Play / Download When Kelvin Benjamin had beef with Cam Newton🍿#shorts #nfl
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Ayokunle Adewuya

Ayokunle Adewuya

Published on 3 weeks ago

Jamar Lamar Jamar Lamar . 2 hours ago
I think Benjamin fells as he cost him his career
Chaplain Win Chaplain Win . 3 hours ago
Kelvin has not been seen since
here a little while here a little while . 4 hours ago
"Cam was mature" first time for everything all probably knows why he didnt want anything to do with him
Viper Jódete Viper Jódete . 10 hours ago
Cam was too close to him. His approach started off wrong
Benjimin Franklin Benjimin Franklin . 10 hours ago
FSU lames gator nation
Upgrade 101 Upgrade 101 . 15 hours ago
It looked confrontational and body language is 70% of communication
BamaDonDon04 BamaDonDon04 . 16 hours ago
And Cam gave that guy way too much credit too because he low key SUCKED
Vutka Papi Vutka Papi . 19 hours ago
if anything, hands behind his back feels way more confrontational, you're tryna be like "i wish you would try some" type vibe
hitman L hitman L . 1 day ago
Benjamin and thomas Davis, two monsters! Cam bigger than both of them. Davis took cams lead and gave then space with no hesitation. This shows you how much respect he commanded.
Crypto E Crypto E . 1 day ago
Lovers quarl no doubt
Steven Carr Steven Carr . 2 days ago
See, even after they both have made it and are both successful, they still find silly, ignorant shit to beef about.
Htownbj1971 Htownbj1971 . 2 days ago
It’s called EGO & IMMATURITY🤷🏾‍♂️…SIMPLE
Ulysees killingsworth Ulysees killingsworth . 2 days ago
You see cam face when he told the other dude to step back!? In black culture its highly disrespectful to not dap a man up! Cam was about to deck this dude if he said anything wrong!
SilverBlackGuerrilla SilverBlackGuerrilla . 2 days ago
Childish. The way these sports personalities take something this minor into real beef is absurd. My middle school football teams had more confrontations than this. ESPN is so Hollywood that their shows is 2% about the sport and 98% beef, rumors, controversy, rhetoric, propaganda and fluff
Ronald Jr Ronald Jr . 2 days ago
That hands behind your back doesn't mean shit. Some use it so you drop your guard
Tyler Rodriguez Tyler Rodriguez . 2 days ago
Kelvin was/is trash and even I have better calves than him
Gabriel Kiefer Gabriel Kiefer . 2 days ago
This video gave us no info on why they were beefing?
Andre W Andre W . 2 days ago
Cam is real but some people are poor and not smart.
Paco JuanRico Paco JuanRico . 2 days ago
Well Benjaman's Seminoles beat Newton's Tiger's in the very last BCS Natty
Javier Sánchez Javier Sánchez . 2 days ago
He probably lost respect for Cam after he didn't dive on that fumble against Denver.
Jk Kennedy Jk Kennedy . 2 days ago
Slim you never sleep on man that walk up on your wit his hands behind his back. That means he is going to throw a jab or 2 at you be ready this hood school 101
Jonathan Dupard Jonathan Dupard . 3 days ago
It’s his fault he got FAT!
Dominique tracks Dominique tracks . 3 days ago
They both out the league
traplandmuzik traplandmuzik . 3 days ago
Cam shoulder got hurt and was pretty much never the SAME AGAIN thanks to terrible hustle from Benjamin.
The best WR the Bills ever had they just let him go smh
Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson . 3 days ago
cam was definitely immature and confrontational. like what are these delusional people talking about?
wickoverall wickoverall . 3 days ago
You niggas are pussy, If you don’t trust the hands behind the back especially from a professional person?? You’re a certified bitch
Kat Fish 🐟 Kat Fish 🐟 . 4 days ago
Where is Kelvin Benjamin now??? Is he a top 🤔 5 receiver in today's NFL?? Is KB still in the league? Panthers traded KB too Buffalo 🐃 😳 🤦? He did nothing thier. Then too the chiefs???? KB is the reason Cam Newton suffered his basically, career ending shoulder injury..
Chris Dalton Chris Dalton . 4 days ago
I saw KB play live once. Very unimpressed. He had his moments but after that injury, wasn’t the same
sky sky . 4 days ago
I do that behind the back shit, it's backfired on me once before though the other dude knew what was gonna happen and swung right away lmao we cool now tho
Devin Phillips Devin Phillips . 4 days ago
Nah that behind the back is giving him leverage to throw a hard hook😂👌🏾
M Sim M Sim . 4 days ago
Cam's gay. That's what's going on. Figure out the rest.
who keers
GIZ Matic GIZ Matic . 4 days ago
Open hands is non confrontational. Hands behind the back (hiding your hands) could be anything. Plus he was all in his personal space with a screwface. Cam lucky he ain’t get rocked
Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome . 4 days ago
Can newton handkes everything like a child
vendingdudes vendingdudes . 4 days ago
Non threatening, other than the near chest bump
william davis william davis . 4 days ago
Non confrontational manner? Do you hear yourself? You pressed him chest to chest gtfoh!! Can't argue with idiots
Dallas Texas Dallas Texas . 4 days ago
Just shows how stupid Shannon Sharpe really is. Cam Newton's a Punk always has been always and will be. Now that I think about it Shannon's a punk too
Deeper Reality Deeper Reality . 4 days ago
How much do they pay this clown to report on irrelevant info ?
XOTIOD XOTIOD . 5 days ago
someone what is the background song 😭
Beastlife Over 50 Beastlife Over 50 . 5 days ago
Bullshit! You don't walk up and get in a man's face like that!
Speedy Speedy . 5 days ago
Why did they have beef tho?
First Ghost First Ghost . 5 days ago
How you gone out your hands behind your back but step closer to a man's face?
You got eat phones in your ears, cant be listening to me
Dalvin Dalvin . 5 days ago
Kelvin benjamin and eddie lacy gotta be two of the laziest football players in NFL history
I see in the comments everyone tough behind the computer until someone gets punched in the face then yall new breeds want to get a gun and kill

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