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Published on 13 years ago

Music video by Blackstreet performing No Diggity. (C) 1996 Interscope Records
#Blackstreet #NoDiggity #Remastered

Art Deco Art Deco . 8 hours ago
What y'all youngins know about this right here??
- Yes, no goofy-ass looking super tight skinny jeans on stick figure ni%%as that look like they weigh 50 pounds,
- no mumbling idiot rap about gettin' high and drunk all day,
- no brothers and sisters who CAN'T sing allowed to top the damn charts,
- no stupid confused ni##as wearing LACE DRESSES while holding AK's trying to look tough and feminine simultaneously
- Shocking, isn't it?
Tamara O'Neal Tamara O'Neal . 1 day ago
Back when girls actually danced whole routines in videos instead of Twerking the whole time LOL
AyameIris :) AyameIris :) . 1 day ago
Queen Pen's part was perfection
Yednekachew Geremew Yednekachew Geremew . 1 day ago
Philo raper mocking existing "girl 1" essence of July 4 and quen pen (girl 2) asking the Quinn (girl)for something to draw triangle haaaaaa
Fedy Benieder Fedy Benieder . 2 days ago
Thanks Rockstar Games
Raymond Biddle Raymond Biddle . 2 days ago
Tylan 24 MAGA Tylan 24 MAGA . 2 days ago
Leaving this comment on Independence Day 2022 , so on Independence Day 2033 when this comment gets likes, I can come back and listen
Robert Danilo Tecson Robert Danilo Tecson . 2 days ago
No fat chicks, great song, wish these times were upon us again.
le Art le Art . 3 days ago
i don't give a duck what year it is
Mariah Enrique Mariah Enrique . 3 days ago
2022 ❤️
John G John G . 3 days ago
can't stand Dre's rapping, sounds so shit......
Christine Miner Christine Miner . 3 days ago
Lol my semi broke had to dip at gentlemens club thanks for the cash great song
NativeBlackAmericanTV CreateDaily NativeBlackAmericanTV CreateDaily . 3 days ago
ABSOLUTE BEST OF THE BEST. THIS IS LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE. 'FEW THINGS IN ANY ARENA NAIL IT LIKE THIS. There should be a video of a series of images of the best Mankind has come up with...and this song should be playing as accompaniment... you choose the elements. Images. I'll give it a start. First Image. Early Man discovering FIRE! (present video pretty damn good, too)... My question? How'd they do it?
Michele Otero Michele Otero . 3 days ago
Queen pen set that off
Karen Williams Karen Williams . 3 days ago
Here after the Mario and Omarion verzuz battle and missing R&B frfr
Daniel Prado Daniel Prado . 3 days ago
my 3yo toddler dances the heck out of this song and sings the chorus, if a toddler says something is good, it the most objective opinion you'll ever get haha
REDPK REDPK . 3 days ago
yes good music
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy . 3 days ago
Pitch perfect made this song big again
Sulayman Guemraui Sulayman Guemraui . 3 days ago
S a l o m o n sliman larach mosic anstremonal vidéo dsco top 11 ,10
BOTROB BOTROB . 3 days ago
I hated the song for being in tiktok but my momma showed me an old video of me as a kid bumpin my head to this jam… now i love it🤣
Peter Vigna Peter Vigna . 3 days ago
Backtreet boys vs blackstreet and go...
Ant Man Ant Man . 4 days ago
LezzGOOO!!!!!!! 2022 Baby!!!
Number 10 the underdog Number 10 the underdog . 4 days ago
Girl version about to bag the dudes bagging girl up
Jairo Nieto Barbosa Jairo Nieto Barbosa . 4 days ago,🇨🇴💚🔥💥 greetings from latín América,the best street Stylos in the city of Bogotá Colombia 🇨🇴💚,#OLDSCHOOLCD,HIPHOP.
Naomi Richardson Naomi Richardson . 4 days ago
This is a forever tune
Mike Litorous Mike Litorous . 4 days ago
The crazy thing about this song is that it could have been about 7 different genres
Janet Walton Janet Walton . 4 days ago
Get on the dance floor!
Ramona Estrada Ramona Estrada . 4 days ago
I'm 76 and still love this... It's one of my ring tones! At 50 I could still dance. Now I just dance in my bed! Lol
Danny Rojas Danny Rojas . 5 days ago
You know it play on player
G3tsi AK G3tsi AK . 5 days ago
My time machine 😁😉😊
King Daweed one King Daweed one . 5 days ago
top muzzikkkkkk mfg from germany from dawwed and daizzy-one aka jenni u.
GIGi Mac GIGi Mac . 5 days ago
Love Love Love!!!
Patricia Saluti Patricia Saluti . 5 days ago
BACK Just A Bit. GREAT times
Patricia Saluti Patricia Saluti . 5 days ago
Woman Lady Rappers. THEY LOOK Beautiful
Patricia Saluti Patricia Saluti . 5 days ago
Hey Fam. SAME
Remi Roy Remi Roy . 5 days ago
i landed on this by accident.. fucking glad i did
farah gallaa farah gallaa . 5 days ago
Vive bush
Franny Zoey Franny Zoey . 5 days ago
Today's music could never.. ayyyyyyy 🔥🔥🔥
Ryddyx Ryddyx . 5 days ago
Dre, the only guy doing something meaningful in a Cowboys jersey
Babyplz77 Babyplz77 . 5 days ago
I'm 15 an this is my favorite song lol
Weyda Hadou Weyda Hadou . 5 days ago
Love it ❤️unforgettable
DannyJunglist92 DannyJunglist92 . 5 days ago
such a fucking beat, puts u in a great mood instantly
Light Circles Light Circles . 6 days ago
my ears are happy
smilingnsingin smilingnsingin . 6 days ago
June 30, 2022 still listening.
Bored Cat Bored Cat . 6 days ago
2022 Dr. Dree, an old fella, well, I mean a proud one of the 90s teenagers 🎶🎶👏👏👏 Am 50 y/o now 👍🎧🎼🎵
Nick Nick . 6 days ago
After looking through the comments, am I really the only one that came here after watching Pitch Perfect????
E.G E.G . 6 days ago
It may say no diggity but is there giggity
Kikay Cajulao Kikay Cajulao . 6 days ago
Katherine Cajulao favorite song is No diggity it's remind me thinking about Freddie Brooks it's part of me about all my whole life with her this song for her
Germaine Monet Germaine Monet . 6 days ago
No digging it, this song reminds me of my good all days.😇
Jennie Estrada Jennie Estrada . 7 days ago
Dre be everywhere, working with outstanding Artists!! Probs to y'all

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