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Sara Aemei

Sara Aemei

Published on 2 years ago

I See Red - Everybody Loves an Outlaw (365 Days) I Heels Video I Choreography by Sara Aemei

Choreography/Dancer: Sara Aemei

Filmed by Axel Felipe Hernandez
Edited by Sara Aemei

Song: I See Red by Everybody Loves An Outlaw (365 Days)

Location: S.E. Studio - Basel Switzerland

Wowwww 😍
rose Souza rose Souza . 5 months ago
Preetam's Things Preetam's Things . 8 months ago
This is completely amazing
Irina Misiuk Irina Misiuk . 9 months ago
Very good
Your Royal Highness Your Royal Highness . 9 months ago
_"hello, love."_
Sofia Shuleshko Sofia Shuleshko . 9 months ago
please tell me what kind of dance🙌
Niketra Beraud Niketra Beraud . 10 months ago
Nice! Amazing
Manisha Negi Manisha Negi . 10 months ago
Amazing 🔥🔥❤️❤️
Trilok . S Trilok . S . 11 months ago
Woah!😍 amazing cover!
𝙨𝙧𝙚 𝙨𝙧𝙚 . 11 months ago
Your feelings 🔥
Sally Marzouki Sally Marzouki . 11 months ago
wow. do more dancing
lili lili lili lili . 12 months ago
La danse ne va pas du tout avec le rythme de la musique dommage
Jamile Silva Jamile Silva . 1 year ago
Lindo demais moça
thuy linh vu thuy linh vu . 1 year ago
Oh my idol. So perfect
Ana Laura Neves Ana Laura Neves . 1 year ago
Muito lindo, sem ser vulgar..
Luera Official Luera Official . 1 year ago
Wow‼️‼️‼️ Perfction‼️ 🚨🔥👠🔴🟥💄🚩♦️🎈🎸
hana yorri hana yorri . 1 year ago
All the peopole watching the dance of the girl

Me and my brain:are you lost baby girl
MusicFuture20 MusicFuture20 . 1 year ago
This is man. Trans.
Yzza Gomes Yzza Gomes . 2 years ago
Coloquei na velocidade 2x parece que a mulher tá lutando 🤡🤡😂😂😂
Phoenix Phoenix . 2 years ago
Prob one of the best choreographed dance I’ve seen to this song! So elegant and suavely executed every move to the beat of this song 😍 #inspiration #thankyou
Coconut girl Coconut girl . 2 years ago
Do u have a Instagram? I honestly look up to u ❤️
Coconut girl Coconut girl . 2 years ago
This song hit like a mf
Meghan Smith Meghan Smith . 2 years ago
Ur stunning, lets hold hands under the rainbows lol hahhah. Sorry im weird and a tart....Meow
Loli Nibba Loli Nibba . 2 years ago
not me hitting my head on my heels- Im a dancer man coMe oN
Sara El Yahyaoui Sara El Yahyaoui . 2 years ago
Lila B Lila B . 2 years ago
i can see that you‘re feeling this so bad, inspiring and incredible sweetie!❤️
Srishti Bhowmick Srishti Bhowmick . 2 years ago
You are so talented 😍 I am in awe of you. Love from India❤
Gabrielly Almeida Gabrielly Almeida . 2 years ago
Gamze Alacaçayır Gamze Alacaçayır . 2 years ago
Wtf So sexy
Ren Ren . 2 years ago
Omg yasss🥺🥺👉👈 you go gurl! this is so good!! Thankyou so muchh
Arfaoui Mejda Arfaoui Mejda . 2 years ago
Your moves are just a bit weak for a tempo like this+ your face expressions look awkward somehow..(sorry)
Jessica Duah Jessica Duah . 2 years ago
Woww. Love it
Miguel Angel Rodriguez Hernández Miguel Angel Rodriguez Hernández . 2 years ago
Quien lo ve en pleno 2022
Alexia Matos Alexia Matos . 2 years ago
Online English School Online English School . 2 years ago
I dream to have a body like yours . You are so perfect ❤
Enirys Wood Enirys Wood . 2 years ago
Amazing 🥰
Rachel Bals Rachel Bals . 2 years ago
Súper chulo!! Me ha encantado!!
Максим Лебедев Максим Лебедев . 2 years ago
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