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ClassicMan D

ClassicMan D

Published on 3 weeks ago

Ivyシーズン Ivyシーズン . 3 hours ago
omni man has no weaknesses besides his own races elders
Moltenink Moltenink . 5 hours ago
Omni man beats Superman every day of the week and twice on Sundays
Orbit Orbit . 8 hours ago
Add metro man to the fight 😅
Joseph Grant Joseph Grant . 9 hours ago
Actually, Kryptonians are only super under yellow sun conditions. Viltromites grow immensely strong by their very nature. Also, Kryptonians aren't necessarily a conquering people. They're not even as bad as humans. Viltromites, on the other hand are a Viking version of Spartans. They are badass and they know it. The only thingore dangerous than a Viltromite, is a fine woman who knows it.
Ashik Mridha02 Ashik Mridha02 . 11 hours ago
"Evil Superman" that's enough to know who's gonna be victorious...untill Saitama enters XD
Emilio Chrone Emilio Chrone . 11 hours ago
I'm not gone cap I feel like you under playing omni-man, dude ate 2 laser beams from a satellite and only got a nose bleed, idk if superman eye rays doing immediate damage to him.
Bradley Cox Bradley Cox . 12 hours ago
The Plutonian would give Superman a fight
iSleepzy iSleepzy . 14 hours ago
Superman vs Omni-man is a tie I thought. This is because Superman and Omni-Man have similar speed and strength but Superman has more abilities like laser eyes, and frost breath
Norville Norville . 15 hours ago
1. Superman
2. Omni-Man
3. The Evil Kid (I forgot his name/movie)
4. Homelander
player-X player-X . 16 hours ago
Twist: then siatama shows up
Declan Piercy Declan Piercy . 17 hours ago
Kryptonite is actually weak as piss superman is literally invincible even with out his plot armour
goblin slayer goblin slayer . 17 hours ago
Don't forget that Muhammad ali beat superman. Due to it being a powerless fight, ali has more fighting experience. So I think omni man would win.
diyzo diyzo diyzo diyzo . 18 hours ago
Give him a fight? That depends on superman's morality and how far he will hold back, but you said it's evil superman. This is a 1 shot slaughter where superman doesn't even want to take a W because it wasted his time.
Hollywood BTW Hollywood BTW . 19 hours ago
I think y’all dick ride Superman way too much…homelander beats his ass easily 😭😭😭…y’all need to realize they power ranked these “super man copies “ just like Superman
WeRANDOM WeRANDOM . 19 hours ago
Brandon from Brightburn is literally Superman.
IAm-V IAm-V . 22 hours ago
I don't know about Omni man are super man but I know that homelander will get absolutely trashed by those 2 😂
Mason Magee Mason Magee . 22 hours ago
Omni man would beat his ass super man’s weaknesses is literally radiation and a common stone super man literally has got beat by a person with no super power omni man has literally defeated an entiree fucking super intelligent race of aliens with ez
Adam Brown Adam Brown . 24 hours ago
Homelander actually does have some fighting skills, he held his own against soldier boy.
Terrill Williams Terrill Williams . 1 day ago
Kami Kaseiken Kami Kaseiken . 1 day ago
pink kryptonite
E-pearl M E-pearl M . 1 day ago
Yeah I can see Clark taking ALL of them out Omniman would be the only real challenge......kind of...ishhhhhh :T
Funaf productions Funaf productions . 1 day ago
Then a rich puny guy that wears a bat suit fur costume beats the living shit out of Superman with a rock
LostInSpace LostInSpace . 2 days ago
Y'all sleeping on the kid from bright burn. He and Homeland would have a fair fight
Deejay&Dem Deejay&Dem . 2 days ago
If you watched BrightBurn you’d know the only thing that can hurt Brandon is pieces of his ship. Nothing else, granted he won’t *beat* Superman, but how do you hurt an invulnerable target?
Vivek K Parashar Vivek K Parashar . 2 days ago
Imagine if all of them team up
Sunny Rothmiller Sunny Rothmiller . 2 days ago
I want Evil Superman v Darksied.
decal decal . 2 days ago
Sucks to be Superman when Metro Man joins the fight… Metro Man negs everyone here no diff
Dean Poyer Dean Poyer . 2 days ago
Super slaughter
Juan Dimas Juan Dimas . 2 days ago
One ultra sonic scream from Superman, and Omniman is done.
Springy Byrd Springy Byrd . 2 days ago
Is Brandon was older and had more fighting skills then it might be him versus super man because they both only have one weakness but I could be wrong
Jamal best Jamal best . 2 days ago
What if someone got pink or green kriptanite
Efficient Future Efficient Future . 2 days ago
Remember when Superman lobotomized Doomsday?
Mael Mael . 2 days ago
Omni man is folding all them except probably superman tbh
Abi Abdulahad Abi Abdulahad . 2 days ago
I think that Homelander could also lobotomize OmniMan...unless he does not have X-ray vision....then he won't be able to do it
Ten uem Ten uem . 3 days ago
Honestly I think omni man wins cause it's the same case for homelander it is for super man he's strong asf but omni man comes from a race of Supermen type people who fight just because and omni is one of the strongest he's a war vet superman is a news reporter
ForX ForX . 3 days ago
Yeah but kryptonians have the most cookie cutter weakness ever and Omni-man doesn’t really have those so you know…..
Joey M Joey M . 3 days ago
Thank you!! I'm so sick of these videos where instead of being honest, they use the opportunity to crap on Supes. Superman would quite literally rip them all limb from limb. And that's not including Superman Prime 1 Million. He breathes and kills them all.
SensibleInsanity SensibleInsanity . 3 days ago
Yup superman aaaalwaaaays wins
Dream Tales Dream Tales . 3 days ago
Sir; this be that Wendy’s tho!
Norrad Norrad . 3 days ago
Super-man: *Thinking he’s killed all of them* “They’re all dead….finally…”

Metroman: My death was, greatly exaggerated
MYSTYKRusty MYSTYKRusty . 3 days ago
Brandon literally has all of superman's powers and only can be damaged by his ship
Ruben Oemeloem Ruben Oemeloem . 3 days ago
The fact that superman can just lobotomise anyone just makes him the strongest being
Clancy The Alligator Clancy The Alligator . 3 days ago
If someone says that his favorite superhero is Superman - I'll consider this person flat af
Karson DeGrande Karson DeGrande . 3 days ago
Add my man saitama
Frank Berst Frank Berst . 3 days ago
None of these wannabes would stand even the remotest chance against the Man of Steel.
MinatoThe 4th MinatoThe 4th . 3 days ago
Superman run everybodies fade, then omniman
Giant Tampon Giant Tampon . 3 days ago
Battle beast vs the thundercats
Londale Carter Londale Carter . 3 days ago
Doesnt superman move planet???
Carlos Becerril Carlos Becerril . 3 days ago
Brightburn is literally evil superman 😂

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