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Club Ambition

Club Ambition

Published on 2 weeks ago

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JC Mac JC Mac . 3 days ago
Queen B. Period. The best post vivid summer vibe for life. TY
J H J H . 7 days ago
Its totally ok to let the entire song play
Access Denied Access Denied . 1 week ago
25 years of Slayage 👑🕺💃🕺💃
Badd Antt Badd Antt . 1 week ago
Where u get that shirt bro 😎
Reggie Nobles Reggie Nobles . 1 week ago
Beyonce did what drake tried to do
Hector Castanon Hector Castanon . 1 week ago
Where’s the Giveon album?
Lissa Harned Lissa Harned . 1 week ago
Man, I always love the vibes you bring. So much positivity on this channel ❤️
Wik Goncalves Wik Goncalves . 1 week ago
Queen 👸🏽
Alex Wordu Alex Wordu . 1 week ago
Ngl this gonna have all the ladies throwing ass at Orlando and Miami clubs lol
Lakeisha Williams Lakeisha Williams . 1 week ago
Don’t know why but you kinda remind me of Cisco
Devontae Devontae . 1 week ago
Great reaction always love your channel 🥳🥳
My name is Aminé My name is Aminé . 2 weeks ago
House music is black music. It’s crazy how the hood forgot that
Nick Jones Nick Jones . 2 weeks ago
Can you please react to Christina Aguilera's new spanish album? The album is called AGUILERA and her latest single is a song called "Sueltame." It's got a very nice summer vibe to it.
Adrian Anderson Adrian Anderson . 2 weeks ago
MaximusOfficial MaximusOfficial . 2 weeks ago :)
Electric Moxie Electric Moxie . 2 weeks ago
I LOVE, LOVE this song!!!!!!
Cici Cici . 2 weeks ago
I love this record. It’s literally make you go on the dance floor and pop ur whole body to it!!!
Pierre Bell Pierre Bell . 2 weeks ago
KingJo Show KingJo Show . 2 weeks ago
it just turned 6 years since she's put an official album out
The BrownKnight The BrownKnight . 2 weeks ago
Its funny cuz since Beyonce is not a rapper so hes vibin to it. Theres a song just like this on Drakes new album(Massive/Flights Booked) but since he expected rap he didnt vibe out. The whole Drake album is fire.
Chloe Renee Chloe Renee . 2 weeks ago
At first I wasn't hooked immediately but I listened to it more and now I'm anticipating her album. In my opinion her album will hit harder than Drake
Tana D'Amico Tana D'Amico . 2 weeks ago
Love it. If Beyonce, Destiny's Child and Nelly Furatdo had a baby (with Big Freddia as godfather).
Jay C Jay C . 2 weeks ago
Yeah, it's fire bro. I dig it.
next level next level . 2 weeks ago
imo I think women do more justice for the house genre. They just sound better over house beats in comparison to men like that new Drake is just trash bro
Jay C Jay C . 2 weeks ago
Coincidence....I think not. Lol. FR
Jay C Jay C . 2 weeks ago
Question. Is your friend gonna ever come back bro? Or is he gone for good? Cause I don't even know what happened with yall...if yall still cool or not. Hmm 🤔
ITz Candy ITz Candy . 2 weeks ago
Beyoncé been working on this sound before drake but drake was hearing she was abt to drop and used her surprise drop tactic to make it seem like he did it first.....
Michael Jenkins Michael Jenkins . 2 weeks ago
Sound your hair is 🔥🔥🔥

Great reaction my bro
Oleg Trohan Oleg Trohan . 2 weeks ago
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Jobiwuankenobi Jobiwuankenobi . 2 weeks ago
They making music for this summer
Azouria Viviartchi Azouria Viviartchi . 2 weeks ago
1:10 I seriously thot you were about pull a wig off ur scalp for a sec

*The Beyoncé effect*
ramjuice ramjuice . 2 weeks ago
beyonce listened to the new drake album and said “lemme do this better” 💀
Vladmir 2 Vladmir 2 . 2 weeks ago
que encantan tus videos. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera los mortaleso abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer
Jarel Anderson Jarel Anderson . 2 weeks ago
It’s the luxurious hair for me
Ron Steez ♪ Ron Steez ♪ . 2 weeks ago
sound wit the hair down
ImarBenIsrael ImarBenIsrael . 2 weeks ago
The better house music track than that Drake never mind honestly it is mid shit

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