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Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman

Published on 3 weeks ago

Bailey Zimmerman - Rock and A Hard Place (Lyric Video)

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Warner Music Nashville / Elektra Music Group breakout country artist Bailey Zimmerman is following an explosive trajectory after an unexpected, whirlwind rise. In just one year since releasing his viral sensation “Never Comin’ Home,” the first song he’d ever written or performed, the rising singer/songwriter has already earned more than 100 million global streams to date and charted his latest release, “Fall In Love,” on the Billboard Hot 100. Born and raised in the small town of Louisville, IL, he grew up listening to hour after hour of country radio on long hauls across state lines with his father, who owned a trucking business. Back at home his mom instilled in him a life-long appreciation for the power chords and edgy vocals of 80’s hair rock. From long hours on the gas pipeline, to late nights of backbreaking roadwork, Zimmerman embodies the old school American values of hard work and dependability and applies the same steadfast mentality to his music. Through his plainspoken charm, contagious enthusiasm and genuine portrayal of life on the back roads, the up-and-comer has already attracted a loyal and passionate fan base. With more new music on the horizon, featuring the grit and gravel of his unmistakably Southern drawl, Zimmerman will continue to showcase the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved.

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Jennifer Driver Jennifer Driver . 4 hours ago
13 years of marriage, my husband and I definitely have had our fair share of rough seasons. This song is amazing...if anyone is going through that "room mate" phase, just keep trying. I can't guarantee it will work out but you have to keep pushing.
SavvySavi SavvySavi . 5 hours ago
This song and “Did You Call Me?” by Lukaz are some of the only things getting me through tough times 💗 I hope everyone is doing well. I love you 💜
Shannon Hill Shannon Hill . 5 hours ago
My depression and anxiety are suicidal thoughts 😭😭😭
Joe Blow Joe Blow . 19 hours ago
Just heard for the first time and it's awesome other than having to cry about the person who told me to listen to. So thank you Des
Lauralee Walker Lauralee Walker . 23 hours ago
I’m sorry Man U ok right now.for liberty?
Tina Booth Tina Booth . 2 days ago
Damn….that’s all I can say. What a helluva song
HOTDOG401 HOTDOG401 . 2 days ago
I stay single...cause I've tried so many times that I'm out of gas and I can take getting hurt anymore.
buTTonz buTTonz . 2 days ago
To all those wondering if they will still be together (because that's what I'm seeing a lot of comments about) y'all need to understand you both made a covenant with each other. Y'all went from being two separate spirits to now becoming one with this covenant. God bless you all, he's the rock and I pray you all remember he is the miracle bringer. Lean on Him, through and through. Tough times and good times. He's got you.
Sloth_Cow_1 Lily Sloth_Cow_1 Lily . 2 days ago
This song is so good
FeaR Jasper FeaR Jasper . 2 days ago
My mans is speaking from his heart😕
Isis Star Isis Star . 3 days ago
Cal Wizzarak Cal Wizzarak . 3 days ago
💝💎💌🔥❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖💓💟💝🎁🧡💚💜💓💍💎🌎🔥 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life*
*(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Ace Jones Ace Jones . 3 days ago
This song relates to me rn after hearing the horrible news…
misty dollie shifflet misty dollie shifflet . 3 days ago
Feel this
Addyson Caldwell Addyson Caldwell . 3 days ago
this song came out just in time
Angel Granger Angel Granger . 3 days ago
i love you
Angel Granger Angel Granger . 3 days ago
I love you
Justin Laird Justin Laird . 4 days ago
If you don’t fight for the it’s not love!!!
Lillian Sark Lillian Sark . 4 days ago
this hit hard. i lost my dad last year and this song is perfect i’m trying not to cry.
Mrmeap778 Mrmeap778 . 4 days ago
To anyone reading through here we all share the same thoughts. I'm 15 wondering if I'm done with love and why I never picked up the signs whrn people tried to talk. I've just pushed people away and then realized that it's lonely when there's nobody there to talk to.
Sheri Henry Sheri Henry . 4 days ago
Damn I'm exhausted what the hells this all for!?
Monica Franco Monica Franco . 5 days ago
I'm hurting.... this Is where I'm at in life rn
quattrobeast a4b7 quattrobeast a4b7 . 6 days ago
Fuck I'm 29 and wonder if I'll ever be marrying someone. It's a different world out here than it was before all this social media came out!
Cierra Johnson Cierra Johnson . 6 days ago
Me and my husband agreed to play this song after we fight and it usually hits emotions and we make up
Chris Azylum Chris Azylum . 6 days ago
Adam Knappier Adam Knappier . 6 days ago
I' think I have listen to this song 1000 times
Bass_kickerz_ Bass_kickerz_ . 6 days ago
I’ve been thru so much this year and this song means a lot to me.. I lost my grandmother this song makes me think of her ❤️✊
Marsh Jackson Marsh Jackson . 7 days ago
Not going through much but it still hits hard for some reason
DeeeCharlie DeeeCharlie . 7 days ago
Honestly reading these comments is comforting not bc of the situations but knowing other ppl feel the same way
Nicholas Dumoulin Nicholas Dumoulin . 1 week ago
This song is where me and the love of my life are at. I really do hope we can work things out, together. Anyone else here going through something similar. Just take things one day at a time. And if that seems to much, take it 1 hour at a time. If that doesn’t work. Go by the minute :) you’ll be okay and I hope you all find the happiness we all crave for so much
Bri Jay Bri Jay . 1 week ago
I'm just sad. Here because I thought I found forever but we aren't communicating well at all. I just don't wanna lose my best friend.... cause now we can't even go back to being just friends if we fail. My heart can't take that anyway.
Eric Nephh Eric Nephh . 1 week ago
Think this is the best song ever written about relationship. Any body in a serious relationship if this song didn't hit home for then your not with the right one.
Sometimes love is just stronger then just walking away.
Thank you for this song Bailey definitely lyrics I needed to hear this song today.
Your lyrics just may have saved me from walking away from my fiancee.
brooklyn gavin brooklyn gavin . 1 week ago
😍literally in LOVE with this!
Emma Hubble Emma Hubble . 1 week ago
This song frees my soul
ScarBear 306 ScarBear 306 . 1 week ago
This song hits home a little too hard!!
Samuel ELLIS Samuel ELLIS . 1 week ago
I love this song
Rose Hugney Rose Hugney . 1 week ago
I was at the concert his first ever concert I love u and I love ur music and it’s the best and it understands and everything I love his music ur first ever concert congratulations can’t wait to see u next weekend
Douglas Brown Douglas Brown . 1 week ago
It hits hard and it's sooooo good
Tyler Longfellow Tyler Longfellow . 1 week ago
Just heard this for the first time 🔥🔥🔥
Wynter Cameron Wynter Cameron . 1 week ago
Okay I’ve never realized how much his voice sounds like Upchurch 😩
Yúñg Búłł Yúñg Búłł . 1 week ago
Bro got talent 🤟🏾💯 I’m from da trenches and dis shit gave me goosebumps 🤟🏾bro invited to the cookouts over here 🤝🏾💯
Yamilex Osuna Caballero Yamilex Osuna Caballero . 1 week ago
Oh gosh this song found me in the exact moment it needed to. I’m trying not to cry.
Austin Casey Austin Casey . 1 week ago
sounds like a song I could see morgan wallen jumping on
Rand Deardorff Rand Deardorff . 1 week ago
Can we please get this song to 5 million views real quick? I think it totally deserves to be up there.
Ervin Ervin . 1 week ago
Bailey Zimmerman rock and a Hard Place cover by Smitty own no rights to this song
mary sprouse mary sprouse . 1 week ago
Out and
IDK Retro IDK Retro . 1 week ago
love the music keep it up ive been listening to this all day bro good job
Dallas Fultineer Dallas Fultineer . 1 week ago
I’m not a country music fan, not even the slightest. However, that first verse is chilling. 💪🏼

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