Play / Download Two big opelousas cats baw!!!
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Stalekracker Official

Stalekracker Official

Published on 3 weeks ago

keith mcelveen keith mcelveen . 5 hours ago
Isn't throwing them tanks and barrels into the water considered littering???
Patrice Bright Patrice Bright . 8 hours ago
Now I know that Adam Sandler's accent in waterboy was spot on lol
Snagz GD Snagz GD . 8 hours ago
u wanna catch that on a rod 🎣
Kirk Kirkland Kirk Kirkland . 12 hours ago
Yuck!!!! Nasty bottom feeding suckers! There's not enough gravy in the world!!!
Luca Mielnik Luca Mielnik . 14 hours ago
I think one of those catfish is good
Dean MacKinnon-Thomson Dean MacKinnon-Thomson . 17 hours ago
Just a video of marine animals dying, desperately gasping for life. How fun 😞
Broomfield’s Dual-sport Broomfield’s Dual-sport . 17 hours ago
I wouldnt want to cut myself with that lol
Ethan Gregory Bell Ethan Gregory Bell . 19 hours ago
Hillbilly strength 💪🏾❤️
Diane Sorokac Diane Sorokac . 1 day ago
Put them back!
A C A C . 1 day ago
Release please…..
Stella Gizzi Stella Gizzi . 2 days ago
Let them go!
Nicky Borrosino Nicky Borrosino . 2 days ago
Looks like they come out of the barrel with gravy included.
Kumar Marandi Kumar Marandi . 2 days ago
Nick H Nick H . 2 days ago
I have the feeling the main ingredient of his gravy is muddy swap water.
Lotteley Moore-Daigle Lotteley Moore-Daigle . 2 days ago
My goodness
Robert Clifton Robert Clifton . 3 days ago
That's a workout there 💪
Flathead catfish
Tanisha Spence Tanisha Spence . 3 days ago
Nice 👍🏾 size catfish
Batman Batman . 3 days ago
A genuine trumpanzee.
timlowe225 timlowe225 . 3 days ago
Cousin Cyrus up in them joints, barefooted and all... that cat got a razor on it 10 inches long. Gotta respect this man's nuts. I'm in Baton Rouge, and wouldn't mess with that bare footed no gloves.🦍💯🚫🧢
DukeRanger DukeRanger . 3 days ago
Duuuuude you got an apprenticeship?
Yra Novikov Yra Novikov . 4 days ago
Planet Star Planet Star . 4 days ago
Unclean meat
Karl Bjorkquist Karl Bjorkquist . 4 days ago
Just sit back and compare this dude with a Millenial Lib male.

A. J. SINGH A. J. SINGH . 4 days ago
Really a big catch 👌🙏🇮🇳
Love from India 🇮🇳
Science in the Attic Science in the Attic . 4 days ago
This video gave me tetanus
Domer Williams Domer Williams . 4 days ago
Brit Willems Brit Willems . 4 days ago
Fucking animal abusers
Nenu na journey (Travelling & Foodie vlog's) Nenu na journey (Travelling & Foodie vlog's) . 5 days ago
William Olbert William Olbert . 5 days ago
now that's what you call fishing you go chil
XRP Mama XRP Mama . 5 days ago
Fish: aw shieeeettttt
Meshach Abednego Meshach Abednego . 5 days ago
Wow easy way to fishing 👌👌
Tony Sopranos busted phone Tony Sopranos busted phone . 5 days ago
Set them free! In a lake of peanut oil!
Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards . 5 days ago
I love that Cajun accent! I can listen to them talk all day!
monsieurdildo monsieurdildo . 5 days ago
Wow this is so sporting! Man proves we’re no.1 once again 🙄
James Hoffman James Hoffman . 5 days ago
Thats how he feeds the masses. Hes like the cajun jesus.
YTjndallas YTjndallas . 5 days ago
He’s pretty damned strong.
Dame28 Dame28 . 5 days ago
Fish were happy atleast it was StaleKracker that caught them🤝🏼
Jizzy j Jizzy j . 5 days ago
Nice catch. Dinner will be great
Claudia Mendoza Claudia Mendoza . 6 days ago
Born on the Bayou Playing in my head as I watch this.
Ultra Collector Customz Ultra Collector Customz . 6 days ago
I wish my fam was this exited to eat some tasty fish they,themselves gathered! Made me hungry AF!
Nichole Clark Nichole Clark . 6 days ago
Is he even speaking english
Deity Of Valor Deity Of Valor . 6 days ago
Thought that shark game was exaggerating the accent. Now i see its 100% accurate 🤣🤣🤣
I love it though.
Laura Hess Laura Hess . 6 days ago
Ok, I admit, I was looking for actual cats at first. I didn't realize he meant catfish! 🤣🤣🤣
Antonio Gonzalez Antonio Gonzalez . 6 days ago
aren’t their stingers poisonous
Manuel García Manuel García . 6 days ago
J P J P . 6 days ago
I’m hungry now.

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