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The Weeknd

The Weeknd

Published on 7 years ago

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Roshantha Malith pamuditha Roshantha Malith pamuditha . 1 month ago
good old days
Mobile Producer Mobile Producer . 2 months ago
Gastón Portillo Gastón Portillo . 3 months ago
La música de mí cuando voy ala escuela Escucho para conquistar las chicas 😍
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only . 3 months ago
The original is better but the remix is nice in its own way
anderson manuel gamarra iman anderson manuel gamarra iman . 3 months ago
La sigo escuchando hasta hoy en plena carente de 05 abril 2022 en perú 🤣
Aldair Pilco Curiri Aldair Pilco Curiri . 4 months ago
2022 musicon uwu
numb1010 numb1010 . 4 months ago
wow, taking a song with an amazing groove and turning it into childish nonsense...
Block 14 Block 14 . 4 months ago
2022 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
AJ AJ . 4 months ago
When EDM was the main genre :(
Francesco Brus Francesco Brus . 5 months ago
h!m h!m . 6 months ago
worst remix ever
ANJODI ANJODI . 8 months ago
Todavia amo este remix de @martingarrix
Rob Michael Rob Michael . 8 months ago
Martin Garrix is the GOAT of EDM...
Aaron Isai Lopez Garcia Aaron Isai Lopez Garcia . 8 months ago
y nadie del 2021 se recuerda de esta joya.. al menos hispanohablante
Mikhil Muhuthan Mikhil Muhuthan . 9 months ago
sorry but the original will always be the best
superkittyninja superkittyninja . 9 months ago
i love this sm omgg
Feudartifesse Feudartifesse . 9 months ago
Do plastic surrergy helped you to fell you're face correctly ? XD
fructuoso castillo fructuoso castillo . 10 months ago

Martin Garrix (+x) :,)
Bread Bread Bread Bread . 10 months ago
Spread the word about God
3:14 아프리카 장레에식 쓰던 노래랑 같이
黑暗拳侍 黑暗拳侍 . 10 months ago

VipeR Garrix VipeR Garrix . 10 months ago
Martin Garrix ❤️
Chandrakant sahoo Chandrakant sahoo . 10 months ago
Surgi Ical Strike Surgi Ical Strike . 11 months ago
Why does it sound like that Coffin Dance music ?
Alexander Co Alexander Co . 11 months ago
Y does it sound like Secrets by KSHMR?
Joanne Smith Joanne Smith . 11 months ago
Hey Guys, I’m a big fan of The Weeknd and I just made a motivational video about his life and career and I would really appreciate you guys checking it out. I really put a lot of dedication and effort into this video to make it the best I can and my goal is for Abel to hopefully see it or at least hear about it. So if you can just do me a solid as a fan and check it out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I hope everyone stays safe!!

young vador young vador . 11 months ago
Very bad remix
Erypho Erypho . 11 months ago
RS GAMER RS GAMER . 11 months ago
que buena música
John-Lucas Liebeshöhle John-Lucas Liebeshöhle . 11 months ago
I love you
Axcel Ortiz Axcel Ortiz . 12 months ago
Klaudia D Klaudia D . 12 months ago
Feudartifesse Feudartifesse . 1 year ago
Can you feel your face now that you changed it ? xP
Mohamed Ikbal Mohamed Ikbal . 1 year ago
Love Carss Love Carss . 1 year ago
Mind Detergent Beats Mind Detergent Beats . 1 year ago
I miss this era of EDM nowadays awful tracks coming on our way 🥺
ICE亗NOPAL彡 ツ ICE亗NOPAL彡 ツ . 1 year ago
Ho listening this in 2021!!! 🔥
Yash Chandankhede Yash Chandankhede . 1 year ago
Congratulations 2021!
Ritam Patra Ritam Patra . 1 year ago
Martin garrix is just incredible ❤️❤️❤️
Ro. Ro. . 1 year ago
Ro. Ro. . 1 year ago
I love Martin Garrix 🥰❤
esmitty :3 esmitty :3 . 1 year ago
Good song
Restrings Restrings . 1 year ago
It gave me goosebumps 😉😉
Any RM Any RM . 1 year ago
Love you!!
Max van Thiel Max van Thiel . 1 year ago
05-R-Akshat Srivastava 05-R-Akshat Srivastava . 1 year ago
This is soo sick 🔥🔥 Can't believe I had to wait 5 years for this, 🖕🏻 YouTube
inrico Oliveira inrico Oliveira . 1 year ago
I love Martin Garrix remix's🔥💘
Leila Garritsen Leila Garritsen . 1 year ago
Still one of the best remixes of all time ✨
Abishek Kirati Abishek Kirati . 1 year ago

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