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Alvaro Veloz

Alvaro Veloz

Published on 2 years ago

The Weeknd perform Can't Feel My Face Live
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2015 in New York

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Taken from the new album Beauty Behind The Madness

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@TheWeekndVEVO @Victoria's Secret

Ricardo Aya Ricardo Aya . 1 year ago
Models in order of appearance
Behati Prinsloo 0:06 Back Stage
Lily Aldridge 0:20 Back Stage hold off runway
Alessandra Ambrosio 0:25 Back Stage hold off runway
Cindy Bruna 0:48 Dance back stage
Sharam Diniz 1:15 Back stage
Leila Nda 1:15 Back stage
Leomie Anderson 1:16 Back stage
Adriana Lima 1:35
Joan Smalls 1:44
Sara Sampaio 1:49 Back stage
Maria Borges 2:15
Devon Windsor 2:38
Bridget Malcolm 2:41 Back Stage
Vita Sidorkina 2:41 Back Stage
Jasmine Tooke 2:41 Back Stage
Shaina Shaik 2:41 Back Stage
Constance Jablonski 2:57
Romee Strijd 3:01 Dance Back Stage
Barbara Fialho 3:01 Dance Back Stage
Martha Hunt 3:13
Lily Donaldson 3:42 Dance Back Stage
Josephine Skriver 3:42 Dance Back Stage
Margaux Ls Margaux Ls . 5 hours ago
I would like to be a VS model.
Tomasz S. Tomasz S. . 5 days ago
Massakrraa!!!🙃😁 żona mi tak kazała!
Edith Perez Edith Perez . 7 days ago
I never noticed this when before but damn these models all look so old like in there 30's or mid to late. That's just do weird why would they hire such older women? No shade they are all gorgeous and beautiful but damn models in there early 20's would be a better fit.
Harry Flemming Harry Flemming . 2 weeks ago
love how walking 75% naked is so traumatic & serious...Wow -
Fernando Frio Fernando Frio . 2 weeks ago
I dont care about gals, I am for the Weeknd himself. so great
Sangyong Park Sangyong Park . 3 weeks ago
2:39 anybody knows her name?
Daniel Ricketts Daniel Ricketts . 3 weeks ago
Everyone hating on The Weekend’s hair is just jealous he doesn’t have to wear an umbrella when it rains.
Ryan Ryan . 3 weeks ago
Joan wins
Marina Manriquez Marina Manriquez . 4 weeks ago
In Victoria secret are going the best modelos of Usa it is a big quest and very hard alone the greats models presenta this show.
Steven Arce Steven Arce . 1 month ago
Ok... I could not have sing among goddesses
AltaAnastacia AltaAnastacia . 1 month ago
Victoria's Secret is the models were all born male, castrated before puberty, given estrogen and surgery to look feminine. Hence the reason for the low body fat, long arms and legs. TRANSGENDERS!
Research it!
Villiam Battaglioli Villiam Battaglioli . 1 month ago
Hayden Bowman Hayden Bowman . 2 months ago
I swear if he wanted to he could pull any girl on this planet
James d James d . 2 months ago
I muted this
Rafia Hassan Rafia Hassan . 3 months ago
Old models were soooo much better than new ones :" (
Bryce Matrisciano Bryce Matrisciano . 3 months ago
0:49 can we talk about how adorable it is that he sign's 'beautiful' to the model?
pbronice! pbronice! . 3 months ago
i miss these
Henrik Larsson Reaction And Review - New Channel Henrik Larsson Reaction And Review - New Channel . 3 months ago
Behati had the most iconic wings
Tony Darko Tony Darko . 4 months ago
That backstage before you go up and model is intense dude. Like intenseeeeee
Natasha Romanoff Natasha Romanoff . 4 months ago
I wanna be a Victoria's Secret model, but I love KFC too much lmao
Alex Soules Alex Soules . 4 months ago
The golden era of Victoria secret right before it went woke and allowed dudes to wear underwear
Bellebelle Bellebelle . 4 months ago
Beautiful girls.....
Luluh Santos Luluh Santos . 5 months ago
Alessandra, Adriana, Brazil 🇧🇷❣️
Meow Girl Meow Girl . 5 months ago
wow these wings are so so sooo stunning!
jermaine lindo jermaine lindo . 6 months ago
jermaine lindo jermaine lindo . 6 months ago
respect n love
Winchester11 Winchester11 . 6 months ago
Imagine singing infront of all these people about cocaine :D #XOTWOD
jermaine lindo jermaine lindo . 6 months ago
sky rocket
Destini Utley Destini Utley . 7 months ago
I like how some of the guys start staring at them
scarlett scarlett . 7 months ago
all them girls tryna get a piece of him LMFAO
Ana vanesa Marcos fernandez Ana vanesa Marcos fernandez . 7 months ago
Gus Garcia Gus Garcia . 7 months ago
The wknd is amazing. His voice is top tier... And he attracts the ladies.
lee lee . 7 months ago
He is a star boy
C C . 7 months ago
his best song <3
Excel John Lopez Excel John Lopez . 7 months ago
They'll wanna smash The Weeknd for sure
Eoin Maguire Eoin Maguire . 8 months ago
His voice is just velvet gold.... I luv performances at the Victoria events, I'm not a big fan of maroon 5 but there performance at one of these was brilliant all because when the lead singers wife walked out brilliant 👍 Also Bruno Mars was brilliant..
nothing but products to buy and sell
Michael Kelly Michael Kelly . 8 months ago
I think Gigi requested not to walk in front of Abel because she was freaked out that he would be staring at her ass. She actually talked about how weird it would be walking in front of him in an interview. She was very weird about him in those days. If you have seen videos of 2015 she was always touching him and his hair. I swear she had a little thing for him then
Julio Mp Julio Mp . 8 months ago
Só gatas maravilhosas!🇧🇷❤
Alexandre Gay Alexandre Gay . 8 months ago
Bon début mais bof the weeknd
Harjono Tanuwira Harjono Tanuwira . 9 months ago
How I wish I could go back to 2015
Hal 9000 Hal 9000 . 9 months ago
Sex, drugs & hypocrites.
Duncan B Duncan B . 9 months ago
I can't fell my face when I sniff glue... but I love it.
Leah Nicole Leah Nicole . 9 months ago
Wonder if some of these models could feel their faces during this show. ❄❄❄❄
Cooltony The fisherman Cooltony The fisherman . 10 months ago
They are really having fun and that’s awesome
sweet parrot sweet parrot . 10 months ago
hairstyle of the 'weekend' looks like an alien baby from the movie 'alien vs predator'
xmenVicente xmenVicente . 10 months ago
@2:16 wasn’t she the one who made a big deal about walking down the runway with her natural hair? Hopefully she sat down somewhere cuz we all know the first supermodel to walk down the runway with her natural hair was Alec Wek.
Quincy Lockett Quincy Lockett . 10 months ago
They all want to dance so bad lol

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