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Valerie Lepelch

Valerie Lepelch

Published on 3 weeks ago

Kk G Kk G . 15 minutes ago
On the first day? What if someone didn’t know Spanish, would they just like yolo it?
Mystic QRO Mystic QRO . 30 minutes ago
She rlly asked you if you were “Hispanic” like the government asking someone if they’re a Russian SPY 💀💀
Kailani Kailani . 1 hour ago
I would have cussed them out and my aunt would help💀
mamajbby mamajbby . 2 hours ago
My Spanish teacher took my phone to the office and gave the other girl her phone back when she popped an attitude with her and I didn’t. It was also my birthday….
𝒩𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓎𝒶 ℳ𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑒 ♡ 𝒩𝒶𝒹𝒾𝓎𝒶 ℳ𝒶𝓇𝒾𝑒 ♡ . 2 hours ago
Gloria Bullock Gloria Bullock . 2 hours ago
I’ll call him Mr B. Last month of senior year. I was a very well behaved student. Kept to myself. Kind of like a fly on the wall. He was a little on edge because his wife made him stop drinking so they could have a baby.
We were watching a movie that day, I couldn’t see well because some kids head was in the way, so I move over one seat to my right (empty. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. But he freaked over it and kicked me out of class.
loviedovie345 loviedovie345 . 2 hours ago
I speak Spanish too girl
Natalia Natalia . 2 hours ago
I'm still mad at one of my elementary teachers(btw that was the worst year I have ever had) I was writing and my wrist was hurting so I was moving my wrist in different ways and btw it was sore for about 2 months and the teacher came up to me and was blowing up in my face telling me that I was to young and at that time I got diagnosed with tendinitis and she touched my head and put my head back pretty force full but it wasn't that bad where I couldn't handle it. But a few months later turns out I have a cyst and the teacher comes up to me and does that same thing telling me she was right... also at this time I was already having a rough time because I was struggling in school.
Katie Fitzpatrick Katie Fitzpatrick . 3 hours ago
Its not like the teacher could do better
April B April B . 3 hours ago
They did this to me in Florida lol I can't write Spanish 😬
the_Golden_Bough the_Golden_Bough . 3 hours ago
I don't know why people act like teachers are saints. Most of them are junk. Self righteous holier than thou junk.
Hannah Hannah . 3 hours ago
Wtf? What if they didn’t know Spanish and you made them speak Spanish on the first day???
Lovely_Sunset Lovely_Sunset . 4 hours ago
One time I had this guy friend who's hair I used to play with so one time during a class this teacher sees me do it but she thought I pulled his hair. I got sent to the principal's office! Iwas extremely mad and still am because I did NOT pull his hair >:/
needleD_08 gaming needleD_08 gaming . 5 hours ago
My 2 grade teacher cut my hair and it was past my legs and I was a tall kid I was like 5 foot 1 at the age of 7 and then in my 3 grade she stool my 2:50 $ boots I just got she literally tackled me to the ground and ripped them right of my feet. Now I’m in 8 Grade and I’m 6 foot 3 and I’ve never forgot these days
liam kirk liam kirk . 6 hours ago
How you speak your paper when you are supposed to be learning it
WiteShadoh WiteShadoh . 6 hours ago
8th grade history teacher yelled at me Infront of the whole class that I had a B in his class and that I could do so much better and that I was a slacker and took me out in the hallway and had a talk with me and came back in and everyone was staring at me. Then I told my mom and she called the principal and the principal must've spoke to the teacher and then my teacher called me out in front of the whole class after taking a dig at me and said "what, are you gonna go home and tell your mommy again". I was seriously the most quiet kid, I didn't bother anyone like for some reason I had so many teachers do petty shit to me for no reason at all
Solby_Golbrock Solby_Golbrock . 7 hours ago
Okay, so I think that you speak it so great that I think you have the talent to be in a Spanish Netflix show!😅
SofiaAparcio SofiaAparcio . 7 hours ago
Its so cool that im portuguese but i understand everything in spanish
Pathetic Pathetic . 7 hours ago
paris×paris=ノ paris×paris=ノ . 8 hours ago
skooter skooter . 8 hours ago
I would’ve just faked being bad at Spanish 💀 purposely got a B or something
Kawtar Abselam Kawtar Abselam . 8 hours ago
I remember how I was so bad at maths, physics and chemistry but I wanted to be a doctor, nurse or just something related to science even If I was bad at them. A teacher literally told me (I’m from Spain): “Well, maybe if you go to another country outside Europe you may achieve your goal”. Also my teacher of biology told me that I can’t understand the subject so probably I wouldn’t succeed in my university-access exam. Well, I didn’t study and I got a 7’5/10. I still suck at maths and chemistry but ironically I ended studying a degree in Biology, currently finishing it and expecting to be a researcher or teacher. Never be someone’s reason to give up their dreams.
Wanda Metcalf Wanda Metcalf . 9 hours ago
My 4th grade teacher that refused to acknowledge that I was being bullied and got mad at me for calling the other girl outside of her name. But girlfriend deserved it.
Free zone Free zone . 9 hours ago
Is crazy how students have the worst consequences for treating a teacher bad( I mean , we are supposed to respect them), but nothing happens to teachers like this who just treat students badly? They are also not supposed to treat students bad
Tas Box Tas Box . 9 hours ago
my 8th grade spanish teacher was so bad
Leeann Fitzpatrick-Corbean Leeann Fitzpatrick-Corbean . 9 hours ago
I would be SO mad and embarassed(even though I'm probably going to 4th grade)
Catmila Cordova Catmila Cordova . 9 hours ago
ddd ddd no ddd ddd no . 9 hours ago
You took it for the easy credit
LibertyJustice LibertyJustice . 9 hours ago
Populus euphratica Populus euphratica . 10 hours ago
At first I thought it was some story about being looked down upon because she was not good. But damn, she was being lectured because she excelled in that. Wow. Just wow. Was she really a teacher or the school just took anyone with a paper called degree?
Jinphany Jinphany . 10 hours ago
The automatic doors closed on me as I walked through them, and I was literally trapped in the middle and the doors weren’t budging. My head of year was sat in front of me and started laughing and didn’t help at all 💀
amulangas nalgas guangas amulangas nalgas guangas . 10 hours ago
im a native spanish speaker and when i went to highschool in the US the teacher told me it was ok if i didn’t participate during spanish class. it became my nap class
bbigbbarry bbigbbarry . 11 hours ago
a kid threw a pen across the room and I barley noticed because I was actually doing my work and the teacher said who threw that and this kid said my name and he was like "____ DONT THROW THINGS" and I wa sso fucking confuse I'll hate him forever now
christinamindingmine christinamindingmine . 11 hours ago
It’s 8th grade there is always a spot. It’s not college admissions!!!
Anon8000 Anon8000 . 11 hours ago
Omg cuz why girl bruh stop talking like that annoying ash
Andrew Kronen Andrew Kronen . 12 hours ago
Right when she said stop my earbuds died
Bitchtits Bitchtits . 12 hours ago
My year 6 teacher Mr Chadwick. I forgot why mostly but Ik it was because he separated me and my bsf. He moved houses and I found out where he lives again. Not on purpose tho he lives near my sister 😂
Lizzie Kilburn Lizzie Kilburn . 13 hours ago
My first 7th grade Spanish teacher. She literally told the class to write down questions the class may have for a video she was showing us. I did that, and she got angry at me. She even moved my backpack cuz apparently it was in her way.
Brooklynn Rochelle Brooklynn Rochelle . 13 hours ago
She’s just upset you spoke better than her, and your more cultured
Mr. Fox Heathens Mr. Fox Heathens . 13 hours ago
These comments make no sense, most people there know even less than she does and they need to learn more than she does, I agree with the teacher
Jamie Barringer Jamie Barringer . 14 hours ago
My third grade teacher told my parents I was retarded. Yet somehow got away with having her 8 yr old students rub her shoulders in the middle of class at her desk...
Maee Maee . 15 hours ago
Your litterally taking up a spot for a non Spanish speakerRrRrRrRrR
Faith_ Tv Faith_ Tv . 16 hours ago
I understand why you’re mad abt that it doesn’t make any sense but at least you had a Spanish teacher that knew Spanish, our Spanish teacher this past year didn’t know Spanish and was learning it with us.

Sorry if I sound like a pick me I’m not trying to be this just reminded me of her 😅
M B M B . 17 hours ago
A teacher threw a chair at me in primary school and I never spoke about it until I was older. I remember her after the class and she said sorry too me and gave me sweets and chocolate telling me not to tell anyone. I know who her daughter is now and she’s a horrible bitch too
xxJordynxx xxJordynxx . 17 hours ago
Honey, you know full well you just wanted to show off your “seemingly white girl speaks foreign language” skills in this vid. C’mon now… If it was the very first day of Spanish class, why would the teacher have you come up and read aloud an entire essay in a language you haven’t even learned yet? 🤔 People just be lying about the dumbest shit on the internet for clout.
Jessica B Jessica B . 17 hours ago
Mr Robs 3rd grade He threw a Desk at Us cause 1 kid couldn't find His Scissors ... Yea
Kiwi Chan Kiwi Chan . 18 hours ago
Omg I just typed out the teacher that wronged me SO MUCH in the short above and it took so long I dont wanna do it again😭😭😭😭
2016humor 2016humor . 19 hours ago
My fifth grade art teacher yelled at me cause someone stole my PENCIL. You had to bring your own pencil. When I got my report card that semester, I had an A-. Most of my art was good cause I did it on my free time. And I thought about that day. What the heck?
sharkyperforms247 sharkyperforms247 . 20 hours ago
Yo I’m so pissed I will say her name. So my 8th grade algebra teacher Mrs. Reiche… literally refused to give me half a percent in extra credit to be able to perform in the musical that I was the LEAD in. And get this, it was an advanced class and you had to have above 80 percent to go into to geometry in high school… It would’ve only brought me from a D to a C to be able to perform… I STILL would’ve had to re do the class in 9th grade, I would’ve just been able to perform in the only fucking things making me happy at that point in life. I attempted suicide over this bc I was in that dark of a place the musical was the only good or happy thing in my life and she couldn’t just let me do extra credit to being my grade from a 69.5 to a damn 70 bc I wasn’t ready to move on to the next class. BITCH I WOULDNT HAVE MOVED ON. I STILL WOULD HAVE REPEATED THE CLASS JUST WHILE ALSO KEEPING THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD THAT MADE ME HAPPY WHILE FIGHTING MY ABUSIVE DAD IN COURT!!!”

I fucking hope she sees this, everyone hated her she was the worst teacher ever.

Mrs. Rieche from Rio Norte Jr High School in
SoCal. Get wrecked I hate your guts. You should NOT have been a teacher as the bitter ass old lady you were.

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