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Published on 1 month ago

Hey people, I'm BeerBongJohn, a content creator on Tiktok and Youtube. We're gonna talk life, humor, and probably beards. Check out my #shorts and socials below!


#BeerBongJohn #Tiktok #shorts

Terry Knowles Terry Knowles . 3 days ago
Softy weasterners
Adam Proffichols Adam Proffichols . 5 days ago
Just a historical thing! Ukrainians are slaveic.... that's where the word slave comes from! Trust me they will survive... it's in thier genetics!
Alien Queen Alien Queen . 6 days ago
Uh no, a lot of people refuse to go to the ER. I really needed stitches once because I was bit by a dog. I cleaned it with vodka, wrapped it up and went to sleep.
Emma Fowler Emma Fowler . 6 days ago
Im dyingπŸ˜‚ this is hilarious πŸ˜‚ but almost any female that wasn't raised in the city is like this πŸ˜‚
corruptedknight73 corruptedknight73 . 6 days ago
Nah fame gotta look stylish while oozing this hater blood out of my system of no fucks given. Like what???
Logan Richards Logan Richards . 6 days ago
I love that so much
Leah Worthy Leah Worthy . 6 days ago
I'm convinced all Soviet folks spirit animals are Ligers. They're not even scared of bears, just be chillin in str8 up danger zones. They're very strong pplπŸ’―
sergio s sergio s . 6 days ago
With the cost of medical services in the US, no wonder...πŸ€£πŸ˜”
sergio s sergio s . 6 days ago
Literally this type of people exist All around the world in every country and from different cultures backgrounds and social statuses, they're called reckless, stubborn and fearless.
Sophie Wendrich Sophie Wendrich . 6 days ago
The nail!!πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
Willy Dowse Willy Dowse . 6 days ago
Your a cap boyfriend
Pamela Davis Pamela Davis . 7 days ago
Sounds like more Ridiculousness to me 🚫
NerystheSouthernbelle Alternative historian NerystheSouthernbelle Alternative historian . 7 days ago
You've clearly NEVER dated a country girl. Tuff is our middle name!!!
MrsBlackTonks MrsBlackTonks . 7 days ago
See, I’d be saying crap I got blood all over my book.
My Mama didn’t raise a titty baby
Xander Yusuf Xander Yusuf . 1 week ago
Niggas holding their insides from spilling out with their hand here in Nigeria and still walked back to the car the took him to the hospital to get his phone that dropped in it, and this is what yall are shocked about ?
Lord David Lee Lord David Lee . 1 week ago
Stop picking your nose!!
Indians Auto Indians Auto . 1 week ago
That not built different that's built with no brain
Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson . 1 week ago
Umm nothing against the nationality but that doesn't seem like the normal built different you hear of like usually it's like you can do something majority of people can't that is just pure stupidity ignoring massive nose bleeds over and over and fainting and you still want to ignore it yeah 100% stupidity
SpineandInjuryCenter SpineandInjuryCenter . 1 week ago
Frost Frost . 1 week ago
Have had similar things happen. Fell hard and had a bad cut. Mom was worried about the cut. I was worried about the rip in my jeans
Shadowman 1006 Shadowman 1006 . 1 week ago
Did you think maybe it wasn’t her ethnicity and maybe it was just her.
Paul Guy Paul Guy . 1 week ago
She sounds gross
Kelsey Lane Kelsey Lane . 1 week ago
Well I know the muscle in the relationship
Grazer Farms Grazer Farms . 1 week ago
Bruh don't forget they bleed for a week straight a few hours ain't much.
Lua Lua . 1 week ago
Wouldn't be the first time a Ukranian did coke
zilaa Playz zilaa Playz . 1 week ago
Bruh I get nose bleeds were I drown but I just dont care it's not that big of a deal
Anerder Anerder . 1 week ago
She had her period out her face
Caroline Bernardes Caroline Bernardes . 1 week ago
Oh god
Shikha Bhardwaj Shikha Bhardwaj . 1 week ago
Its a huge issue for some people because they havent lived a life a lot of 3rd world countries have lived.. we grew up with nose bleeds.. bad ones..and even worse... we were all built that way..
Gaming Frame Gaming Frame . 1 week ago
Thats normal actually ask some europeans what they do with nose bleeds or health problems
TRU BLU DRU TRU BLU DRU . 1 week ago
Sounds dumber than strong
Sh4d0w_Dr3am Sh4d0w_Dr3am . 1 week ago
me watching WTF🀣
bigk 7608 bigk 7608 . 1 week ago
I had a bloody nose last night that was face up sleeping
Lampeir Lampeir . 1 week ago
PawMaster PawMaster . 1 week ago
She can survive a bombing
MadiTheTroll1337 MadiTheTroll1337 . 1 week ago
American Healthcare got me like
Ber Cor Ber Cor . 1 week ago
Might wanna check for a brain tumor brother. I'm dead serious. No pun intended.
David Torres David Torres . 1 week ago
I like your cats name "Lestat"
Carlos hi Carlos hi . 1 week ago
That sounds like my mexican dad
Dhritiraj Deka Dhritiraj Deka . 1 week ago
Nah every Asian would do that
Fedor Brikelev Fedor Brikelev . 1 week ago
Ukrainians πŸ™„
MaxTheToonDemon YT MaxTheToonDemon YT . 1 week ago
Not just Ukrainians...
Slavic people in general are built different...
Jesse Chaskey Jesse Chaskey . 1 week ago
And then she dies of a heart attack
Yugoslavia forever Yugoslavia forever . 1 week ago
Of course they billed different because they used to be Russians before the fall of the USSR
Bambo Gaming Bambo Gaming . 1 week ago
Lol my sister had a 30 minutes nosebleed and passed out later on, no ER
looney llama lady looney llama lady . 1 week ago
It has nothing to do with her being Ukrainian, stop trying to jump on that for views, it's sick, most women I know are like that, we've pushed babies out and torn and had an extra incision cut to make room, then needing stitching up down below, we bleed every month, period pain is considered to be on the same level of someone having a heart attack (don't believe me, Google it) but my point is, we've had worse, so stop trying to jump on the fact she's Ukrainian for views because of the war, it has nothing to do with that, nose bleeds considering we bleed monthly for our periods and the amount of blood lost during labour and afternoon too, is much worse than a gushing nosebleed, I get gushing nosebleeds, it's nothing compared to the other 2, plus there are worse things that could happen.
Oxygen Oxygen . 1 week ago
Jesse plays Jesse plays . 1 week ago
I would have been like this is America and I have a bloody nose do you know how much they'll fucking charge me for this πŸ˜†
Shane Lamb Shane Lamb . 1 week ago
Cats arent service animals

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