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Ethan Dumas

Ethan Dumas

Published on 2 weeks ago

Today, Kevin Holland is a rising star in the UFC. But in 2018, he appeared on Dana White's Contender Series. Using a bizarre strategy to avoid signing with the promotion. Kevin says he intentionally underperformed since he didn't understand USADA's protocols on testing for marijuana. The plan worked but he would sign with the promotion less than two months later anyway. #ufc #kevinholland #shorts

Fair Review Fair Review . 2 hours ago
What's the freaking big deal with the talking. Most of like it. The guy fights and entertain.
Deus Deus . 3 hours ago
He likes to get to know his opponent while he’s beating them
Leah G Leah G . 5 hours ago
This 🧢 yes he did want contract
Denni5 Denni5 . 6 hours ago
A referee has not businesses telling fighters to shut up
Reese Hammie Reese Hammie . 6 hours ago
Nickname trailblazer yet he don’t want a contract L post
David Moreno David Moreno . 7 hours ago
Malik Lewis needs a chance
Joe Brown Joe Brown . 9 hours ago
What is stupid dude walks in like he's full Man too black people have to do this no matter what they do they have to be different than everybody else let me tell him he's different I hope he gets a crappy be out of them
sturdyenough sturdyenough . 1 day ago
The best !! Mark my words he will be champ if dana gives him the chance
Snake Plisskin Snake Plisskin . 1 day ago
He’s so annoying
The Flow Zone The Flow Zone . 1 day ago
Big mouth came out with the Billi Strut! Yew!
Guillermo Platero Guillermo Platero . 1 day ago
He didn’t want a contract and wtf are you doing here stfu.
Kay Kay Kay Kay . 2 days ago
What Dana said means no holding back
Tom M Tom M . 2 days ago
Why does Kevin Holland remind me of Vince staples
Lion nz Lion nz . 2 days ago
If it’s the way some people fight the soo be it? refs and Dana need to shut up
Roy Levy Roy Levy . 2 days ago
Funky Town stand up
King Romeo King Romeo . 2 days ago
He was in there slapping 😂😂...bro all that talking in the ring...go sit down somewhere....he definitely wouldn't make it💯💯💯💯
Jorge Quinones Jorge Quinones . 2 days ago
Another clown
Lil Poloescobarr Lil Poloescobarr . 2 days ago
Damn for 10 racks just to fight at practice
Enadi Enadi . 2 days ago
Lowkey some people get flustered with just words
Black Out Black Out . 3 days ago
He got his 👀 on a bigger prize.
Subaru14 Subaru14 . 3 days ago
That’s some other level arrogance
Julio Mulgado Julio Mulgado . 3 days ago
Fort Worth, Tx baby!! Hopefully he makes it!!
Oliver Klozhoff Oliver Klozhoff . 3 days ago
What's up ft worth born n bred!! Cmon Holland!
Aleksandrs Sersnovs Aleksandrs Sersnovs . 3 days ago
My nigga 💪🏿
Chris Paul Chris Paul . 3 days ago
He fought aimdget
Sarveshwar Katipamu Sarveshwar Katipamu . 3 days ago
He would never ever able to touch Diaz dude wake up .. he will drown u
Leesa Nurse Leesa Nurse . 3 days ago
I hate when ppl bite others style that was clearly McGregor's walk fareal
Amen&Attack Amen&Attack . 3 days ago
Dude, I love Kevin Holland! He's definitely a entertainer and I'm a fan
alquadir williams-thomas alquadir williams-thomas . 3 days ago
His talking will help him to distract his opponent too, people hate when you talk while fighting
iamspartacus iamspartacus . 3 days ago
He talk too much, it seems unprofessional
James Hill James Hill . 3 days ago
Dana raves on about Kevin Holland having a big mouth what about he's golden child Connor what he ain't got a big mouth
Brandon Brandon . 3 days ago
Bruh put him on asap lol.
Jj Lambo Jj Lambo . 3 days ago
I'd love to come beat some "you know what", Dana White 🤍 I'm your guy. How can I come to fight?
FallenGrey FallenGrey . 3 days ago
Another stupid clickbait title
Jason Rodriguez Jason Rodriguez . 3 days ago
*For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,*
I Corinthians 15:3‭-‬4 nkjv
Jay 3 Esco Jay 3 Esco . 3 days ago
How can you get into those competitions
El GaMex El GaMex . 3 days ago
That fucking slap 👋 got me dead at the end 😂💀
Derrick Keaton Derrick Keaton . 4 days ago
Let's go Funkytown....Eastwood tide with u.....
hidros14 hidros14 . 4 days ago
Fort Worth, TX in da house 💪
Khalidul Haq Khalidul Haq . 4 days ago
He just wants to be friends 🤷‍♂️
No Name No Name . 4 days ago
Thats conor style of fighting
AU AU . 4 days ago
big Crab's big Crab's . 4 days ago
Damm 10000 for 4 weeks I make more than these guys
Joe Borrajo Joe Borrajo . 4 days ago
He didn't want a contract huh?? Yeah, sure he didn't!! After he realized he doesn't have the talent he started trying to look cool and save face instead of just fighting! Last thing this sport needs is another idiot!!
Michael Johnson Michael Johnson . 4 days ago
Awe man. Back in your tickling days
CR7 CR7 . 4 days ago
That’s that Diaz 😂
juntjoo nunya juntjoo nunya . 5 days ago
What weight was he fighting there? looked like LHW
Liger Angry Liger Angry . 5 days ago
He ain't gonna go far in mma , if he keeps fighting like that 😂

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