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Published on 3 weeks ago

MDMotivator MDMotivator . 3 weeks ago
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Ken Solis Ken Solis . 10 minutes ago
Bahog oten
Xiao Zen Xiao Zen . 31 minutes ago
RiP johnny delgado
AL Bundy AL Bundy . 42 minutes ago
Nadia Valleys Nadia Valleys . 47 minutes ago
That is super nice 👍
Alana Smith Alana Smith . 53 minutes ago
Too bad the Celtics lost the finals 🤣🤣
King King . 55 minutes ago
Derek Sawayer Derek Sawayer . 1 hour ago
Keep it. NBA is lame. It's for the sheeple who worship false idols
Peacceful Peacceful . 1 hour ago
Shows up to see them lose the finals oof
Dray Prodz™️ Dray Prodz™️ . 1 hour ago
Well that took a wierd turn of events
Wavy K Wavy K . 2 hours ago
Amazing video 🙏🏻👌🏾
Scott Carpenter Scott Carpenter . 2 hours ago
Good stuff man
TokuYoku TokuYoku . 2 hours ago
I knew I saw someone looking like You 😦
Efrain Perez Efrain Perez . 3 hours ago
God bless you and all the good people
Kirk Elleson Kirk Elleson . 3 hours ago
I got a question for you. Franklin “Yes, sir?” From the start Franklin was humble and kind. Bless his heart!
latest news latest news . 3 hours ago
Love this bro big salute to franklyn
brad lamore brad lamore . 3 hours ago
That’s great
Armada Sanchez Armada Sanchez . 4 hours ago
I love your videos brother. These people will remember you after our lifetime. Love you dude, God bless you
B Love B Love . 4 hours ago
Man I feel good when I walk to another room after studying for a while lol this must of been heaven
Tony Pasma Tony Pasma . 5 hours ago
Jolande Strydom Jolande Strydom . 5 hours ago
Anesha Casteal Anesha Casteal . 5 hours ago
I love people who just show respect no matter what they do what they matter
Diede Diede . 5 hours ago
Qucee is veranderd man
Itfc Itfc . 6 hours ago
Its staged how does he know his name is franklin
Derick Enrique Derick Enrique . 7 hours ago
That's the kind of people that need to be blessed
BX-637 BX-637 . 8 hours ago
How is going to a Celtics game, helping his mom and family?
R. Heidenreich R. Heidenreich . 8 hours ago
Finally there are some good people in this rotten world 👍🏻
João Victor Paulo Taveira João Victor Paulo Taveira . 8 hours ago
So nice 😢❤️
Erika Sjudin Erika Sjudin . 8 hours ago
Al Edmondson Al Edmondson . 8 hours ago
Erika Sjudin Erika Sjudin . 8 hours ago
Erika Sjudin Erika Sjudin . 8 hours ago
Itsallonyuh Itsallonyuh . 8 hours ago
Remember that time the celticts lost the nba finals to the warriors 😂 good times , good times . 😂
charles s. sturdivant charles s. sturdivant . 9 hours ago
Nice 😊
Matthew Carroll Matthew Carroll . 9 hours ago
I’m not hating but like what if these were just all staged😭
YtAimz YtAimz . 9 hours ago
He is so nice!!!!!!
Mark Mirata Mark Mirata . 9 hours ago
Hope it wasn’t game 6!! Go Dubs! Lol. Jk cool story
Hiro Kun Hiro Kun . 9 hours ago
This is freaking me out man!!... You just helped the most needed man who really wanted to go watch the NBA finals but had to earn money for his family and his mom. That's the craziest thing I ever saw.🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕
Jessica Cansino Jessica Cansino . 9 hours ago
🥺🥺🥺man this always makes me cry so much
CarbonBeast CarbonBeast . 10 hours ago
That was pretty epic
Geo Estrada Geo Estrada . 10 hours ago
I got it brother it’s not the person outside it’s inside person it’s a miracle when they start doing wonders acts of kindness, , I realize this is wonderful my other me it’s getting out
Azarie Guyton Azarie Guyton . 10 hours ago
That’s my uncle
Nicklaus Christofono Nicklaus Christofono . 10 hours ago
Stories defense wrong just saying lol great vid
ThaClovisKidd ThaClovisKidd . 10 hours ago
You got to stop making me cry bro 😭
realhoodbaby realhoodbaby . 11 hours ago
This gave me chills
Jeffrey Gordon Jeffrey Gordon . 11 hours ago
Those strangers I'd consider brotha or sista, and they're really nice people, just gotta make sure you don't run into a Karen but in general there are nice people out there
Miguel Alicea Miguel Alicea . 11 hours ago
The best feeling in the world is helping others. It’s an indescribable high!!
Kewann Jack Kewann Jack . 12 hours ago
Too bad they losr
DJRehab DJRehab . 12 hours ago
thats just too nice bro im cryin
Johnny “International” Bass Johnny “International” Bass . 12 hours ago

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