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Forever Family Vlogs

Forever Family Vlogs

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Sister forever Sister forever . 2 weeks ago
Comment some videos ideas 💡? So we can do it for you . Thanks 😊
kenzieee🙀🤍 kenzieee🙀🤍 . 1 day ago
I don’t why everybody is say they are spoiled cause they are just having fun y’all are saying that’s cause of the video y’all are watching, y’all are basing it off of this video, so either y’all respect the content they’re giving us or just not watch they’re video, cause it’s crazy how y’all take the time out of y’all day to comment hateful things about these beautiful girls.
Kristina Gregg Kristina Gregg . 2 days ago
Um actually parents can say no cuz they are the literal parents and shouldn’t be forced into a challenge by their children
Maya Darden Maya Darden . 7 days ago
yuliana guadalupe soto armenta yuliana guadalupe soto armenta . 1 week ago
And they didn't buy Katherine something?
Zoey Craig Zoey Craig . 1 week ago
I can barley hear this video
Ruqiya Ibrahim Ruqiya Ibrahim . 1 week ago
Emily is so gorgeous
Evangelia Filippidi Evangelia Filippidi . 1 week ago
The video says it all. Alison is so disrespectful. She always gets what she wants without caring about who’s paying and where the money comes from.
Haya Hashem Haya Hashem . 1 week ago
Her mom is sooo pretty istggg
Leah Abukhaled Leah Abukhaled . 1 week ago
she just had to mention the size of the shorts 😭
Melanie Fuentes Melanie Fuentes . 2 weeks ago
“menos mal que lo sabe” HAHA
Annaleise Sanchez Annaleise Sanchez . 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know that the app is called
Paige Donoway Paige Donoway . 2 weeks ago
what’s emily’s shorts called
Ariel Nieves Ariel Nieves . 2 weeks ago
idk why everyone is hating they were joking
Gabbay Gabbay . 2 weeks ago
this is my mall
Kamila Cruz Kamila Cruz . 2 weeks ago
The attitude they had tho 🙄
M. B. M. B. . 2 weeks ago
Why did she get her phone taken away?
yessenia🤍 yessenia🤍 . 2 weeks ago
allison’s goofy😂
Jacklyn Rodriguez Jacklyn Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago
Y’all should make a video Dad Can’t Say No 24 Hours
Kayla Razzetto Kayla Razzetto . 2 weeks ago
i feel like her kaylees family is more genuine..
Kayla Razzetto Kayla Razzetto . 2 weeks ago
okay im sorry this was way too disrespectful for my own good lmao, the facts that her parents are trying to have a good time and there asking for stupid shit from the mall gets me upset.. there spoiled enough.
tuchihae tuchihae . 2 weeks ago
alisson takes the excuse of vlogging or making a video so she gets what she wants
tuchihae tuchihae . 2 weeks ago
Alison so spoiled & is very disrespectful is not something to be proud of
kayla kayla . 2 weeks ago
woah they went to my mall 😳
Nads Sparkle Nads Sparkle . 2 weeks ago
Your lucky your parents said yes to this challenge. I feel sorry for the parents Rip for there Bank accounts of how much they spend. Anyway beautiful family. I love this video. i AM WATCHING THIS VIDEO ON THE 23 OF June ON A thursday. it IS SO COLD AND IT FREZZING TODAY AS WE ARE IN WINTER beautiful GIRLS. I glad you guys had so much fun this video. xx keep up the videos.
Jayrun Jayrun . 2 weeks ago
Omg Who sang Bidi Bidi bom bom? Selena is soooo good
Madi Nunes Madi Nunes . 2 weeks ago
My favorite mall
How2draw Realistically How2draw Realistically . 2 weeks ago
Emily is soo pretty
AlexaK 💛💙 AlexaK 💛💙 . 2 weeks ago
What mall is that because I’m going to west palm and it looks like a nice mall and I go in like 2 weeks I’m a a fan of y’all every video that’s is posted I watch it 💙💛💙💛
love love love love . 2 weeks ago
Take them to where you were raised your home country . Let them wash their clothes by hand and go outside to the bathroom and walk to the supermarket
love love love love . 2 weeks ago
you don’t control your children you guys are gonna become broke. You should take them for the summer to your home please let them experience 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃
Mr. monkey Mr. monkey . 2 weeks ago
Love you so much video
Anonymous N Anonymous N . 2 weeks ago
just another video of spoiled children that love to boss around their parents. it’s honestly sad and shows how much respect is given both ways smh. it’s one thing to not be grateful, but being disrespectful is just gross.
Lily Watson Lily Watson . 2 weeks ago
i love yalls channel so much. however yall are so lukcy to have a mom that cares for you and takes care of you. i wish the kids were nicer to her :(
katy Ryan katy Ryan . 2 weeks ago
I absolutely love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️
yaima palacios yaima palacios . 2 weeks ago
I like videos like this one
GG World GG World . 2 weeks ago
You guys should we cook for our parents again I like it so much the last time.
Cristyn Lindsay Cristyn Lindsay . 2 weeks ago
I love watching you guys. You make my day so much better just by posting. Every time I watch you guys I have a smile on my face. My biggest dream is to spend time with you guys. Im one year younger than emily and I think we could be great friends. I have family that lives in Florida and i see them every year during the summer. My dream video is me spending time with you guys. Thank you guys for posting your the best youtube channel!
Makayla Ann Makayla Ann . 2 weeks ago
I get that it was a challenge and all but Allison was being really disrespectful / having attitude to the parents and it needs to get under control she was like “they have to do whatever we say today” as if they don’t always do that.. (just my opinion don’t come at me)
Nickesha J. Nickesha J. . 2 weeks ago
Hi wow nice, Ali your hair looks lovely, be bless
Jazmin Delgadillo Jazmin Delgadillo . 2 weeks ago
Bro allison and emily is so anoying , so demanding like be respectful to your damn parents ,
Angelina EPIC Expressions Angelina EPIC Expressions . 2 weeks ago
You should do a video that has Allison and Emily stores that I shop at and we’re I get my shirts
William Tayui William Tayui . 2 weeks ago
Hey y’all what’s up what’s up Yalieny Allison Emily And Kathryn btw your dress is so amazing Yalieny!
raj boy raj boy . 2 weeks ago
En ce moment je kiff les vlogs je sais pas pourquoi mdrr donc j’ai pu que kiffé ta vidéo ! +1 like tu mérite + d’abonnés ! J’ai moi même fais un vlog dans ma dernière video si ta le temps n’hésite pas !
Diana Cordoba Diana Cordoba . 2 weeks ago
Omg that’s the gardens mall I love to go there wish I would have bumped into you guys that would have made my life lol 😂✨
Jessie Garcia Tapia Jessie Garcia Tapia . 2 weeks ago
I think you guys should do last to leave the pool or 24hr I’n the pool since it’s a new house
Vongsakone Chanvong Vongsakone Chanvong . 2 weeks ago
My cousins 💓
It me Stephanie It me Stephanie . 2 weeks ago
Hi I love you guys so much
Adamari Hernandez Adamari Hernandez . 2 weeks ago

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