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Published on 3 weeks ago

Short from Ep. 330 Jeffree Star On Hooking Up With Kanye West, Fall Of Shane Dawson & James Charles

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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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Ruby Ruby . 3 hours ago
You gotta be a special kind of stupid to admit that using pronouns is too hard for you. Idc if you mess em up, if ur cool about it and correct yourself people will not care
A dank meme In disguise A dank meme In disguise . 7 hours ago
Jeffree came from an age where being called a “fag” was normalized. He’s living in paradise compared to when he first started lol
Our World Our World . 7 hours ago
bro thats not even a human
I AM I AM . 8 hours ago
I agree with this shit 💯
Trump Tastix Trump Tastix . 8 hours ago
Be who your supposed to be through the reason you were created don’t be your own demise being yourself some times isn’t who we our supposed to be it’s called sin !!!
Martin Martin . 9 hours ago
his gender is pancake
somto maduawia somto maduawia . 9 hours ago
The way Logan flip on his chair🤣
D. RedCloud D. RedCloud . 9 hours ago
Just be yourself!
I don’t think u can use that one buddy
SuperScribe SuperScribe . 9 hours ago
Okay someone I can stand by, You go Jeffree Star!
Jason Muska Jason Muska . 9 hours ago
I legit and flabbergasted that I just agreed with what came out of his mouth.
Zamfir Stefan-Cosmin Zamfir Stefan-Cosmin . 11 hours ago
It just asked something about his gender :)))) . He vs she all the time. So much time would be saved with ‘it’.
heuchlerfreie Zone heuchlerfreie Zone . 12 hours ago
Hey gay
N Realer N Realer . 13 hours ago
“Just be yourself !” Says the man dressed as a woman LOLLL
mookrage mookrage . 13 hours ago
Yes! Now this is someone I can get behind. Not literally....but, well, you know what I mean.....
Mr Migs Mr Migs . 13 hours ago
I don't get it he a he or a she?
Petros Petros . 14 hours ago
Robert Mccabe Robert Mccabe . 15 hours ago
White people wanna be black so bad they join minority groups to try voiding their problems as their own responsibility but being gay isn’t minority enough for anyone to care so they had to turn it up ten fold
Alberto Flores Alberto Flores . 15 hours ago
A man
Rom Rom . 17 hours ago
But what is *”yourself”*
what sarah says what sarah says . 19 hours ago
Vecna is that you?
Zen Zen . 20 hours ago
Boys, would yall hit?
Slava Slava . 22 hours ago
Aria Hill Aria Hill . 23 hours ago
He Obviously doesn't know history ... And is confused himself ...
Dronexxx Drex Dronexxx Drex . 23 hours ago
Respectable moment
Paco Lugo Paco Lugo . 1 day ago
Repent and trust in Christ 🙌
Resistance Militia Resistance Militia . 1 day ago
Xl Low Xl Low . 1 day ago
Got to love Jefreey for that keeping it 100%
AMAB Charat AMAB Charat . 1 day ago
now I like Jeffre better
scott Wallace scott Wallace . 1 day ago
Wow Jeffrey actually said something i agree with , good for he he
Markesha Smith Markesha Smith . 1 day ago
LAnewyork LAnewyork . 1 day ago
I am actually a fan now. God bless you wow. I was scared where this was going and they brought it to reality
KaySkii Munna KaySkii Munna . 1 day ago
“Just be yourself” Jeffery star
James Stevens James Stevens . 1 day ago
Gross June is over
Kieran Schoen Kieran Schoen . 1 day ago
He’s a man
John Astler John Astler . 1 day ago
Defak is this creature .. 💀
no boy no boy . 1 day ago
I think half of the man can't cut it as a man .so playing Barbara is all they have cause they family didn't care for them
Micha el Foster Micha el Foster . 1 day ago
At least HE KNOW HE'S A HE ! And HE'S not saying he IDENTIFY himself as a SHE ." YOU ARE A BOY , DAMON !" 🤣🤣🤣
Sean Schram Sean Schram . 1 day ago
What is a woman
- Droid-J7 - - Droid-J7 - . 1 day ago
Whut? But isn’t the point of using genered language so you can be yourself???
Damn Jeffrey, lowkey one of the boys. That nigga woke asf
Mark Fowler Mark Fowler . 2 days ago
U is a male
피리야 Xan 피리야 Xan . 2 days ago
He is more girl than girls can ever be.
Jessica Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez . 2 days ago
A whole mood !!! Lol
NotUrAverageGrlGamer NotUrAverageGrlGamer . 2 days ago
The smartest thing he’s ever said
Go Tech AKASH Go Tech AKASH . 2 days ago
He's just so 🤌🏼 being him all the time. genuine
leonard de smedt leonard de smedt . 2 days ago
Ok i agree with this guy
Mpaw Mpaw . 2 days ago
Jake Pensom Jake Pensom . 2 days ago
Facts bro
k_5ouf k_5ouf . 2 days ago
Wtf is this...enough YT for today man 🤮🤮🤮
ValleySinners ValleySinners . 2 days ago
I fuck with Jeffery star now

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