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Published on 1 year ago

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Solowind Solowind . 2 days ago
If you're looking for a new truck Tim McGraw posted his for $7,500 OBO. And if Tim's doesn't work out take a look at Dylan Scott's. He's selling his too.
Momog4329 Momog4329 . 4 days ago
Morgan do me a favor keep it real and don't ever change the way you write songs your the best I don't give a dam what anybody saids just keep it real and keep being you 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤
brandon Salas brandon Salas . 5 days ago
I GOT A SILVERADO NOT FOOOOOOOR SALEEEEE my Silverado made me have so many memories no one will ever say that in a pos dodge or ford..
Becky Rooker Becky Rooker . 5 days ago
Got 2. Silverado been there done that. I would go back if I could
UltraHD23 UltraHD23 . 7 days ago
You’ll never know the lengths of how me we love our rides girls
Bonnie Klimcsak Bonnie Klimcsak . 1 week ago
Very sweet and romantic song
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 1 week ago
I'm a Ford guy. But damn this song is perfect
Jpluck09 Jpluck09 . 1 week ago
Them lyrics get me everytime man.
Joanna Seymour Joanna Seymour . 1 week ago
Best album ever! All I listen to, always on repeat! Love you Morgan! Always stay you! ❤️
Brooklin Funkproject Brooklin Funkproject . 2 weeks ago
A Life of memories I always wanted.... I have the music
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 2 weeks ago
I like to sang this by my shelf.
Marella Bauer Marella Bauer . 2 weeks ago
I'd like to buy that truck
Richard Mcdonagh Richard Mcdonagh . 2 weeks ago
A talented American friend introduced me to amazing song god bless James an amazing talented man
Debbie Brown Debbie Brown . 2 weeks ago
Been listening to this amazing man every day for the last 3 years, wish he would reschedule his UK tour, I would go to every show
Rebecca Bowen Rebecca Bowen . 3 weeks ago
❤️ My favorite! It reminds me of my oldest son…now happily married to the prettiest girl in town. ❤️
Bryant Brantley Bryant Brantley . 3 weeks ago
Have to sell my first truck here soon. 2002 4wd. Gut wrenching
Cindy Miller Cindy Miller . 3 weeks ago
I liked Ford till I drove a Chevy!!! I love my Silverado and I love Morgan. When Morgan sings it makes me smile ear to ear tooooo!!!
Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson . 3 weeks ago
1st truck I owned was 72 F150 Ford, great Song, by a Great Singer, Country Music is in good Hands.
xg1027 xg1027 . 3 weeks ago
Don’t let them cancel culture, don’t let them bully us. Let’s support Morgan and support what we believe
Philipdgdgdgdtdo Foote Philipdgdgdgdtdo Foote . 3 weeks ago
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 4 weeks ago
I love that song
jayda pappas jayda pappas . 4 weeks ago
I like you
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 4 weeks ago
Love this song but I'm glad he's selling his Silverado cuz Ford 150 is where it's at
BaNe BRoAd BaNe BRoAd . 4 weeks ago
Can't get enuff of Morgan's music. It's insane. I'm signing it at work I wake up with it in my head. Get home n have beer 🍺 and put his music on. I just freaking love it.
John Jones John Jones . 4 weeks ago
Me and my dad have always been so close. I remember the day he bought his 1986 Chevy Silverado 4x4 350 1500. Me and him have had so many memories in that Ole truck. Plowing snow men, riding around, there was almost no where that truck wouldn't go it was a beast. Well he didnt drive it too often. Well after maybe a year or 2 of having it the transmission went out and we barely made it home in 4 low the whole way. My dad was tore all to pieces and so was I. Ive seen so many that look just like it and it brings back so many memories..
Camilo Espinazo Camilo Espinazo . 4 weeks ago
This song reminds me of the last great American dynasty by Taylor swift, I think it's amazing how you can tell a story through and object, in her song the thing is a house.
I personally think it's really creative and Interesting
RabbleRob! RabbleRob! . 1 month ago
Great song.
rc wheels rc wheels . 1 month ago
Can I buy your silverado 😆👍
Eric Eric . 1 month ago
my dad just passed away in Feb he left me his 04 Silverado 4x4 awesome song
Robby Lynch Robby Lynch . 1 month ago
Every real man has sold his truck for the wife or kids
Jeff Dobis Jeff Dobis . 1 month ago
Late night and sanding out the first coat of paint on the raceboat listening to his music makes a tedious job almost enjoyable, perfect voice , perfect arrangement, minimum production , rare talent 👌
Tony Spicer Tony Spicer . 1 month ago
Awesome beer drinkin song…
Good job Morgan👍
minion cult minion cult . 1 month ago
yes sir
Jacob Harbert Jacob Harbert . 2 months ago
mine was an 85 s10. but same story. unbelievable. two beautiful daughters later. that truck started it all. my beautiful girls wouldn’t have happened with that chevy ☺️
Kyle Hughes Kyle Hughes . 2 months ago
First vehicle was 98 Chevy single cab. Had V8 350vorteck. Ran like a scalded dog. Drove it until my wife had our first baby. Some great times.
Susie Beavers Susie Beavers . 2 months ago
What the hell are you thinking Blake Shelton
Adam Gajewski Adam Gajewski . 2 months ago
The others can claim all they want but won't last.or you gotta dump a chunk of the Franklin mint to make em run right #ChevroletGMCforever
Adam Gajewski Adam Gajewski . 2 months ago
All I drive is Silverados
Jackie McAdams Jackie McAdams . 2 months ago
Morgan Walken has been a little busy with his Tours
OleCheese OleCheese . 2 months ago
Nothing made me more proud as a teenager to buy my first z71
Brantley Ellis Brantley Ellis . 2 months ago
Brian Moore Brian Moore . 2 months ago
Wish I could afford a truck. Combat Vet worked for 37 years now barely getting by I drive a Chevy spark. Shot I should drive it off a bridge with me in it.
Dallas Morgan Dallas Morgan . 2 months ago
*sigh* As I wait
Jackie McAdams Jackie McAdams . 2 months ago
I like this song 😍
Jackie McAdams Jackie McAdams . 2 months ago
I found you on Sound Cloud then YouTube channel
Jackie McAdams Jackie McAdams . 2 months ago
Morgan Walken like this song
Tony P Tony P . 2 months ago
He has to be the best song writter of this time. Every song is so good and so unique. Seems like when you first hear it you immediately like it and can relate to it.
landon woodman landon woodman . 2 months ago
Nick Price Nick Price . 2 months ago
Kaz Kelly Quest Kaz Kelly Quest . 2 months ago
This song induced the best cry I’ve had in years.

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