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Published on 2 weeks ago

In Episode 6 of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ we finally get to see the true final battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. We've never seen Vader or Kenobi this strong on-screen in Star Wars before.

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Daniel Figueroa Daniel Figueroa . 6 days ago
Seeing Vader limping and gasping toward the end is pretty tear jerking not going to lie.
Astalthæon Astalthæon . 6 days ago
So I'd say it's pretty obvious the director for this didn't watch the last season of Game of Thrones, and also somehow didn't see the absolute shit ton of complaints about the Battle of Winterfell.... That said, this entire fight is just ridiculous in the first place. There's a fair argument to be made for Obi-Wan not killing Anakin in RotS (dismembered, on fire, near lava, extremely unlikely to survive), but here? Just walking away and letting him live completely goes against everything the Jedi stood for, and it's disgraceful.
Edgar Acosta Edgar Acosta . 6 days ago
This fight should have been 10 mins long.. no cutting back to Reva... just an epic encounter between master and padawan..
Broken Glass Broken Glass . 6 days ago
Like Mike Tyson soon has he got on the inside game over.
Seksee Marcus Kidd Seksee Marcus Kidd . 6 days ago
You probably would have saved a lot of life even your own.. if you would have ended him there by slicing his head off... But you complicit In murder now because you couldn't get the job completely done...
Сириус Сириус . 6 days ago
Obi Wan is cunning, at first he fought with the third form, then he loaded his Makashi and added an ataru that Vader did not expect at all. And Obi-Wan didn't kill Vader just because he realized that Anakin was still alive in him, like the light side of the force.
Joshua GC Wong Joshua GC Wong . 6 days ago
Nah, Obi-Wan should've said "powerful you have become Darth, I sense the dark side in you. But much to learn you still have"
Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez . 6 days ago
the minimum in this battle was that obi wan won it but at least darth vader had to have amputated one of his arms or a hand
Dagorian Stark Dagorian Stark . 6 days ago
As cool as this fight was (easily the best of the main 3) it does pose even more questions;

For example, how do they go from these two powerhouses to what can only be described as the most pathetic lightsabre battle ever witnessed in star wars history a decade later? 😐

The series actually looked to explain this early on with Kenobi's hopelessness and guilt leaving him weak, but by the end he is clearly stronger than ever. So why he is weak as f*#k when facing Vader in new hope?

Secondly, after besting Vader, why did he just leave him... Again??? At this point he knows the threat Vader poses to other jedi as well as the galaxy. At the very least shouldn't he have taken him prisoner?

Obi wan even declares beforehand that whatever the outcome between them, 'it ends here.' and that one of them will kill the other. Can't remember the exact wording, but either way it seems weird that Obi wan would just walk off knowing that Vader would recover and continue to hunt him and others 🤷🏻

Also, this may be covered in other canon, but where is Ashoka during this time? I have always found it strange that there wasn't a single mention of her in revenge of the sith or in this series 🤷🏻
John Cunningham John Cunningham . 6 days ago
Wow this looks like shit.
Artemas Artemas . 6 days ago
I don't know what is worse, Obi-Wan's non existent lightsaber skills or the crap cinematography. This is really disappointing.
Matt Nierenberg Matt Nierenberg . 6 days ago
At least they can do is sit down and have a conversation and catch up on old times and maybe even have acouple beers together before killing each other.
Juice Juice . 6 days ago
Fantastic chemistry, after 18 years it’s like they never left! Regardless of what the toxic fanbase says, I’m extremely grateful for their return.
MegaKamandi MegaKamandi . 6 days ago
as 51 year old im jaded on star wars this was good but wtf is up with disney and their flying rocks uff looked absurd
Mango Entertainment Mango Entertainment . 6 days ago
For years, some fans have always said obi wan was weak. I love that they showed just how powerful obi wan was and is. With the exception of prime luke, yoda and palps, I can't imagine any other force user manhandling someone as powerful as darth vader the way obi wan did in this battle.
Ibrahim Shaffi Ibrahim Shaffi . 6 days ago
Obi wan went from Lvl 1 crook to Lvl 99 mafia boss in the space of 6 episodes😂
fubuh8r fubuh8r . 6 days ago
I was waiting for him to say....

“Now, I have the high ground.”
chris irwin chris irwin . 6 days ago
Darth was done the moment his chest plate got taken out. I read that is a weakness the emperor purposely put in his armor.
Anthony Grant Anthony Grant . 6 days ago
Who else has came back to watch this amazing fight
Technologic Technologic . 6 days ago
the fact that Kenobi didn't kill him here lead to millions of deaths and entire planets destroyed
Joah VC Joah VC . 6 days ago
God the music is so bad, I wish they used the original OST
Archanfel Archanfel . 6 days ago
The Highground always wins!!!!
Patridge Patridge . 6 days ago
This is imo the best Star Wars scene ever. I really loved this one. By that I mean the whole dialogue, not just the fight. A bit weird cutting the best part out.
Shipmate Shipmate . 6 days ago
Darth Vader seems weak... DISAPPOINTED
Hugh McDowall Hugh McDowall . 6 days ago
Vader is not all that if can't beat obi wan in his prime. Good fight, but Vader is getting boring tbh..
Game Commander Game Commander . 6 days ago
This is the most badass death since rouge one maybe even more Badass
John Doe John Doe . 6 days ago
Obi-Wan vs cyborgs
Attacking the chest
DaLLaN DaLLaN . 6 days ago
Никогда не понимал прикола этих говносиквелоприквелов. Вот все же знают, что оба героя выживут в 4 эпизоде, нахера смотреть эту битву, чего в ней важного? Пофапать на вейдера?
Castle Kirk Castle Kirk . 6 days ago
obi wan will fuck you up gotta be careful
luis josue huallpa palacios luis josue huallpa palacios . 6 days ago
Bah... Nada del otro mundo... Disney mejor llama a Lucas para que les enseñe a grabar como sería una verdadera batalla con sables de luz.
CLM1987 CLM1987 . 6 days ago
Of course Obi-Wan cheats like a bitch when he starts to lose, thought Jedi fought with honor lol
LBALucas1992 LBALucas1992 . 6 days ago
You know neither one is going to kill the other but it's still so tense 😎😎😎
Big A Big A . 6 days ago
I hate plot armor. Either the good guy wins or no one wins. So predictable
BlackBirds93 BlackBirds93 . 6 days ago
When the music started it was like all 6 episodes built up to this
Da Beast From Da Weast Da Beast From Da Weast . 6 days ago
Obiwan is canonically supposed to be a bad ass because of his skills with a lightsaber, not because of his powers as a force user. He was able to become a jedi master by becoming one of the greatest practitioners of form 3 Soresu, a defensive style that compensates for this weakness to such a degree that he was considered one of the greatest jedis to have ever lived.

I really don't like how they made the climactic moment of this fight Obiwan chucking boulders at Vader until he submits, it feels like it goes against everything his character is supposed to represent. Obiwan shines as a character because of what he is able to overcome through his will and sheer cunning in spite of the odds, not by his ability to flex boulders onto his opponent.
Obi Wan Kenobi Obi Wan Kenobi . 6 days ago
Obi-Wan's battle stance ❤️
Bast_ G Bast_ G . 6 days ago
The fight is cool but we notice that darth vader lost almost every fight he did (even with ahsoka it was limit)😂
Darth Vader Darth Vader . 6 days ago
2:10 It's over Obi-Wan, I have the high ground!
charlesvan13 charlesvan13 . 6 days ago
Star Wars is becoming more inconsistent.
"So we meet again, Obi-Wan...when I left you I was but a learner, now I am the master."

That makes less sense if they had a dual in between.
Tom Rock Tom Rock . 6 days ago
This scene alone dialogue and action sequence is enough to pursue me to NOT watch the series
Callsign_Emperor Callsign_Emperor . 6 days ago
Damn, I know this is before Episode IV, but Vader was smooth with it! You can tell Obi-Wan was fueled by emotion cause in these close quarters he was swinging wildly.
Autistic Conservative Autistic Conservative . 6 days ago
You didn’t finish it. Therefore thumbs down.
Alexandre L'Heureux Alexandre L'Heureux . 6 days ago
The sheer determination and confidence in Obi-Wan's eyes when he finally takes his stance is palpable. Good job Ewan
Elijah Elijah . 6 days ago
So a major difference in Kenobi compared to the prequels is that they used lightsabers that actually light up their according colour. Consequently making them much heavier and harder to wield. As opposed to the prequel trilogy where the lightsabers consisted of a handle and a thin light metal rod for the blade. Which made in much easier for the actors to swing faster. You can clearly see the difference in how McGregor handles this new lightsaber alteration here in comparison to Revenge of the Sith.
Quandale Dingle Quandale Dingle . 6 days ago
The look on obi wan face isnt fully sadness. When Vader says "you didn't kill Anakin Skywalker, I did" the look on his face is sadness and realization that Anakin, his best friend, his brother, his apprentice, and the closest thing he had to a son, was truly dead. And in those words, "goodbye, Darth." He had fully accepted the death of Anakin Skywalker.
Daniel2008 Daniel2008 . 6 days ago
I noticed in this fight kenobi goes on the offensive because he knows anakin would expect him to defend and isn’t as good at defends but better at attacking
TobyDBZSkellington1 TobyDBZSkellington1 . 6 days ago
The cutaway sequence Yoda vs Palpatine would have been better here than in revenge of the sith
Sean Morgan Sean Morgan . 6 days ago
That was.... Damn near perfection!!! If Haden was actually wearing the Vader costume during that scene then much like Anakin Skywalker himself, his true potential was being held back by those in authority.
Louie Louie . 6 days ago
Those rocks are just overly crunchy cookies
Char isma Char isma . 6 days ago
3:04 this is the momment where Obi-Wan became Jesus Christ

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