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Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Nothing captures what’s wrong with today’s “journalism” like the sad saga of what happened last week at The Washington Post.

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michael l michael l . 1 hour ago
Why did the Democrats go from a respectful operation to one that is against the people, and filled with a nasty tone of vitriol? The Republicans of today are more like the Democrats of yesteryear and the Democrats resemble the most corrupt outfit I have ever witnessed!
Crossman blue V Crossman blue V . 3 hours ago
The woke morons came to destroy everything.
TheBowen747 TheBowen747 . 3 hours ago
the younger generation all have one thing in common..ANSWER: a cellphone stuck 1.5ft away from them at all
William Satterlee William Satterlee . 4 hours ago
CEO’s have had their balls cut off.
Bill was pretty offended by trumps mean tweets tho 😂😂
gabriel doors gabriel doors . 7 hours ago
Dumbness provided by any church any hour at a fair rate.
IthinkThereforeIam IthinkThereforeIam . 7 hours ago
Bill is outdoing himself as of late.
Ralphy G Ralphy G . 8 hours ago
Just fantastically awesome!
Vivian Harper Vivian Harper . 9 hours ago
we all know what type of bi she is....bipolar
R A R A . 10 hours ago
Ok this is tragic but no mention that he is a liberal and Biden supporter in a town with the highest gun control laws a liberal like you
Mac11 Music Mac11 Music . 12 hours ago
I love Bill
Frank Porreca Frank Porreca . 13 hours ago
Why would anyone bother reading the Washington Post anyway? Newspapers are dead .
jaim haas jaim haas . 14 hours ago
Time to bring "woke" women down a few notches.
Mark B Mark B . 18 hours ago
TS Me TS Me . 23 hours ago
Maher's side kicks look decidedly uncomfortable with his new-found attacks on woke-ism.
ZMAN 420 ZMAN 420 . 1 day ago
Im 39 I agree 👍
Joey Joey . 1 day ago
Well black well paper C-lips hippies 👽👽👽👽👽👽🌏📎
Joey Joey . 1 day ago
You spelled Taxi and politically incorrect wrong stupid !!!!!! With letters to God's 💌📬. Pole-lite !!!! -i-call-lee !!!!! In !!!! -correct !!!!!! T-axe-C 👽👽👽👽👽👽📎🌏🧢🎹🚕
breathnstop breathnstop . 1 day ago
Wow I wondered who was the devil behind bringing up Kobe's rape case after he died.
Walgriff Walgriff . 1 day ago
Great video
Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson . 1 day ago
Robert Tolbert Robert Tolbert . 1 day ago
The messages are hilarious . Do you remember 8th grade study hall ?
Teri Andrews Teri Andrews . 1 day ago
So she's polar....
MrRapmaster19 MrRapmaster19 . 1 day ago
As insufferable as Bill Maher is most of the time, I actually 100% agree with him.
Cathleen Neese Cathleen Neese . 1 day ago
Wow! I would never imagine that I would say I love Bill Maher but I do. We still don't agree on some things. But man I am so impressed with how he tells it like it is.
Cathleen Neese Cathleen Neese . 1 day ago
Nobody has a freaking sense of humor anymore!
One World Actors Productions Animal Rescues One World Actors Productions Animal Rescues . 1 day ago
JSQ 769 JSQ 769 . 1 day ago
Everyone must think the way she does or else!!...There is no difference than how the NAZIs treated people.
01sapphireGTS 01sapphireGTS . 2 days ago
Wise words from Bill on this subject.
Todd Leinweber Todd Leinweber . 2 days ago
"Emotional hemophiliacs" 🤣🤣🤣 that's fucking brilliant!
Gen-X 👊🏻💀🏴‍☠️
Shelly Shelly . 2 days ago
boy your writers nailed this one
Love it or leave it Love it or leave it . 2 days ago
Clearly one of the best monologues I've ever heard
Love it or leave it Love it or leave it . 2 days ago
The worst thing anyone can do is actually apologize for a joke that offends liberals! It lets everyone know you are admitting to wrong and makes you look weak and stupid.
Jeff Smith Jeff Smith . 2 days ago
That woman should be let go. She doesn't have the judgement to be a journalist.
Seymoure Lykeley Seymoure Lykeley . 2 days ago
Thank God the [email protected] got fired
Farnaz Khankhanian Farnaz Khankhanian . 2 days ago
While we're on that subjects, whatever happened to Hunter Biden's laptop? No investigational reporting any more.
Monkey Spunk Monkey Spunk . 2 days ago
This is the best thing I ever saw.
Christina Parks Christina Parks . 2 days ago
Ok it was a good monologue until the Miami Condo joke....that was extremely poor taste....innocent, unsuspecting people were killed and that is not a joke...shame on you Maher!!!
seven redundent seven redundent . 2 days ago

Please don't recommend this garbage to me.

Thank you.
Chris Newby Chris Newby . 2 days ago
Politics aside, that Krystal ball is one fine piece of ace
moecurlythanu moecurlythanu . 2 days ago
Maybe the best Maher rant ever. A line from Wayne's World comes to mind...(We're not worthy!) . 2 days ago
The young generation will have to live with the fact that no one can ever get offended, including them. So nobody can mention any grievance, demand, service for money. That opens the doors for never ending sloppiness, laziness, ignorance, pretty much the end of anything that means order. Happy life y'all millennials or however you call yourself. And don't forget to say "just kidding" after every sentence.
Mr Singh Mr Singh . 2 days ago
If nothing, there is always some pleasure in watching old people bicker about younger generation
Frank Kelley Frank Kelley . 2 days ago
That self-absorbed whippersnapper might have just done the MSM a huge, huge favor. WaPo calling bullsh*t on its own brand is a definite growing experience. Hope MSNBC and CNN are listening.
Fogata Fogata . 2 days ago
Really good segment!
Christopher Christopher . 2 days ago
Remember when Bill Maher thought that the covid relief went to citizens and didn't know that the government was propping up the stock market and the richest of the rich with billions upon billions of dollars every single day. What a clown 🤡. Just another elitist without a clue about reality.
Dan Ozmatlan Dan Ozmatlan . 2 days ago
This Felicia woman is in the wrong business 🙂
Carlos DLC Carlos DLC . 2 days ago
Wow, Bill is starting to make sense. He has become a free thinker.
Tucker Sabath Tucker Sabath . 2 days ago
But dont tell the trumpers, they wouldnt understand.

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