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Published on 2 weeks ago

In Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning, 3-2, in OT to take a 3-1 lead in the series. Nazem Kadri scored the winning goal for the Avalanche. The Avalanche are now one win away from winning the Stanley Cup Final.

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Jan Wizzarak Jan Wizzarak . 1 week ago
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William Larochelle William Larochelle . 2 weeks ago
The Cup is going to A cold state where it belongs
William Larochelle William Larochelle . 2 weeks ago
Yes Avalanche win
Benny Birnstill Benny Birnstill . 2 weeks ago
I want avalanche to win even when I’m from stl because we were the only team to beat them 2 times
Harley Loves Harley Loves . 2 weeks ago
This makes me so happy, what an amazing game! Can’t wait till tonight let’s go Avs you got this! 😁
iAM jim iAM jim . 2 weeks ago
Still wondering why the hawks took dach and not byram
Ryan J Ryan J . 2 weeks ago
I wonder how many Av’s fan commenting here are real Av’s fan let alone “REAL” hockey fans. 🤔
Jacob Hanekamp Jacob Hanekamp . 2 weeks ago
Those 2 Aves fan in the background knew they won before anyone else did
Mike Spadafora Mike Spadafora . 2 weeks ago
Vasy is an absolute UNIT. Awesome game
Mike Saraft Mike Saraft . 2 weeks ago
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Michael Laughlin Michael Laughlin . 2 weeks ago
anyone can win when the opposition has 6 guys out on the ice vs 4 in ot ! 👎
blase blah blase blah . 2 weeks ago
What a strange ending.
All sound and fury from the speed of the Lanche the entire period and then, nothing.
When Vas didn't produce a puck after the Kadri shot, where the hell did the refs think the puck went??
Bad job there.
th3doorMatt th3doorMatt . 2 weeks ago
The Bolts look absolutely gassed this series. It's quite obvious the Avs had more time to rest between series.
The quality just isn't there for the Bolts. There's no coming back in this series, not the way they've been playing. Even if this went to Game 7 because the Avs just wanted to toy with them, they could close it out convincingly. The Bolts have to dig deeper than ever before to win the series and I just don't think they have enough in the tank. It's a shame. I think both teams coming in fresh would have made this a much more entertaining series, but so far it just feels like one side is present and the other is absent. Makes it a snooze fest to be quite honest.
Buffalo Nickel Buffalo Nickel . 2 weeks ago
McDoughna: Say what?
Simple Human Simple Human . 2 weeks ago
If I were in goal, I’d have started crying like a baby when my mask got smacked off.
JooSon2 JooSon2 . 2 weeks ago
Tampa is not a hockey city
Kenneth Biebighauser Kenneth Biebighauser . 2 weeks ago
One could see the massive hits the lion hearted Tampa Bay were taking this series .....Colorado wore them down and third period they had them on the ropes ...A RELENTLESS OT FOR THE AVS FINALLY BROKE THROUGH AN AMAZING LIGHTNING GOALTENDER....A WONDERFUL GAME!!!!
Kenneth Biebighauser Kenneth Biebighauser . 2 weeks ago
Thankfully for the Avs The Minnesota Mild Darcey the Kemper was able to take 3rdvperiod and ot off.....
Jesse Klopfenstein Jesse Klopfenstein . 2 weeks ago
I had a tampa bay fan spit on me for saying let's go Aves after watching highlights wtf.
kevin k kevin k . 2 weeks ago
Coop needs to stfu about refs
Khaled Fhami Khaled Fhami . 2 weeks ago
Best team this year especially last 50 games deserve the Stanley cup. Speed talent and toughness go Avs from a La kings fan
TNR Reactions & More TNR Reactions & More . 2 weeks ago
Great baking idea to do with kids
Flab 2 Fit Flab 2 Fit . 2 weeks ago
first play should've called it dead cuz goalie safety rule! HE could not make that save
dacrosber dacrosber . 2 weeks ago
That one Avs fan in ghe crowd knew it was a goal immediately lol 😂
eric kanter eric kanter . 2 weeks ago
Next game will be played on real ice not that slush they call ice in Tampa Bay.
lambishi10 lambishi10 . 2 weeks ago
Truth Be Told Truth Be Told . 2 weeks ago
it amazes me you can knock the goalies mask off with your stick then immediately score and it's a good goal lol.
T-Virus Terrance T-Virus Terrance . 2 weeks ago
Hello, Humans
Snakes come in 3,600 different species.

Jose Rosales Jose Rosales . 2 weeks ago
Tampa bay is horrible in PP time !!! You won’t win the series with those numbers no matter how f your back to back champs … Colorado will win it !
Ak Dragosani Ak Dragosani . 2 weeks ago
Penguins fan here. The avalanche are unstoppable. Tampa Bay doesn’t have a hope in hell.
Joseph Van Horn Joseph Van Horn . 2 weeks ago
The GW goal reminded me a lot of the OT goal scored by Patrick Kane to win the Cup vs Philly in game 6 of 2010. The home team lost that game too. I guess this one isn't AS BAD because the Lightning are still alive but it sure FEELS the same.
Jim Clark Jim Clark . 2 weeks ago
Hedman does complain alot.
Daniel Burt Daniel Burt . 2 weeks ago
John Cooper WAS a favorite of mine until last nght. Was that the first game he ever SAW? It seems like the Avalanche has to apologize for winning a lot this playoff year. They outplay opponents nearly every game, and I see plainly in hockey, as in all sports, that what is called LUCK is nearly always preceded by HUSTLE. Out-playng mistakes and giving oneself for the TEAM earns LUCK. The AVES do this more than any other NHL team this year. Cooper, scraping to find a glitch that the two defenders on Kadri at the end didn't care about OR SEE, wants to break the mold that his own team won by the last two years - hustle and earning LUCK.
CWH mobile CWH mobile . 2 weeks ago
Come on
Paul Hastings Paul Hastings . 2 weeks ago
Why was 1st Tampa Bay goal allowed @ .36 ?? It appears that Killorn's stick hits the mask of Goaltender Darcy K's mask, not the puck or simultaneously ???
Aracoixo Aracoixo . 2 weeks ago
Hokey Pokey 🏒
My Phone My Phone . 2 weeks ago
Avs debuted their new Black and White vertical striped jersey last night.
I didnt like the stick to the mask..
TampaTec TampaTec . 2 weeks ago
Vasy made some incredible saves but in the end the AVs firing squad won out. We lost but I'm still proud of the Lightning, great game.
Lost the battle but not the war yet, lets GO ⚡!
Alex Miller Alex Miller . 2 weeks ago
Love those two Avs fans at 11:07 in the upper left of the screen that KNEW it was in and the Avs had won - good eyes on those two! GO AVS GO!
teh Hazard teh Hazard . 2 weeks ago
I'm young, only really started watching hockey when I was 12. I know of the Malarchuk accident, that's all I really know about goalies and rules. How does the first goal stand when CLEARLY the lightning players STICK is what removes Kuempers mask NOT the puck???
Demitri Tsiokas Demitri Tsiokas . 2 weeks ago
The commentators are absolutely trash this year. Gonna need a better replacement for Doc Emmerich than these unenthusiastic bums
RoughRaiders13 RoughRaiders13 . 2 weeks ago
If there was an award for most anticlimactic overtime win of the season, this game would win it. 🤣🤣🤣
Torin O'Connor Torin O'Connor . 2 weeks ago
What a game
Glen Gardner Glen Gardner . 2 weeks ago
Hilarious, how Stamkos slyly pushes the puck out of the net, right in front of the ref (10:24) 😂
eyetineetee eyetineetee . 2 weeks ago
Kadri - Allahu Ockbar!
Adrian Elias Adrian Elias . 2 weeks ago
Lightning won't win a third consecutive Stanley Cup.
Clyde Rockwall Clyde Rockwall . 2 weeks ago
I don't like the on ice guy's voice.
Not Pierre. Ferraro? It's so shrill.
You can hear the fear in it.
This town crier loyalist type who would turn in any rebels to the monarchs.
𝕭𝖔𝖇𝖇𝖞-𝕲-𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝕭𝖔𝖇𝖇𝖞-𝕲-𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 . 2 weeks ago
You can clearly see the stick hit the mask, no call.

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