicole . 4 months ago
This song is my go to karaoke song
Yusra K Yusra K . 4 months ago
The memories attached to this song....**trauma**
misty sakulich misty sakulich . 4 months ago
Wouldn't it be funny if she was singing about the dude beside her and he's just stuck playing the song because it's a hit lmao
Jayson Alfaro Jayson Alfaro . 4 months ago
It brings me flash back on 365 days in the boat scene
Prateek Khurana Prateek Khurana . 4 months ago
What a powerful voice ❤️ loved it!
Ana Contreras Ana Contreras . 5 months ago
ani-army ani-army . 5 months ago
Uf uf que voz,que sentimiento por favor,esto es increíblemente hermoso 👏🏻✨👌🏻
Nguyễn Tuyết Liên Nguyễn Tuyết Liên . 6 months ago
Việt Nam đâu rồi điểm danh cái
Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed . 6 months ago
vocally, lyrically, melodically, and emotionally this song is so powerful. Thankyou for putting original artist in the title event nobody can really replicate the magic you guys have.
Saif Elmankoly Saif Elmankoly . 6 months ago
I love these song it's very good from egypt🇪🇬🖤🔥
Barbievi Barbievi . 6 months ago
Click here to see red
Garry Son Garry Son . 6 months ago
You feel it!!!
RaphaCool Johnson RaphaCool Johnson . 6 months ago
Rajat Rai Rajat Rai . 7 months ago
Everything is so on point 🤯
Ayesha Iqbal Ayesha Iqbal . 7 months ago
Sharkiesha Sharkiesha . 7 months ago
Are you lost bebe gurl?
Cathy Joy Cathy Joy . 7 months ago
What an amazing voice. This has been recorded with no embellishments; this is exactly how the singer and guitarist sound. There's no other input - just voice and guitar !! So incredible. The true 'unplugged' recording.
𝐑𝐚𝐟𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐚 𝐑𝐚𝐟𝐚𝐞𝐥𝐚 . 7 months ago
I love you so much,your voice is incredible<3im your biggest fan<333
The lyrics, but also the entire performance is telling about the unbelievable pAiN.. But also about that how the eVil can get so quickly any soul through the siN which is very dangerous - and to KILL someone's HEART through the despair and the suffering..
I can tell that THEY even used a special HARMONY'S
To make that any of listener's can feel what They did in this sonG. So much EMO!! But..
They have used the very Special Harmony's OF A HOW TO FEEL THE SIN and the PAIN AT ONCE - FOR REAL. They did this on the BRIEGE in this sonG. I can tell that this CREW They KNEW what they doing - in my opinion. You can call their a system or a magic or whatever You like, but know ONE THING - IT can be used to control people. MICHAEL JACKSON and his CREW did the same ...
Every heart and soul and every brain has it's own tones and sounding of a Every One EMOTION ... 🙃 So when You are listening to a song and can feel some strange vibrations inside Your vains - THAT Means THIS IS IT.
Mike Jackson Mike Jackson . 7 months ago
Omfg! Just found this song and am in love! The vocals are WOW!!!!
Ryan Hand Ryan Hand . 7 months ago
This song makes me wanna do heroin for the first time and film a music video around it
Sarah Annabelle Dorianne Sarah Annabelle Dorianne . 7 months ago
Je vois rouge 👀❤️
Nataliya Kravchenko Nataliya Kravchenko . 8 months ago
Гитарист думает: "Пусть лучше поёт..." 😆
My Old Channel My Old Channel . 8 months ago
I'd love to have the original recording of this session to put the song on reel to reel. She's got an old sound and I'd like to master it in hi fi.

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