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Unnecessary Inventions

Unnecessary Inventions

Published on 4 weeks ago

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Unnecessary Inventions is the brainchild of product designer Matty Benedetto, where he designs & builds 2-4 brand new products each week that solve problems that don't exist.

XxpumkinspicexX XxpumkinspicexX . 22 minutes ago
Was it just me wasn't paying attention and thought that he was making an actual bed 🥲😶
Rhymemany Rhymemany . 30 minutes ago
who thought the thumbnail was a chocolate?
Bryce Gladue Bryce Gladue . 41 minutes ago
The bed for your phone reminds me of The Adidas 4D boost; looks almost the same
Ava Ava . 57 minutes ago
This is genius
Bub Cheese Bub Cheese . 1 hour ago
Damn I realized that…
I suck at wood !
Daddy Didnt Daddy Didnt . 1 hour ago
Have you thought of using a two part epoxy instead of super glue? Stronger hold, less visibility, but a bit more difficult to use.
Teshawn Beats Teshawn Beats . 2 hours ago
I had a wireless charger till i bought a 36w charger now i just use that. Super fast charging
Martin Butcher Martin Butcher . 2 hours ago
Are you kidding me home dog
That is awesome
Matt Golf and Fishing Matt Golf and Fishing . 2 hours ago
To legit 2 quit!!! My man is brilliant!!!
Burnpit Cav Burnpit Cav . 3 hours ago
You should of had that fancy thing cut cable grooves for you. So the cables would be even more streamlined.
Puffferman Puffferman . 3 hours ago
You know I know it’s not a great invention but hey I might buy it
Derek James Derek James . 4 hours ago
That's actually sweet dude
imad skaf imad skaf . 4 hours ago
Finally a necessary invention
Potatuh Potatuh . 4 hours ago
It will get cold without a blanket.
Tiara User Tiara User . 4 hours ago
now make a mini room for all of them.
Maleek boy Maleek boy . 5 hours ago
Are you even gonna put this in your store that you’re gonna thr you
Charles Millice Charles Millice . 5 hours ago
Stay off the meth ,I made a bed for my truck
Caja Gress Caja Gress . 7 hours ago
Apple sux
ellen cole ellen cole . 7 hours ago
So coolllllllllllll
cockneyb2k cockneyb2k . 7 hours ago
SupFam SupFam . 7 hours ago
I actually want it 😂
Juniper Woods Juniper Woods . 8 hours ago
You... can... sell... these
11 11 . 8 hours ago
ssanic lmao ssanic lmao . 9 hours ago
Walnuts and cherries eh?
Hey woahh Hey Woah Hey woahh Hey Woah . 9 hours ago
5 below
JELLYdog JELLYdog . 9 hours ago
Is this released on Amazon?!
MaynardOwns MaynardOwns . 10 hours ago
You can probably sell those. I have a feeling it would sell major in Asian countries. They love weird stuff.
lncln09 sandoval lncln09 sandoval . 10 hours ago
I wish if I had it.
Fodio Abba Fodio Abba . 10 hours ago
Ngl i will buy that
hitanshu padaya hitanshu padaya . 11 hours ago
Shine Fernandez Shine Fernandez . 11 hours ago
Can u send me onee
Pastime Shorts Pastime Shorts . 11 hours ago
Imagine if Apple introduced this product
🤑 😂
Gsharks Gsharks . 12 hours ago
Frame too big
Martin Turnbull Martin Turnbull . 12 hours ago
Nice one...
Day in the life of drea Day in the life of drea . 13 hours ago
It’s already a thing
GummyGrenade GummyGrenade . 14 hours ago
Why don’t you sell these?!
Ej Macapagal Ej Macapagal . 14 hours ago
The phone the airpods the apple watch are living the life
Camila Garcia Camila Garcia . 14 hours ago
How are you so smart?!
Randomguyu Randomguyu . 15 hours ago
The Founder The Founder . 16 hours ago
This isn't unnecessary this is genius.
sandro kreis sandro kreis . 18 hours ago
can i buy this
Eloy Mikiaz Gomez Eloy Mikiaz Gomez . 18 hours ago
Me pls
The Headless Horseman The Headless Horseman . 18 hours ago
Please I want this
Enes B Enes B . 19 hours ago
Jenna Quick Jenna Quick . 20 hours ago
That’s actually cool as fuck Lmao
Torrin Black Torrin Black . 21 hours ago
Hahahaha that's dope asf !!!!
RasTomas Stanford RasTomas Stanford . 22 hours ago
Pretty dope kid
NOYOUARE NOYOUARE . 22 hours ago
Expectation:the mattress is big
Reality:it's actually small
Jokes OnYou Jokes OnYou . 22 hours ago
Do you know how much $ you could actually make with that 3-D printer? I know if I had one I would be building toys for kids

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