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Victory Outdoor Services

Victory Outdoor Services

Published on 2 weeks ago

Trigger alert

Fred Smith Fred Smith . 2 minutes ago
Goo Be Gone?
Clayton Fraley Clayton Fraley . 6 minutes ago
"Fools and their money are soon parted," indeed.
Torriano Barrett Torriano Barrett . 10 minutes ago
well played man, well played! 😄
the Goliath is coming the Goliath is coming . 19 minutes ago
It's all good we all know what happened at the January 6th hearings. Just a matter of time. F*#! Trump
Carlos Ortiz Carlos Ortiz . 28 minutes ago
He killed 5 Americans at the Capitol and 500,000 Americans for downplaying the o andemic and got vaccinated by Biden!
Shelley Cummins Shelley Cummins . 37 minutes ago
Love this... keep it 😉that is what makes America great 🥰
Chester Puffington Chester Puffington . 43 minutes ago
You are a true American, god bless you and your family.
Jamie Jenkins Jamie Jenkins . 44 minutes ago
Love it
The peasant The peasant . 47 minutes ago
High five dude!! Imma get me one
Rafael Pineda Rafael Pineda . 49 minutes ago
The other window has a picture of RICHARD NIXON
Jerry Deem Jerry Deem . 49 minutes ago
Bwaaaaaaaaaaahaha........l found that to be rather hilarious...

Jacob Perez Jacob Perez . 51 minutes ago
He got me in the first half of the YouTube short.
Rafael Pineda Rafael Pineda . 53 minutes ago
You know the orange color on the real one has to be sprayed on every morning so don't feel too bad 😏
OrdinaryGamer OrdinaryGamer . 54 minutes ago
ForgedDuramax ForgedDuramax . 54 minutes ago
I love it! America first!
Bubba Boo Bubba Boo . 57 minutes ago
Love it
Spiritual Bands Spiritual Bands . 58 minutes ago
Would have more views it you drew a mustache on him
Matthew Day Matthew Day . 1 hour ago
Thank you for your service!
Eduardo G Solis Eduardo G Solis . 1 hour ago
Nice!!!! Lol
Constructive Interference Constructive Interference . 1 hour ago
How cute, you put Bidens cousin on your window... yup! He's been in on all this, that's the sad part, or are you the sad part?
Distant Vision Distant Vision . 1 hour ago
Who is she? Your grama?
martino amello martino amello . 1 hour ago
Makes a great crowbar target..
the world is not enough the world is not enough . 1 hour ago
Trump is driven in the back seat.
krizirk dansvill krizirk dansvill . 1 hour ago
Gino Ocegueda Gino Ocegueda . 1 hour ago
i almost unsubscribed :D
5150lane 5150lane . 1 hour ago
LOL - Awesome dude!
John Clegg John Clegg . 1 hour ago
Are you that incapable of thinking for yourself?
John Doe John Doe . 2 hours ago
You’re a Moran filling the pockets of trump and guarantee if he see you in person he wouldn’t even give the time!
Company Of I Company Of I . 2 hours ago
"There, much better" for a sec i was worried lol 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Goodcat Goodcat . 2 hours ago
Someone paid $100- for a sticker.
unknown name unknown name . 2 hours ago
Man they dont make them weirder than this guy.
Ally Plamondon Ally Plamondon . 2 hours ago
Loki Russell Loki Russell . 2 hours ago
That doesn't even compare with the tons of Brandon " I did that " stickers on gas pumps all over America .
1WithTheFlow 1WithTheFlow . 2 hours ago
Just missing the back of Giulianis head facing down in front of Trump's noggin
Jim Glimpse Jim Glimpse . 2 hours ago
You almost broke my heart! That was awesome
Ronnie Crow Ronnie Crow . 3 hours ago
TriGogglin TriGogglin . 3 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it..
bonanzatime bonanzatime . 3 hours ago
Atta Boy!😀😊
Mark Comer Mark Comer . 3 hours ago
Seeing people’s who’s whole personality revolves around a former president is so weird. 😂
Jason Urban Jason Urban . 3 hours ago
He's a bad mother f***** whether you like it or not a lot better than that dirtbag that lied and cheated his way into the office
Derek Bujold Derek Bujold . 3 hours ago
I was about to call you a coward, ya got me good lol
Sean Johnson Sean Johnson . 3 hours ago
Never seen the value of a car go up and then down so fast.
Tom Tom . 3 hours ago
Forgot to add the ketchup stains
slipsonic slipsonic . 3 hours ago
Cheaper to smear human feces on your window. It would have about the same effect.
G Unit G Unit . 3 hours ago
lona tara lona tara . 3 hours ago
At first I got sad now I'm super glad 🙂 you're the MAN
Kristine Middleton Kristine Middleton . 3 hours ago
Great Job Sir!!!!!!
Dallas Boettcher Dallas Boettcher . 3 hours ago
I love you
Edward Bremer Edward Bremer . 3 hours ago
Lol, nice
Stacy McMillan Stacy McMillan . 3 hours ago
Ha! Awesome

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