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Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Published on 3 months ago

Cole Swindell - She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Audio)

Can you spot the easter egg in the video? Let us know in the comments what it is!

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Rachelle Villarreal Rachelle Villarreal . 2 hours ago
I’m just saying, if the music video doesn’t have Jo Dee Messina in it, I’ll be very upset! This is soooo good! I love it!
b-rod b-rod . 8 hours ago
I just can’t do this song… all I want to sing is the original from Jodee Messina and can’t focus on these lyrics. This is bad… sorry not a fan.
Black Beard Black Beard . 1 day ago
This has newer tunes and 90s feel
Blackout Blackout . 1 day ago
Shout out to Jo Dee for this nostalgia and Cole for re-bangering this one
Peter Rocc Peter Rocc . 1 day ago
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Kash Killinem Doe Kash Killinem Doe . 1 day ago
Ryan Dicker Ryan Dicker . 2 days ago
This song made me buy 3x new amplifiers, a third battery, and a high amp alternator for my boat just to drive it outta the speakers...
Catherine Hankins Catherine Hankins . 2 days ago
Yes l did n
Morgan Cash Morgan Cash . 3 days ago
I really want to like this song but it’s Jo Dee Messina and I can’t do it. If she hadn’t sang forever at my first George Strait concert I wouldn’t have a problem with her. But she sang way too long and 5 year old me couldn’t stay awake and slept through the entire George part.
Eduardo Ortiz Eduardo Ortiz . 3 days ago
You should do this song with Mitchell tenpenny
Joe Kravitz Joe Kravitz . 4 days ago
Heard for the first time today. Wow!!!!
Jessica Crider Jessica Crider . 4 days ago
The first time I heard it, I immediately fell in love with it. The moment it came on, when I heard Joe Dee, I knew it was gonna be an amazing song. Very few songs do that now days
RPG Brian RPG Brian . 5 days ago
IF anyone wants to know the easter egg, my best guess is that the Microphone it switches to is the same type of microphone that Jo Dee Messina used in her music video.
SaLynda Tempus SaLynda Tempus . 5 days ago
Is the female singing Jo Dee Messina's song in the background Alexandra Kay??
Cassie Berger Cassie Berger . 5 days ago
I have yet to be able to stop playing this! Masterpiece recreating a classic!!
Sophie Looney Sophie Looney . 5 days ago
I love you and your music it’s the best music ever❤️❤️
LadyDoe86 LadyDoe86 . 6 days ago
Omg I love 90's county music lol 😆
Me Henning Me Henning . 6 days ago
I love your song!
Chris Coakley Chris Coakley . 7 days ago
If Luke combs put this out it’d be a several week number one, need more love out there for cole!!
Hugh Janis Hugh Janis . 7 days ago
Heard this song for the first time, today
Logan Andrews Logan Andrews . 1 week ago
Truly one of the worst songs in recent history 😭😭 absolute garbage
Tori Swartz Tori Swartz . 1 week ago
will you take me to noth caroling
Tori Swartz Tori Swartz . 1 week ago
i love your songs
Morris Branch1971 Morris Branch1971 . 1 week ago
When you make a remake of any songs from the 80s or 90s ( the peak of all country greatness).. You better do it right!!!
And damn if Cole didn't do it!! I mean he brought his extra spin but stayed true to the original. Joe Dee Messina is so proud I bet the farm. Great job Cole.
Supreme Automotive Supreme Automotive . 1 week ago
I'm sure if she don't want to do it again they can digitally put them together its 2022
husky1988 husky1988 . 1 week ago
LOVE IT don't stop
St.Jimmy024 St.Jimmy024 . 1 week ago
I just heard this for the first time on the radio on my way back from the gym. I seriously had "Heads Carolina, Tails California" in my workout mix I was listening to just a few minutes prior. One of my all-time favorite country songs.

Always been a Cole Swindell fan but this is some next-level awesomeness! Can't stop just hitting repeat and smiling :)
Christian Watson Christian Watson . 1 week ago
Love the way he is bring our music back.....she's a 90s country fan like iam
Travis Coleman Travis Coleman . 2 weeks ago
My boss told me about this song love it!
Terry Wilkerson Terry Wilkerson . 2 weeks ago
Only country music can produce this kind of nostalgia, by referencing a song that is already so nostalgic to so many of us.
Pete’s Adventures Pete’s Adventures . 2 weeks ago
Hey cole I know you probably won’t see this but brother I love this song! You did such a great job with it , I loved the original that was my and my ex fiancés song when we were deciding to move out of Connecticut, I must have listened to this song 10 times in a row lol , thanks brother keep up the good work ,
Josh Orlowski Josh Orlowski . 2 weeks ago
Who else can't get enough of this? Stuck on repeat. Signed - A 90's Country Fan
Georgina Velo Georgina Velo . 2 weeks ago
My mom is going to see you today
Alana Ray Alana Ray . 2 weeks ago
As a girl from south GA. IM OBSESSED
Eddie Garcia Eddie Garcia . 2 weeks ago
Awesome remake! Cole needs to do “You’re not in Kansas anymore” next!
Justin Walstad Justin Walstad . 2 weeks ago
One of his best songs I’ve heard
Dennis O'Connell Dennis O'Connell . 2 weeks ago
AboundingInSong AboundingInSong . 2 weeks ago
As a diehard JoDee Messina fan since day one, I LOVE this nod to her SO much!! This is screaming to be a duet with JoDee. How awesome that would be!! So fun!! 🎵🎶
Bitsy Black Bitsy Black . 2 weeks ago
Perfect! Love this so much.
Pablo Torres Argüelles Pablo Torres Argüelles . 2 weeks ago
Maybe with Chris lane
A Star A Star . 2 weeks ago
George Kalaitzis George Kalaitzis . 2 weeks ago
I'm addicted to an incredibly well-written and well-played song!
Kenyon Martin Kenyon Martin . 2 weeks ago
Insane song can’t stop listening to it 😎
Jessica Arnold Jessica Arnold . 2 weeks ago
I will only be satisfied with the music video if Jo Dee Mesinna makes AT MINIMUM a cameo in the video! LOVE this song! And the original song!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 🌅🛻🌄 🪙
Brenda Soucy Brenda Soucy . 2 weeks ago
LOVE!!! Love JoDee’s original song so much and this is an adorable remix! ❤️🙌🥰
lakestategypsy lakestategypsy . 2 weeks ago
this song is perfect 🖤
Dalton Elsing Dalton Elsing . 2 weeks ago
Cole slaw dale
Nick2Toez Nick2Toez . 3 weeks ago
Ima tell y’all now I hate country music but holy crap this is amazing it gives me a summer vibe like fancy like it’s not full country it’s has s beat to it nice work man
Steven Falcheck Steven Falcheck . 3 weeks ago
This is amazing!!!
Nikki Mireles Nikki Mireles . 3 weeks ago
Boy if you don’t put my girl in this chorus lol

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