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Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

Published on 2 weeks ago

Rebecca Zamolo sent her best friends back to summer school. Do you think they can forget to use their phones and actually have fun? It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "SECRET ROOMS Under the Bed Challenge." Do you think Rebecca's best friends will survive in summer school? Maybe someone will fall in love or use a kissing booth to make money. Hopefully Maddie gets her first kiss. Watch to see what happens. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2022!

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Rebecca Zamolo Rebecca Zamolo . 2 weeks ago
Who thinks the KISSING Booth will win?
Ikonik Life Ikonik Life . 20 minutes ago
Rebecca Matt lied to you You said all that stuff up
Gwen Cooke Gwen Cooke . 23 minutes ago
It wasn’t fair that one of them cheat it lol
Ya girl miyah Ya girl miyah . 2 hours ago
Me and I think the girl that got 35 lied
Stephanie Erb Stephanie Erb . 6 hours ago
i do
Arcâne__369 Arcâne__369 . 13 hours ago
Lilly Cromwell Lilly Cromwell . 15 hours ago
Rebecca‘s YouTube videos are the best
Ali Green Ali Green . 23 hours ago
Rebecca maria cheated in the who can get the most money and she sabitoged matt in the icecream callenge
vera hines vera hines . 1 day ago
X Second box
2kgold 2kgold . 1 day ago
Maddie miss a kiss
Mickenzie Zugar Mickenzie Zugar . 1 day ago
I love you guys so much
Flora Giannas Flora Giannas . 1 day ago
Maddi Cleary Maddi Cleary . 1 day ago
I love how she said she would do anything but then didn’t do it
siimpleSisters siimpleSisters . 1 day ago
I thought the kissing booth would win
Jo Detwiler Jo Detwiler . 1 day ago
mriay cheed she stoll the moeny from the boy
Catherine Richardfdbodj son Catherine Richardfdbodj son . 2 days ago
she chit
harperb harperb . 2 days ago
I love. All yours video x
serenity day harris serenity day harris . 2 days ago
mirah cheated throughout most of the challenges
Caleb Beech Caleb Beech . 2 days ago
Tina M. Tina M. . 2 days ago
The black hair girl added dirt to Matt’s ice cream 🍨
Billy Boerner Billy Boerner . 2 days ago
I am Claire
Billy Boerner Billy Boerner . 2 days ago
Billy Boerner Billy Boerner . 2 days ago
I love them so much🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jessica Theisen Jessica Theisen . 2 days ago
Do you know what actually go outside and play all day and I study
Mya Bateman Mya Bateman . 2 days ago
Helia Lako Helia Lako . 2 days ago
omaj gn es
Jacqueline Impennato Jacqueline Impennato . 2 days ago
Hey Rebecca i’m a big fan and I think your YouTube channel is great keep posting videos and you make me happy just have a great summer will make me the happiest and bye
Team Sakel Team Sakel . 2 days ago
Do you the Raft
Yahyah Yahyah . 2 days ago
Kinley Zangmo ST's wonderland Kinley Zangmo ST's wonderland . 2 days ago
Cinderelly is always sweet
Vannarith Sok Vannarith Sok . 2 days ago
Wow 🤩
Heather Bryan Heather Bryan . 2 days ago
i love you rebecca
stacy-ann mccalla stacy-ann mccalla . 2 days ago
Rebecca some one is cheating in the challanges she is a girl
Abhishek Budhia Abhishek Budhia . 2 days ago
Do a cockroach one
Chandlor Carpenter Chandlor Carpenter . 3 days ago
Just stole the boy money Mariah dry er it's crya car wash the person that with the car wash she stole the boy money
Cookie crazytime Cookie crazytime . 3 days ago
Shanae Green Shanae Green . 3 days ago
be how you are
Cupcake swirl Cupcake swirl . 3 days ago
Mariah cheated on the ice cream challenge she put dirt in Matt’s ice cream so she would be eliminated truth Rebecca I’m not a hater I’m a huge fan
Cupcake swirl Cupcake swirl . 3 days ago
When does Zamzam shirt with white on it she’s the one that put the dog food on it she cheated I’m telling the truth and I’m a huge fan of your videos
Keith Caldwell Keith Caldwell . 3 days ago
Annabel Wolfenden Annabel Wolfenden . 3 days ago
kiki kiki . 3 days ago
liltkgaming&vlogging with friends liltkgaming&vlogging with friends . 3 days ago
I have that same palm tree
Donna Brading Donna Brading . 3 days ago
I fell like it was unfair bc the girl that has the yellow headband cheated on all of the challenges
Ezequiel Cabrera Ezequiel Cabrera . 3 days ago
Mariah was cheating
Kailyn1234 Kailyn1234 . 3 days ago
When Rebecca says try not to slip that’s so funny and make me laugh
Lorraine Goodwin Lorraine Goodwin . 4 days ago
on the water slide challenge it was funny when Matt said I'm going number two
Sandi Hunter Sandi Hunter . 4 days ago
She stole the money
Pooshieb show Pooshieb show . 4 days ago

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