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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Published on 2 weeks ago

President Biden proposes a “gas tax holiday,” the Senate reaches a bipartisan gun reform deal, New York City Mayor Eric Adams bulldozes illegal dirt bikes, and the FDA plans to ban Juul over concern for minors. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Paint Fong Paint Fong . 19 hours ago
Roy's traffic section is hilarious!
Xyz Usus Xyz Usus . 1 day ago
Remembef how they crushed city cable cars? Same reason.
Xyz Usus Xyz Usus . 1 day ago
See... usa govt is there to profit their bosses... is there any other goal for them? The constituion itself is created for the very same purpose. Never to protect people, why corporation talk about constituion a billion times more than general public do?
rihad alif rihad alif . 1 day ago
10:38 wait a minute....that's dhaka, banlgadesh. 😂 Roy how do you got the live feed. you spying on us?? we have no oil bruh
Tulia Time Tulia Time . 2 days ago
It seems republicans want Biden to step in and regulate the oil companies and the banks.... But they are anti-regulation?
Mr. Phyzik - Muhammad Yasin Mr. Phyzik - Muhammad Yasin . 3 days ago
The traffic scene shown in this video is from Bangladesh. Yes, you could've sell those bikes to us.
Hawtytawty☠ Hawtytawty☠ . 4 days ago
At a time when there's a shortage of police, No bail, light on crime policy's, an open border letting in the most ruthless and violent people, the weakest military in US history. And you want us to give up our guns? 😆 lol
U.S. Army 18th Airborne U.S. Army 18th Airborne . 4 days ago
This clown isn't even American. The constitution is there to protect us from foreign and domestic threats. Americans can protect the land if we ever have an invitation after a war.
Fente sentayehu Fente sentayehu . 5 days ago
Kit Valentine Kit Valentine . 5 days ago
I'm confused? What makes the bikes illegal -- is that they didn't have the right kind of license to drive them or??? Are they just not allowed to ride/drive bikes New York for some reason??? And destroying them seems highly wasteful -- and not just b/c they are surely expensive, but because transportation is a real limiting factor for people to access work, food, and healthcare. [Note, I'm speaking from a state that has very little in the way of public transportation, so am not sure how that all works in NYC).
King Ace King Ace . 5 days ago
1:10 Thank you, President Biden. For stating the actual reason gas prices are high. It is because OPEC is purposely keeping the Supply low (by drilling less) so that they could artificially drive the price of gas & oil to sky-high margins. All so THEY can reap the profits. Say what you want about Fascist Putin, but this one is on OPEC.
Santi Larasati Santi Larasati . 5 days ago
solution=terrorize senator family with gun = gun control
jim catalfamo jim catalfamo . 6 days ago
I don't know where he got we New Yorkers from. Correct me if I was wrong you weren't even born in this country. Or did South Africa become a state and I don't know it
jim mayors jim mayors . 6 days ago
Gas Tax Holiday? How about just reduce the gas tax in stead!
Tennille Cloutier Tennille Cloutier . 6 days ago
Um no the fact is it sounds like when Trump told people to take Hydroxychloriquine.
Ricardo Diniz Ricardo Diniz . 7 days ago
Trevor and his Team create truly brilliant scripts and ideas. I do begin to worry for Trevor's safety. I would have bodyguards at this stage. Well done Trevor. A young man from far away South Africa, who does more for the United States than so many of those pathetic second amendment fundamentalists who just don't get it.
Jake Nguyen Jake Nguyen . 7 days ago
Roy is right, the only way out is fewer cars lol. If we don't change up how we design our cities to be less car reliant these oil companies are going to price gouge us for the next decade. Gas prices are never coming back down.
Rafael Sandoval Rafael Sandoval . 1 week ago
Roy's entire segment here was absolute GOLD 🤣
Dragon Master Dragon Master . 1 week ago
So if he can't really do anything then why do we have a president it's like he has no power
PewPew PewPew . 1 week ago
Gas companies will just raise their prices 18 cents and charge the same amount
Tarion Marsden Tarion Marsden . 1 week ago
Imagine Roy says I quit.
Devany Graham Devany Graham . 1 week ago
I didn't know that Nee York didn't auction
Zerne’ Harmoni Zerne’ Harmoni . 1 week ago
Why not ban cigarettes?
Abul Kalam Azad Abul Kalam Azad . 1 week ago
Trevor: What country is that?
It's Bangladesh <3
Dark Neko Queen Dark Neko Queen . 1 week ago
Not this one ☝🏿 🤣🤣
john satterlee john satterlee . 1 week ago
Tirath Faldu Tirath Faldu . 1 week ago
To my dear American...... Petrol is petrol not "gas"..... Gas is gas...... 🤣🤣🤣
Flo Studios Flo Studios . 1 week ago
What an atrocious waste of resources, crushing all those vehicles. I despise politicians more and more every day.
HeadLightManOnCashApp HeadLightManOnCashApp . 1 week ago
1 million views.
Misael Ramos Misael Ramos . 1 week ago
11:45 but for real y'all should consider walking cycling and transit for at least SOME trips. It's healthier and cheaper.
Hollywood Spicy Nuggets Hollywood Spicy Nuggets . 1 week ago
Noo I want a bike I'll pay more than negative since the city paid money to crush them instead of sell them to a company down south ....
Jonathan Hernandez Jonathan Hernandez . 1 week ago
It a rifle stop calling it assault rifle the A.R stands for Armalite rifle get educated before you give misinformation.
gagnashdiak x gagnashdiak x . 1 week ago
But he does not push for Right For Privacy.
JML JML . 1 week ago
Where are they doing with the money
JML JML . 1 week ago
So if those taxes are used for repairing roads why are the roads so bad
David Walker David Walker . 1 week ago
6:55 why don't you donate the bikes in the poor countries
sanjuansteve sanjuansteve . 1 week ago
Let's put solar panels on every home, business and covered parking rooftop and switch to electric vehicles making nearly everything we do solar powered while completely decentralizing our power supply and empowering everyone as power generation owners.

Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power.

A 3-5 year ROI (return on investment) for a solar array that will generate power for decades is a no-brainer and the panels can even be made locally too.

#EndFossilFuels #EndNukes #SwitchToSolar #SwitchToElectric #GreenNewDeal #EmpowerEveryone
#DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform
Emmett Orton Emmett Orton . 1 week ago
'something is better than nothing'? Trevor, that is weaker than weak. this is peanuts we are getting, at best. i know your job is to make jokes, but at least be correct. this isn't even an olive branch. this is like, a leaf off an olive branch. you're praising them for this pittance? its too soon man. everything these people do at this point is suspect, and done only to try and save their sorry skins and you know it. As for the vapes, stock up on Binaries Cabin. they last 10,000 puffs and have a decent airflow, for not that more than your average disposable. anyway, watch amber ruffin on peacock
Jedidiah Jezreel Jedidiah Jezreel . 1 week ago

Ljonka Ljonka . 1 week ago
Took me less then two minutes to subscribe.
chicono17 chicono17 . 1 week ago
Trevor weren’t you gargling Biden’s sack during the election?
Kandi Kane Kandi Kane . 1 week ago
No need to worry about funding the roads if most of us can't afford to drive on them....just saying.
w g w g . 1 week ago
Democrats and Republicans are all full of it. It's time to replace all of them. The older you're wiser bs don't work in governments, not US government.
A H A H . 1 week ago
Worst than Trump...
40b $ on Ukraine ???
James Mack James Mack . 1 week ago
Dems/Biden have lost their voters. Get a passport
Jonathan Jonathan . 1 week ago
Fast4SloW 717 Fast4SloW 717 . 1 week ago
Really don Jr is who you do a coke joke about...
Larry Kamore Larry Kamore . 1 week ago
(As an African myself) I get to ask without prejudice; how's the gun control propaganda working in South Africa?
That USA should emulate (so-called) 3rd world country's voting system as 2022 really brought out the bananas of the banana republic🤣🤣🤣
Jacob McClellan Jacob McClellan . 1 week ago
That Biden voice is impeccable!! XD Absolutely brilliant voice work Trevor
Adam Dusenberry Adam Dusenberry . 1 week ago
Cause he is weak.

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