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Published on 4 years ago

Sia performing Unstoppable (C) 2016 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.

safiqul islam safiqul islam . 2 days ago
Passion for the Corps Passion for the Corps . 3 days ago
What's with the pants 👖
Stephen Byrne Stephen Byrne . 4 days ago
Ready steady go...🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃then..take off🛫🚀🧑‍🚀🤘🗿👨‍🎤🌌
Mayur khandagale Mayur khandagale . 5 days ago
Under rated song such a nice song
Wilson Kim Wilson Kim . 5 days ago
Excellent Song....Very Poor music
Such a talented singer!
By that - I mean she worked her tail off for the end result.
Matt Guynn Matt Guynn . 1 week ago
The choreographer needs to be fired.
daniel vicol daniel vicol . 1 week ago
someone here?? i got bipolar depression and this song make me cry every time i listen it. after i feel better. thank u Sia
JudgeDrew JudgeDrew . 1 week ago
How is this song 4 years old? It sounds like it just came out.
raylene keys raylene keys . 1 week ago
I love this song ! 🎵it just what I need it to keep going
The Phill-FNA The Phill-FNA . 1 week ago
Hey guys best regards from brazil. Im singer too.if you want follow me in instagram god bless all of you😁🙏
Rodrigo Kirst Rodrigo Kirst . 1 week ago
what is the actress's name?
Ebin Varghese Ebin Varghese . 1 week ago
best motivational song every ❤
alldebby alldebby . 2 weeks ago
We're maddie?
Brett Marië Brett Marië . 2 weeks ago
Love the song. The video is really stupid.
hixxy220Muse hixxy220Muse . 2 weeks ago
Down with the oppressors, I'm Scottish and have to live under Westminster rule
A. Simon A. Simon . 2 weeks ago
This Song gives me strengt too but it somehow makes me sad. I do not know why it is but beide a mood that everything is possible there also is some sadness.
T&M Creations T&M Creations . 2 weeks ago
Cameron Hughes Cameron Hughes . 2 weeks ago
I thought this song came out this year
Babacar Ba Babacar Ba . 2 weeks ago
Holvick R Holvick R . 2 weeks ago
I'm 5 kills streak
lol lol . 3 weeks ago
what should the people in syria say who have been at war for years and don't enjoy the european favor we hardly get ignorance from the whole world?
trajectory trajectory . 3 weeks ago
Was just watching this video on silent, reading the lyrics in the comments, and the song came on over the speakers above me. What echos are happening right now in my life lol
adnan Khan adnan Khan . 3 weeks ago
Good song thank you for your rising song sia... 👍❤️
Great song for lifting heavy weights beastmode 💪
Tudo mais um pouco Tudo mais um pouco . 3 weeks ago
Muito bom Parabéns música muito top e motivadora gosto muito dessa música
龍丞 龍丞 . 3 weeks ago
samantha kelum samantha kelum . 3 weeks ago
I love this song but its some kind scary 😶
Eilish McCahill Eilish McCahill . 4 weeks ago
I am a cult survivor in the US who had to cut off contact with my family members who are in the cult still due to abuse. I absolutely love this song, I just have to sing along with it whenever I hear it. Thank you for empowering us Sia!
Yogakar Pradhan Yogakar Pradhan . 4 weeks ago
So amazing
Rhythমাঝারে 💖 Rhythমাঝারে 💖 . 4 weeks ago
a Super Powerful song to soul through the ears, with an Immensely Awful video, Zontrona for eyes ! Literally disturbs the amazing feel that the song has already created!
Henry Wijaya Henry Wijaya . 1 month ago
everytime feeling down, just hear this song and feel powerfull
Galaxy Art Media Galaxy Art Media . 1 month ago
The song is good the video is way below the song unfortunately, this song deserved a better video my opinion much better
Andy Berg Andy Berg . 1 month ago
Great Song with a mega Hookline ... the Video is atypical ... but this all is art ... we all need more of such good things .... many greetngs to all says: Liquid Noise
panglima panglima . 1 month ago
tranzhuman tranzhuman . 1 month ago
Amazing song - with the worst possible official video ever made in history. It shows how the producer is completely out of touch and has no understanding of the powerful lyrics and vocals behind it. The video is competely disconnected and uninspiring. Pathetic production
Philip Martinez Philip Martinez . 1 month ago
Is the girl Maddy from Sia's other videos?
Gabriela Barboza Gabriela Barboza . 1 month ago
Abderrahmane Chettibi Abderrahmane Chettibi . 1 month ago
Cli Ente Cli Ente . 1 month ago
Livre Mercado Livre Mercado . 1 month ago
Hilmi Arkan Hilmi Arkan . 1 month ago
*satisfying videos national anthem*
bernd hensinger bernd hensinger . 1 month ago
taewmic taewmic . 1 month ago
Roger Bishop Roger Bishop . 1 month ago
Kam Nicholas Kam Nicholas . 1 month ago
Am from Uganda...when ever I listen to this tune I still believe am a winner...unstoppable
bích thủy 🖤🖤 bích thủy 🖤🖤 . 1 month ago
J&T J&T . 1 month ago
Andrea Weiser Andrea Weiser . 2 months ago
Such a great voice🎁🌷🎈

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