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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Andy Huang Andy Huang . 49 minutes ago
ngl seeing curry winning a ring is rare
BUtt seeing curry with a arm sleeve is rarer
Good Good . 51 minutes ago
Curry station 🤒
SilentMovement 305 SilentMovement 305 . 6 hours ago
4-6 looks better on paper than yea yal get the point

Only team I see beating this warriors team when healthy is Giannis and the Bucks
Flobodyspam Flobodyspam . 7 hours ago
This guy should be making documentaries not YouTube videos
Gggoslime Gggoslime . 9 hours ago
Nigga Steph curry is not top 10 I’m sorry wtf are you smoking
FPCmg FPCmg . 9 hours ago
Everyone: the Warriors have won 4 championships in 6 years that is phenomenal no team has ever done this
Me: bruh the Celtics have won 9 championships in 10 years Celtics are clearly the better team
Elevate (Dra) Elevate (Dra) . 10 hours ago
If only jayson didn't melt down in the finals like kobe in 2004 against the pistons
Ádám Gordon Ádám Gordon . 11 hours ago
Bro mad
My Name Is Stev My Name Is Stev . 13 hours ago
You called Andre the oldest player in the NBA. Don’t forget about Udonis living on the bench over there lmao. Dudes 4 years older than Andre. Great video though! All love.
adrianfromhadria Ajito adrianfromhadria Ajito . 14 hours ago
Im proud to be in stephen's dynasty
lalo malo lalo malo . 19 hours ago
1. Jordan
2. LeGoat
3. Shaq
4. Magic
5. Kareem
6. Russell (not to be confused with Westbrick)
7. Kobe
8. Hakeem
9. Chamberlain
10. Chef Curry
11. Javale Mcgee
12. Danny Green

Ok maybe ignore the last 2
A name that Tells A story A name that Tells A story . 24 hours ago
Your numbers ain't adding up....
SidJustice1 SidJustice1 . 1 day ago
Totally blown up. No way Curry woulda survived in the 80’s.
li oscar li oscar . 1 day ago
Curry wasn’t a go to bucket guy until last year where he carry the team and putting the team on his back. Remember curry used to play bad when they losing. He had evolved
mani1121 mani1121 . 1 day ago
Love and respect Steph and he top 10, but he’s 10. If you wanna put him above Bill because of his era fine, but Shaq and Tim are clearly ahead of him.
If you take the first 10 years of Duncan’s career he’s tied or ahead of Steph in every single meaningful accolade. Rings, MVPS, FMVPS, All-NBA, All-Defense.
ggs ggs . 1 day ago
Still till this day no got Jordan 6 for 6 bro
darron lim darron lim . 2 days ago
To be honest it was honestly not only then shooting the ball that allow them to win. Their defence have been incredibly way better than what it was b4 as u can realise they opposing team that plays against warriors doesn't rly score that much
Sencere Welcome Sencere Welcome . 2 days ago
Didn't the warriors win in 1975 with Rick barry😂😂😂??? So how did Steph build up the warriors franchise? They literally have 3 titles way before steph was even drafted.
BBR2 BBR2 . 2 days ago
Steve Kerr said something about the right player with the right team and the right coach. It all has to fit and there’s something about that. I think Kerr was referring to Gary Payton II. He was the right guy for the Warriors with the right teammates and the right coach who was able to find and develop his role. Kerr said he had a hard time getting him off the floor. That statement reminded me of what Kerr told reporters about Draymond when Kerr first got to GSW. He said, I ask Draymond how he feels. If he says good, I put him in. If he says bad, I put him in. It all has to work out. The right player with the work attitude, with the right set of teammates and the right coach - A puzzle where the pieces have to fit. It works for Draymond, it works for Wiggins, it works for Looney, and it worked for GP2. All those pieces were special this past season…and then there is Steph.
ominously ominously . 2 days ago
“Often imitated, never duplicated” - Ice Cube
Tristan Rangel Tristan Rangel . 2 days ago
This was like the Chicago bulls when they redeemed themselves in 1996 and won their 4th championship after not winning for 2 years , and that’s the same length klay thompson has not played. The 2020 bubble doesn’t count in my opinion. 2019 and 2021 were the ones that counted. Stephen curry could tie Michael Jordan in the next 2-3 years in rings
Chris Joseph Chris Joseph . 2 days ago
I agree with the sentiment cuz he got drafted into a losing franchise but the warriors won 3 chips before Steph most recent in 1975
c0d3014 c0d3014 . 2 days ago
watching this year playoffs Golden State reminded me of Chicago Bulls from 98 and how fun watching a game can be
Mastergames Mastergames . 2 days ago
i never understand this, i had the warriors at 1 in the west 2 games ahead of the sunds and a few more infront of the lakers, i had the warriors loosing in the finals to the nets before the lakers and nets flopped
Callum Elvin Callum Elvin . 2 days ago
Fucking amazing viceo
Stewie_Griffen Stewie_Griffen . 2 days ago
7 is way too high
Han Sagan Han Sagan . 2 days ago
Suns blew it, CP3 worn out and Ayton wouldn’t beast out
Samrat Dutta Samrat Dutta . 2 days ago
Due respect we did win a chip with rick Barry as fmvp. But it was long ago. We won another with phili. But Steph Is the greatest warrior. Even tho I am a Klay fan Steph is top 10. Win another fmvp and chip or 2 he's on mount rus
Dennis Dennis . 2 days ago
This vid foul lmao
DraymondGreen23 DraymondGreen23 . 2 days ago
Fucking CHILLS down my spine on the ending. 😂
michael broughton michael broughton . 3 days ago
These conspiracies going around are really making me think. There were a few people calling the warriors in 7 and in game 7 wearing the Ukrainian colors only time they wore those Jerseys the whole series. Very weird to me
Reality Bites Reality Bites . 3 days ago
Calling the warriors veterans "has beens" at their early 30s is kinda disrespectful.
modrnlol modrnlol . 3 days ago
Are there any discussions of this team being the best of all time? Or do they need to top the Bulls with Jordan championships numbers?
MVXIMVS MVXIMVS . 3 days ago
J will pointed out what curry accomplished this season alone.
All star mvp
All time leader in 3 points
Western finals mvp
Finals mvp
Nba champion
Heaven Studios Heaven Studios . 3 days ago
Funny enough, Steph is the only guy that can bet against them (it's against rule leagues, but still). All he has to do is bet and then shoot bricks. He wins the bet every time xD
Sibusiso Kgare Sibusiso Kgare . 3 days ago
There’s no way you put Steph over Shaq???
DeeboSZN DeeboSZN . 3 days ago
What beat is that song playing at 4:23
Chase Palumbo Chase Palumbo . 3 days ago
This gave me chills
Amedeo Amedeo . 3 days ago
Bet. You speak the truth
JidScan Music JidScan Music . 3 days ago
thank you for acknowledging steph’s press conference from last year 🙏🏽
Roots ! Roots ! . 3 days ago
Bro! This video is art! You killed it....I appreciate you man! The commentary, the edits, the music, the timing ..SUPERB!!

I salute you!
Angelo Angelo . 3 days ago
my top 10 of all time

1) MJ
2) LeBron
3) Kareem
4) Magic
5) Kobe
6) Duncan
7) Steph
8) Bill
9) Bird
10) Shaq
david vickers david vickers . 3 days ago
Grizzlies should have won. They benched adams, and paid.
Егор Проскуров Егор Проскуров . 3 days ago
Does anybody knows the song on 3:57?
Jasper Koota Jasper Koota . 3 days ago
There really is something to be said about a player arriving at a team with no championship DNA and essentially infusing them with championship DNA. Steph changed the entire personality, ethic, and culture of the Warriors organization--and so while these statistics are, to an extent, baffling...lowkey...kinda makes mad sense.
what's going on out here what's going on out here . 3 days ago
Klay Thompson don't get enough credit for his clutch shots
dj johnny26 dj johnny26 . 3 days ago
Recency bias
TheProRapidFire TheProRapidFire . 3 days ago
The only thing I disagree with is Shaq not over curry and Larry. Shaq and curry have the debate to be the most dominating players ever
Johnny B. YT Johnny B. YT . 3 days ago
That was one of the coldest ending to a youtube video… thanks jxmmy.
Miguel_87 Miguel_87 . 3 days ago
The greatest analyst on YouTube

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