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Rebecca Rogers (Mrs. Rogers)

Rebecca Rogers (Mrs. Rogers)

Published on 3 weeks ago

WayToSon WayToSon . 43 minutes ago
WoW... Nosey butts.. None ya business...
Tammie Judy Tammie Judy . 60 minutes ago
I DO NOT believe thus
Mark Paperhanger Mark Paperhanger . 2 hours ago
Good move
Orcvs Ivstitia Orcvs Ivstitia . 3 hours ago
It's not weird....You didn't read your contract. Technically you helped all the kids learn to read their contracts. Now personally I don't see an issue with your living arrangement.....But let's do the math on this scenario......
1) You accepted a job.
2) Private? Does that mean religious? Hmm
3) The guidelines were clearly stated in the handbook
4) That you "apparently" did not read.... Judging from your tone. Here though we have a bifurcation A) You really didn't read the handbook or B) You did and decided to ignore the rule and willing violated the contract.
5A) You didn't read the handbook and are mentoring kids.....Not a good example
5B) You are a bad influence because you broke a contract and now you are pretending to be shocked by a ruling. That you willingly broke....Bad influence.
6A/B In either case as a teacher you should know the definition of weird. You getting fired for this reason makes perfect sense. So again it splits either you're horribly bad at being deceptive or you're that dumb. Smh....this video does help your case at all ... And again I have 0 issue personally with your sexual activity but I wouldn't want my kids around someone so dumb or so dishonest.
You never name the school too....and the b grade acting is horrible. So I don't believe it. I listened to this like 90 times while writing this. You said I work at... then say I got fired?!? You're promoting the fornication of the English language. "I work at a private highschool"
Also you lied so much...."I won't live with men"... "I read the handbook" cause you places with handbooks never ask for a signature when you finish reading it.....Why didn't you lie one more time? I'd guess because you had lied before and got caught. So they used this last lie to fire you. That's my taking a shit and thinking about it detective work.
Organic Magic Organic Magic . 4 hours ago
Evangelists are LITERALLY the worst
Joe Bone Joe Bone . 4 hours ago
Sounds like that school did the simpleton behavior
DOhman Ohman DOhman Ohman . 4 hours ago
She's holding a Karen cup 🤣! TROLLED 🤨
Rudy B Rudy B . 4 hours ago
This is why religion is stupid
Christopher Sims Christopher Sims . 6 hours ago
Well, don’t work
Christian fascists
Chris Angel Chris Angel . 6 hours ago
This has to be fake. She could easily say he was her brother or her fiancé was just visiting.
An0nymous_L0gic An0nymous_L0gic . 6 hours ago
Clayton Potts Clayton Potts . 7 hours ago
There are definitely weirder reasons to get fired.
Zane Rodgers Zane Rodgers . 7 hours ago
How do you know this is even real?
Gucc Gucc . 7 hours ago
Then everyone clapped
Realengo Primordial Demon Realengo Primordial Demon . 8 hours ago
America is a theocratic plutocratic dictatorship, I'm so glad I don't live in that crazy mess of a country.
Don Bailey Don Bailey . 8 hours ago
Did you sign the contract and did you read the contract that I don't feel bad for you
polemeros polemeros . 8 hours ago
Even if you do not think that unmarried adults living together is a big deal, that school was lucky to get rid of a woman like this. I pity the poor man who is going to find himself married to her.
Lampshade Lampshade . 9 hours ago
You should have read your contract…and your Bible.
Camel Filters Camel Filters . 10 hours ago
I can't, I just can't this is so stupid.

Thanks for the story.
Fook Yu Fook Yu . 10 hours ago
Sounds like you should read things before signing them
dinox44 dinox44 . 10 hours ago
It’s in your contract.. I bet you would reacted if they paid you less than what the contract stated.
Emma Ellingsworth Emma Ellingsworth . 11 hours ago
You breaking contract is not a weird reason.
Hekken Dang Hekken Dang . 11 hours ago
Ah yes, private education and freedom going hand in hand.....
Private schools should have no place in this country
marcia boyd marcia boyd . 12 hours ago
How did they know you were living together, he could have just been there for dinner.Although I have faith of God people like that makes me dislike many of the religious. Making me not to conform to religion. Promoting hate and intolerence, not there job.
John Smith John Smith . 13 hours ago
Why did you sign the contract
Tony Morgan Tony Morgan . 13 hours ago
Must be so weird to live in a country under christian sharia law
Pirate Remy Pirate Remy . 13 hours ago
Backward Religious crazies...
.I suppose it could be worse..In Afghanistan you'd be stoned to death.
Adam Z Adam Z . 13 hours ago
If your so happy ,then why the long face 🤥👺🤣
DAVID NEY DAVID NEY . 13 hours ago
zachary ragan zachary ragan . 13 hours ago
So you don't read legal contracts
Elena Benitez Elena Benitez . 14 hours ago
You violated the contract, pay the piper
John Farrell John Farrell . 14 hours ago
Did you not read your contract?
Ronbo Ronbo . 14 hours ago
Religion strikes again
Kurt GoBang Kurt GoBang . 14 hours ago
Shameless Hussie
Jose Acosta Jose Acosta . 14 hours ago
Not reading one's employment contract isn't a problem in the public school system...
Jungle Jungle . 14 hours ago
Self righteous, hypocritical people. Why can't people just leave others alone?!
Cash is Queen Cash is Queen . 15 hours ago
No, you neglected to read the employee manual when you accepted the job and absolutely deserved to be fired.
Charles Haines Charles Haines . 15 hours ago
Yeah that sounds illegal
Bianca Lixandru Bianca Lixandru . 15 hours ago
I don't understand something,can someone explain?...The story wasn't sent to you and it's yours or it was sent to you and it's someone's eles story?
Chad Miller Chad Miller . 16 hours ago
This is a common code of conduct for private schools
Florence Vall Florence Vall . 16 hours ago
TheDonnaDaniels TheDonnaDaniels . 17 hours ago
Name of student or parent?
Steve T Steve T . 18 hours ago
Every part of this story, related to how she was fired, is sad, pathetic and ridiculous. Tell that mom the 1940’s called…
Maggie Naidoo Maggie Naidoo . 19 hours ago
If u agree to something in your contract you can’t violate it
Thomas tom Thomas tom . 20 hours ago
Just so terrible that mum should be ashamed of herself
So glad it all worked out well in the end
•€hubb0cu• •€hubb0cu• . 21 hours ago
Wait actually?
John Padgett John Padgett . 21 hours ago
You should have been fired. You know this working for a private School. It's not weird.
Captain Snappy86 Captain Snappy86 . 21 hours ago
Sound fictitious. Then again her people are great at making up tall tales and passing them off as undeniable truths
dawn boden dawn boden . 21 hours ago
I work in a Catholic school within walking distance to the Vatican. No one here cares if you're married with our without kids. In fact, it's illegal to hire or fire based on your marital status. And it's none of their business

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